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slow going

One more sleeve and the bottom ribbing and then this sweater will be done.  I am so excited but life has thrown those wonderful twists and turns that are making this project slower then I might wish.  I am hoping to have it done before I go north but that may not happen. Though, even in August I may not need it.  I know better then not to take a sweater though.  If I do not take a sweater, I usually come home with a new sweater!

I am hoping there might be a small bit of this yarn left when I am done.  I will added it to  my poncho if there is.  I keep thinking I would like that poncho to just be a small bit larger.  Not large enough to get in the way of my kneading bread dough but maybe long enough to cover more of my arm.  I figure a hodge podge poncho is just right.  And if I decide to go ahead and plant dye some of the wool I am spinning with red cabbage, I can dye the whole thing to give it the same tone throughout.

I am working on more shelves for the display room.  It should have gone faster then it has but life.  Twists.  Turns.  And Koda Bear has been helping me.  That just means it takes longer because we talk through the why I do something and how we are doing it.  I should really go work on them when I get off the computer but I may take a nap.  I strained some muscles and there is more pain then I would like.  Sometimes it is better to fall then not fall.

Maybe something will be done by Saturday?  Just a slow week with eating the same things.  Lots of fish and veg with bread.  I have not tweaked my bread except I keep using up all the leftover oatmeal from breakfasts.  It is what I do to make my porridge bread.  I might make a few more cinnamon rolls too.


a gift of yarn

My best friend and I are both pretty well addicted to yarn.  We both crochet.  She has been working on a blanket for a certain someone for years.  Her crocheting has gotten better.  She decided to change the yarns and pattern.  Someday he will get it. 

But she also buys yarn.  Bits that appeal to her.  She bought the yarn in the sweater above.  Not sure what she was going to do with it.  It spoke to me.  She tracked down a couple more skeins and sent it to me.  I am making a sweater.  A boxy (on purpose) sweater to be worn with skirts and jeans.  Or over dresses.

I have other yarn that is supposed to become sweaters.  I have other sweaters in process.  But I looked at this yarn for a couple weeks and then just had to.  It is coming together quite well.

I am making it top down and writing down measurements so I can repeat the process.  I find I like a lot of the same shapes over time.  Most of my clothes are similar shapes.  Very classic.  I look at my sweaters, they had stayed over time.  I am not very trendy.  The most I can do is try not to wear black all the time.

I am excited to see how this sweater turns out.  The angle of the sunlight during the day is starting to change.  It gives me hope that it will not be 90 plus degrees for months on end!  Sweater weather should arrive in November or December.  Oh well.



keeping between my shoulder blades warm

When I went to the fiber fair in Estes Park, one of the ladies I buy fleece from was wearing a small poncho.  Knitted of course.  I think of ponchos as something usually rather large.  That cover to your hands and possibly to your knees.  But this just went to her elbows.  It got me thinking.  It would keep the spot between my shoulder blades warm (which is where I get cold) in all of the summer air conditioning and would allow me to put my hands in bread dough with out worrying about where the poncho was.  Or the swearter sleeves.

I had some beautiful yarn that I came to the realization that I was not going to wear what I was making out of it.  Maybe someday I will wear a crocheted dress but not any time soon.  I pulled my cables apart and started a poncho.  I even worked on it in a coffee shop drinking tea!  Not very characteristic of me anymore.

I rarely go out for tea or coffee anymore though I used to.  It is a nice place.  A place where I do not know anyone so I can have solitude in a group of people.  I enjoy that.

It was a quick crochet.  I am almost wearing the same outfit currently.  I like short sleeves on shirts but need something to cover a bit of my arms.  This works. 

I may end up adding some more length over time.  The one Elena made was a bit bigger.  A different process in the making as well.  If I do add more length, I will probably end up dying some yarn with purple cabbage to complement but not match.  Or add some grey yarn made from one of Elena's fleeces.  I am washing some now and need to spin.

So many ideas.  All I know is I am currently wearing this poncho and loving it.  It may seem strange but it is a very old fashioned idea.  I like it!  I am planning to make something similar for my best friend.  Again, I am not going to use the yarn I have like I thought I was.  I will share more pictures as it changes over time.  Because I do believe it will!


A shrug

Last Thanksgiving, I was in Tolt Yarn and Wool with the family.  The Tall Short Person saw a picture of a knitted shrug she liked.  It was the Emma shrug by Carrie Hoge.  As I have said many times, I do not knit.

Carrie had done the shrug in a linen yarn.  It was not very soft so I went with an alpaca blend yarn.  It was a lace weight.  I found a stitch pattern for a wave type ribbon pattern that made an interesting fabric.  The same feel as what Carrie had knitted but very different.

I did buy the pattern so I could get all the measurements.  Even though I used a softer yarn which created a stretchier fabric, I went with those measurements.  The shrug fits across the Tall Short Person's back well.

I bought too much yarn so I have enough to make at least one more.  Maybe even two depending on the size of the person I am making it for.  How much yarn depends on the chest measurement.

I am thinking about making something similar for myself but out of a heavier yarn.  More like a sweater shrug.  I am doing smaller things for me so I can still put my hands into dough up to my elbows and not get my crocheted items doughy.  I find shawls fall in.  And the place between my shoulder blades get cold easily.  I usually have to sleep in sweater.


something that is finished!

I finished a forever shawl yesterday.  I had come across some Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca and silk blend on clearance last summer.  It felt so nice to the touch!  I decided to make a shawl out of the strange number of skeins I bought.  And I like having a forever shawl of some style in progress.  It is inspired by Ines Cruz who knits.  She knitted something similar from alpaca gifterd to her.  But knit gives a very different drape.  Though I will not undo this one!

Well, this one is done.  It is heavier then I would really like for the size it is but it is a comfort.  It is a comforting weight.  And so soft!  The colors are natural and I like how they all come together.

I have also been playing with the camera on my phone.  How do I take pictures of what I make when I do not ask for help.  The hands in this house are very busy and sometimes I do not chose to wait.  Someone will eventually take the picture but I have been having fun with the timer on my phone.

I do not currently have any more forever shawls in the works.  That is mostly due to having three sweaters and a dress that are being crocheted.  I also am working on a dress that is heavily embroidered.  And mending.  Never forget mending.  Mondays seem to be about mending.

Plus working on the display room for the boyos.  If I were to win the lottery, all I would "buy" myself would be a room with a lock on the door.  Or maybe a cabin with a lock?  A truck cabin with a lock?  The capabilities of making a cup of tea and having some quiet for making.