I am so ready for autumn

While I was making the last quilt, I bought myself some black and chocolate brown linen.

I put the brown linen together in a sheath dress in very little time.  It has become my go to dress around the house.

Dark colours.  Solids.  It is what I want to wear right now.  Like I said, I know it will change but right now it makes me happy.

After this week, black may be the only colour.  My cold is still not better.  And I have not had enough time on my sewing machine to let me feel sane.  The spinning wheel yes, not the sewing machine.  I am making yarn for a shawl I am working on.  It should be very pretty.



when red was the favorite color, a week ago

A week ago, Koda Bear's favorite colour was red.  Now, it is light blue.  But, between the three days he changed his favorite colour he asked for a red cherry cake.

I decided to make him a red cherry buckle.  I used my blackberry buckle recipe, but I used 10 ounces of dark cherries and red food coloring.  A sprinkle of granulated sugar before baking just like with the blackberries.

Because of the fruit, it takes almost an hour and half to bake.  I sprinkled it with powdered it with sugar for a finish.

The small bear liked the cake.  I would say the cherries did not add much flavor, more texture.  Those who liked the cake, seemed to be very pleased.  Me?  The plain version or the blackberry is my favorite cake if I have to have cake but I am not a cake fan.  I find I toast it and then I like it better.  I do not know why but it is what I do.  Oh well.

The favorite color is light blue now.  There is a blue cake in the house.


on to the next

Quilt is done.  Blues.  I really like it.  I knew I liked the fabric but you never know how it will all work together.

I even like the back!

I caught a cold and am feeling pretty bleah.  My main goal today is to see if I can find some dried elderberries to make elderberry cordial.  My best friend swears buy it for keeping colds at bay during the winter.  And since she makes films and there is never ANY down time, I will trust her.  I keep thinking I should plant some edible elderberry on the mountain.  There is inedible elderberry there.

There is another quilt to lay out.  The Tall Short Person needs a new one after thirty years.  She has changed a lot and deserves a quilted hug that more reflect who she is.  Maybe there will be energy to crawl around the floor later.


on request

I was requested to make a short sleeve workshirt.  Actually, workshirts.  So I went into my stash and saw what I could see.  This is what I came up with.  The black cotton is fairly heavy and the contrast was just some cool orange flowers I had.

It reminds me of Halloween which pleases me.  I am ready for autumn.  It does not help that the dress I am wearing is a chocolate brown linen.  I am ready for cooler and dryer.  The humidity has gotten to me.

I am thinking about going back into my stash this weekend and seeing if I can put another shirt together.  It uses what I already have.  That pleases me.  I am also hoping to rest this weekend, which means that if it comes from my stash I do not have to leave the house.  There are always the libraries though . . .


not quite climb every mountain

I was wandering around pinterest and saw the Climb Every Mountain sweater.  The sweater is a bit of a poncho and it was knitted.  Which I really do not enjoy.  I decided to give it a try converting it to crochet.  

Not half bad.  I think it is a little full from the picture but it does not feel that full on.  Koda Bear actually likes to wear it which is fairly odd.  I used Cascade yarn 220 sport in straw.  I did not even make the yarn.  How odd again!

If I were to do this again, I think I would use a lace weight yarn and maybe a smaller hook.  Maybe not as full but it is hard to lose the fullness and get the right shape.  I think I would put a long sleeve t-shirt on underneath it to wear as a mid layer when cool starts.  I think it would be good for driving because I can never figure out where my sleeves should be.

I will give it a try but I may end up ripping it out.  Decreasing the fullness may be needed.  Or it just may not be right.  But then I do not mind experimentation, obviously!  If I rip it out, I have a new crocheting project to keep my hands busy.

I am such a klutz today.  I just spilled my tea.  Sigh!