hibiscus ribbons

Now that I made silk ribbons, I wanted to try dyeing them.  I pulled out some hibiscus we have for tea and put it to boil with a bit of water, salt, and vinegar.

I then let the ribbons simmer for about 15 minutes when the mixture came to a boil.  I wanted colour but not too much colour.  Pale.

Pulling the ribbons out of the dye bath I thought they might be too dark but knew I needed to wait until they dried.

They turned out this antique type pink.  There is a bit of marble going on.  I learned the hard way they are not color fast for a bit of steam and green comes up but I do like them.  Next time I may try for a paler, paler pink.  There will be a next time.

I pulled out a bit of cotton batiste that I have had in my stash for much too long.  And the extra bits of lace from the lace chemise got cut up and added.  I have a hard time wasting any bits of lace.

It is not the most finished chemise to ever be made.  But I used what I had and had a blast.  It was fairly successful which I definitely needed.  Too many unsuccessful projects recently.  I will say that I am now thinking about crocheting my own lace.  Like I need another craft.

The mountain awaits next week so I will not be in this space for awhile.  I am coming back with a Koda Bear and I am very pleased.  I just wish to take too many projects with me!  When I come back, the Teahouse may be transformed into a dye studio.  I have already been told some of what I am "cooking" does not smell very good and then if ribbons need to soak for 24 hours!  Comments are made.

Maybe I will come back with a finished project.  Like a sweater!  Or yarn spun!


one scoop needed

Today has been a rough day.  Nothing worked very well at work.  Got home.  Felt like a good day.  Went for my walk and knew that it might be a night that I did not move very well.  I stiffened up so badly that I need help walking.  If I had not had such a lovely dinner out, I would have needed ice cream at home.  

I have a go to vanilla ice cream recipe but I admit that a go to chocolate ice cream recipe has been hard to find.  Most chocolate ice creams either do not taste of chocolate or taste so much of chocolate they are overwhelming.  No happy medium.  It is like my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Just a nice happy middle ground.  

I may have figured out an amazing middle ground chocolate ice cream.  I say amazing because the texture is very similar to a frozen custard.  I just freeze this in the freeze.  No ice cream machine of any kind.  An immersion blender is the only speciality tool I use.  This works!  

And is so good!  So good that you really only need to eat one scoop

chocolate ice cream

1 pint heavy whipping cream

14 ounce can of organic condensed milk

1 tablespoon vanilla (or to taste)

4 ounces cream cheese, full fat and plain

4 ounces semi sweet chocolate (I measured)

Put everything into a very large freezer proof bowl.  I used a Pyrex with a cover that fit over it.  Mix with the immersion blender until smooth.  Cover.  Let freeze for about 6 or 8 hours until solid.


So good.



My creative endeavors have not been very successful lately.  I am currently unquilting the quilt I was making.  I am doing more research on fabric printing and trying to figure out how to mitigate failure without just setting everything aside.  

Instead of bouncing in another project, I sat down with a few magazines to just feel like I was someplace else.  There are magazines that I should not read when I am in this mood.  I could easily pack the minimum of needed things into my truck and disappear from life as I know it.  But I did get some inspiration.  One of the articles was about handmade dyed ribbon.  My thought was I could do that.  

I picked up some china silk and started ripping.  

A piece of silk taffeta.  A piece of lace.  A hand ripped ribbon.  It was fun to play.

I made myself a chemise/slip.  It has a very 1920's feel.  Very up and down.  Just a bit of flair.  It fits closely through the hips but no where else.  It makes me feel pretty.  I put a tent up in it so I know it moves well.  Yes, there was a dress over it.

I now what to play more with dying.  Part of the printing research has lead to research on dying and fabrics.  Things I had looked at many moons ago but not recently.  I am planning on going to a fiber fair in June and there is a workshop about natural dying that I would love to take but I will not be there in time.  Maybe next year.  But it does not mean I cannot play.


the experiment may be failing

I have been working on my picture quilts.  It is a slow process.  But I have noticed a lot of ink coming off as I work with them.  Enough to be very concerned, especially sind I wish them to have the possibilities of being used on a bed and not just a tapestry.

When I had them printed, I had three done.  Today, I threw on into the wash.  The first wash was not pretty.  The picture was still there but all the white was very grey.  Not what I wanted to see.  I slight grey maybe but not that tone.  So I am washing again, using warmer water, and seeing what happens.

I am going to spin and experiment with sewing instead of continuing on working with the quilt.  I may need to rip out all the quilting and take it back a few steps.  I can do this but I may go through a few audio books as I do.  I guess I should be very upset but I am more wanting a solution.  I still really like my idea.  

Oh well. . . There will be chocolate filled cornetti and tea soon.  I have been craving pain au chocolat but like cornetti better so why not!  More camping this weekend.  I will get through.  And I am experimenting with another project at the same time.  I could be accused with too many projects and I could not disagree.


surfing concrete

My boards have come into my life.  I am excited.  However, life has gotten a bit in the way and I have not had a chance to try them.  The trucks need to be tightened and my hips need not to hurt.  Though, I will totally admit that sometimes it is much easier to push a skateboard then it is to sit when my hips hurt like this.  I believe stress at work may have been the trigger.

These are beautiful decks.  I have a feeling Koda Bear may enjoy the one on the right.  I am going to take some of the older longboards to Grandma Sally's so everyone can ride.  It is why I bought helmets for her house.  I can clean and bandage scrapes.

Half the day today my hips did not ache.  That is better then yesterday.  I am going for no ache just tired tomorrow.  And a ride on Friday morning.  But even though I have these to play with, my Long Rodriguez may be my first ride of the day.  Just happiness.  There is no surf forecasted and my ear is not reacting well to allergies.  Surfing concrete it is.