"another one?"

The Small Mister and I pinned a quilt for quilting this evening.  He kept asking me, "another one?"  He then would hand me a safety pin.  Or more then a safety pin.  I thought I was going to have some quiet time because the boyos have been doing motorbikes all day.  I thought they would continue or crash into a puddle of exhausted boys.  Neither happened.  I had a lot of help.

But, we are ready for quilting.  How much I get done this weekend will completely be dependent on if there is surf this weekend.  At one point, there was chest high waves forecasted.  I can hope.


receiving blankets

For the small boy that is expected, I also made receiving blankets.  My Beloved helped pick out the colors.  I really like how they turned out.  The funny thing is, we use Small Mister's blankets like these on car trips.  They work really well for vehicles or shawls if you are getting out in the rain.  I may need to make some more for us.

The babe's Dad came back and said his wife and mother-in-law loved them.  Remember, they are from Angola.  So the Grandma was asking about me, "She is white?"  She did not even think a white American could have these skills.  It made me laugh so hard!  Preconceived notions get you every time!


hands in dough 

I have needed my hands in dough. 

I have not been very inspired to try new things in the kitchen this summer.  It may be the heat.  It may be that I am tired.  We keep running hard and I caught a cold after Indianapolis.  It may be that I just need my hands in more yeasty dough.  Get the creative juices flowing.

Main dishes have seemed to be centered around fish and veggies.  My Beloved and the Small Mister can eat fishes every day of the week.  No one seems to be very interested in sweets.  A single cookie.  A glass of chocolate almond milk (both of the boyos like this!).  A mug of hot sweet tea.

More hands in dough!


for tomorrow

I have been invited to a wedding in September.  It is really a we but my Beloved is going to go do track time so I am the only going.  Which also means, I have been invited to the wedding shower.  It could be a very strange shower because the age range of the attendees is going to be very wide. 

I have a couple go to wedding gifts that no one every thinks to put on a registry but always come back and say "that was the best!"  For the wedding, I am going with tools.  But that is a month away.  Tomorrow is the shower.  I got a white platter and dish towels, and if the bride reads this, oh well. 

I, of course, could not do something as simple as wrap the present.  I made a cloth bag for it.  My Beloved said it can be a laundry bag, which is the idea.  He teased me about not embroydering their names on it.  Not for a laundry bag silly man!

I have decided to take a surfboard to the wedding and I am camping.  Yes, I am odd.


a too big hat for an expected small person

One of my co-worker's wife is expecting a small person in early September.  Since they are from Angola, I decided to make the expected small person a hat and some receiving blankets. 

The blankets are still in the process of being made but the hat is done.  I know this hat is too big but by January it may fit better.  It is when it really gets cold here. 

This expected person may make an early appearance so I am trying to get the rest of the present bits done this weekend.  It is a weekend of making gifts because I have to get ready for a wedding shower as well.  Now, if I only felt better!  Face is less sore but I still have no energy and my nose is stuffed and snotty.  Mabye there will be more energy tomorrow!