one step closer!

The back for the quilt I am working on is done!  Wahoo!

Today has been doing little things but soon I will start basting.  I am going to spin some because I do need yarn.  There is always more fibre to make more yarn.  Even though I have roving coming to me, I think the grey I showed two days ago is going into sweater.  And I am thinking the other roving I showed, may go into a cardigan that I have been trying to decide what yarn will be the contrast.  Nothing I have spun works with that sweater when I think about it.  I rarely even find anything I like to buy recently.

I find spinning relaxing and I admit to being in a funk.  Miss Koda Bear and the Tall Short Person.  Miss the Pacific Northwest.  My ear is still infected and hurts.  Want to go surfing but there is no surf or when there is surf it is accompanied by thunderstorms.  Nope.  And yes, we are still getting rain and the potential for flooding.

I did take a bit of time and took my Long Rodriguez skateboard out.  It helped.  Concrete surfing is not quite the same, but it helps.  It does mean that I have been watching a few skateboard and surfing videos.  I do have a skateboard in a shopping cart that I am pondering.  I actually found a short board I like.  A little bigger then a Penny (type of skateboard).  But that has more to do with me seeing myself taking it with me traveling.  I keep thinking I need a duffle for a skateboard, helmet, and gloves.  Grandma Sally's house has a good hill for skating!

The thought crossed my mind that  I need to post a sign in the yard that reads:  Drive like your daughter/momma/grandmomma lives here.


making decisions about yarn

I actually shipped a box of fabric and fibre home from my travels that have not arrived yet.  But I did bring a bit of yarn and fiber home in my backpack.  I am trying to decide if this roving will go with the dark grey that I am currently spinning.  There is a sweater I wish to make that is two tone.  Or should I wait for the yellow fibre that I bought.  I think I will have to make them both up as a yarn to decide.  

I feel better today then yesterday but I have to admit that my ear still hurts.  I took it slower today and maybe that will help the healing.  It is warm here and I realize I do really enjoy walking in cooler weather.  But that is not a choice.  At least not right now.  Maybe soon.

Not many words today.  I am hoping the back of the quilt will be done tomorrow.  Maybe if I take it slow and heal some more, that bit of sewing will happen.



I would not say this was the best day.  I seem to have a bit of an ear infection.  Is it traveling?  Allergies?  I do not know but I do know it hurts and is slowing me down.  All my projects are currently very time consuming, which actually is not very surprising or new but my fingers are not as working as fast and I seem to need more sleep.

While I was working on a quilt back on Sunday, I decided to play with some fabric I was gifted with at Christmas.  One of those stacks of fabrics that you do not want to touch because they are so pretty.  But I cut one of the moths prints and one of the bird prints.  As I was working on the quilt back, I put the bag together.  I noticed in my travels that if I had had a lighter packable bag with me it would have been helpful.

I centered a group of moths on one pocket and birds on another.  I even put a square bottom on it to make it easier for groceries.  

I am pleased.  I am going to have to shorten the strap just a bit for me but that is an easy fix.  I am just waiting until my bobbin thread is gone to change out colors.  Still working on that quilt back!

I am hoping to feel better tomorrow.  Work feels a bit futile so I am not sure.  But spinning during meetings where I am listening on the phone seems to help my mood.  Maybe because it feels more like real work instead of made up work.

I will feel better tomorrow, yes?  And make new nine squares with the prints from both fabrics while I work on the quilt back.  


experimentation continues: yeasted flour tortillas

I had a wonderful long weekend in the Pacific Northwest.  It smelled good.  There was sun and rain.  There was family, conversation, laughter, and tears.  I bought too much fiber, yarn, and fabric and have plans for every bit of it.  Going back to work this morning was very hard.  Getting my thoughts together to write is difficult as well.

Koda Bear says I need to make my pennies by making yarn.  Maybe I should listen to him.  Quilts?  Sewing?  Then I could live wherever I would wish to.  I keep planning a travel trailer in my head.  Tiny with room for a twelve foot surfboard.  My longest is only eleven and my favorite 9' 6" but travel trailers do not plan for surfboards, snowboards, or skateboards that are close to six feet long.  Part of the plan.  Maybe it will be parked often where Koda and I can go walking and playing.

Right now, most of my projects are long term.  There are a few experimentations like these flour tortillas but most of what I am making needs time.  I used my sourdough starter as part of the dough.  Even left them to sit and rise before baking.

They are not quite right.  The flavor is good but they puffed too much, like a pita.  Maybe I should get out my lefse rolling pins.  I also want some char marks.  I might need a different pan combination.  But I still wanted to show them off because most of the time flour tortillas crisp up and become crackers.  These did not.  The addition of the sourdough and the baking seem to make them more similar to the mjurstat.

Not perfect, but soon.  More experimentation will happen when I get caught up with bread.  How can this household be out of bread?  Scones were made because there was not yeasted breads or cakes.  Very yummy but still a sigh.

Normal baking is going on right now.  Soon I will get back to these.


avocado chipolte cream

There was a friend's birthday this weekend before the rain where tacos were involved.  I am off adventuring starting tomorrow where there will be no tacos involved.  Tacos will happen when I get home.  But I will not cook much while I am gone because my Dad really does not let me work much in his kitchen except handing me a paring knife.  I am flying or I would bring my own.  Truly.  He likes to experiment with knife shape so I never know what I will find in his kitchen.  I say his because my Mom does the dishes.

I will get to see the Tall Short Person and Koda Bear too.  But no tacos.  It just will not happen.  When I get back, I will need to make mjustut and some coleslaw.  Cook some black beans and either roast or fry avocado.  Veggie tacos here I come.  It has everything to do with my parents not really eating tacos and getting sourdough through airport security is very interesting.  Potatoes and loaves of bread are also very interesting.  

For tacos, this avocado cream is pretty lovely.  I actually saw this avocado cream with falafel.  But it is really good on tacos.  I added more depth then the original recipe, which I read for two seconds.  I just liked the idea.  Try it.  Play with it.  Make it yours.  Eat tacos.

avocado chipolte cream

2 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted

3 to 6 tablespoons of sour cream

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon ground chipolte

1/4 teaspoon ground ancho

In a blender canister, put all the ingredients.  Start with three tablespoons of sour cream.  Start to blend.  If it is creamy, do not add any more sour cream.  If it needs to be creamier, add more sour cream.  Blend until very smooth.

Use in tacos.  As dips.  

It will be next week before I get back to this space.  Maybe by then all the water will have gone down and I will have gotten some work done on sweater on airplanes and in airports.  One crochet project.  One spinning project.  One book.  For the way there.  I should make it!  And hopefully I will not come back with too much.  I am hoping yarn or roving (yellow of some type) and maybe some fabric.  The books could me scary.  I may need to ship!