playing with hibiscus and soy

I few weeks back, I played with soy mordant and hibiscus for dyeing.  This is what came out of the dye pot.  The middle piece is cotton, then there is a cotton/silk piece, and a china silk piece.

This is how it came out of the washing machine.  The cotton is not white even though it looks so in the picture.  When it is placed next to white it comes out to the eye as the palest of blush or mauve.  There is a bit of grey tone in the pink.  

The middle is the cotton/silk piece.  I am working on a slip that has a lot of embroidery on it that I am using this for.  That gold tone comes out but there is just a bit of blush to it.  Again, it is all about how the light hits it.

The piece is the china silk.  Mauve, almost grey.  It is really pretty but not what I expected.

It is really hard to capture with a camera and then broadcast it on a computer screen.  I took half the china silk and added an iron mordant.  Basically, a bowl of rust water.

It is the prettiest silky grey green.  Hanging from the clothes line or a ribbon floating in the house is beautiful.  I am thinking about making a hand sewn chemise with it.  I am not sure there is enough here but I can add strips of more, or just dye more and make this into ribbons.  This is one of those I could keep all too myself.  But then I would fill my house.  

I am going to have to dye more soon.  There is a cabbage waiting.  I do like dyeing with things that can go into the compost and feed my garden.  There was broccoli from the garden last night.  And there is amaranth flowers I wish to pick to see how they dye.  Experimentation.  Pretty cool.


Something new for my Etsy shop

I have started to put something new together for my Etsy shop.  Slips.  They are fun for me because they combine dyeing, hand sewing, and sewing.  I am working on one right now that will have embroidery.  I have not put them in the shop here yet.  I am not completely sure why.

The slip itself is a cotton silk blend that I find works very well under dresses.  But is not too hot for where I live most of the time.  The hand torn ribbon on the dress is what I made using cabbage and hibiscus.  Grey pink lavender.  Something like that.

Then I sit and hand sew most of the ribbon and lace on.  I listen to audiobooks while I do it.  I have to admit, this one of those tasks which I wish I could do every day, all day.  It is restful and meditative.  I love hand sewing.  Now if I could just get the community college to respond about their tailoring program, there might be more of it in my life as a way to make money.  Baby steps.

I had to share the sunflowers in my garden.  Are they not pretty!



I pulled out my letterpress before gallivanting and made more business cards.  It was needed.

I am sad today.  The bombing in Manchester, of children, really got to me.  But I cannot say it is any different then when I hear of bombings of children in Syria.  Why do we do this to each other?

I really do not have any words today.  I went for a walk.  I picked up garbage.  I am trying to care for myself and those in my life but we all seem rather sad.  Some can speak to it.  Some, like Koda Bear, just do not want to let go.  I think that is a very lovely response right now.  

Hopefully, by the next time I write, there will be more words.


off gallivanting

There was a mid week jaunt this week.  It involved supporting my Beloved in his knife business.  I had to dress up a bit, chat, smile.  The conversations were good.  The nibbles were fabulous.  And the adult beverages were never ending once they got started.  Drink as little or as much as you wished.

The break was nice.  I found a good croissant and a nice cup of tea while we were out.  Walked in different places which is always nice.  Especially since I am continuing to try to walk more to manage pain and get ready for gallivanting with my Mom.  The allergies were not as positive but it is what it is.

I came home to many flowers.  I am wondering what I am going to do with all the pumpkins when they are ripe because they are getting huge.  This is not an understatement.  I did not get much of a chance to stitch but I am hoping to make up for that this weekend.  I took stitching and a crochet project with me.  There was not a lot of extra time.

But, I am home again.  It is time to start more bread.  Stitch.  Plan presents for the two July birthdays that are about to happen.  Life continues forward.


Tres Leches

I had friends who had a Cinco De Mayo party.  I asked if I could bring anything and desert was suggested.  I misread the text and brought the wrong desert but oh well.  We laughed and had two Tres Leches.  

What was interesting was that our recipes were very different.  I used one from Pioneer Woman.  I will just point you there if you want the recipe.  

I did tweak it a little bit.  "Dirty" sugar is now the in thing but it has actually been the sugar of choice lately in our house.  When we went to the Boucherie last autumn, we met sugar producers in Louisiana and have been purchasing their sugar when they have some in stock.  Basically, it is a non-bleached granulated cane sugar.  It has just a bit of molasses note.

The other thing I changed was that the recipe calls for baking powder.  I can always taste baking powder and I do not like the flavor so I changed it to a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of cream of tartar.  It worked well.

And it was a very yummy cake.  I only had one bite but it was good.  But remember, I do not particularly care for cake so why would I have a whole piece?  I put strawberries on top instead of cherries.

I was told the two Tres Leches were very different but we had people eating two slices, alternating bites.  I would say that was a win.