best cookies ever?

I was at the grocery store and Koda Bear wanted banana chips.  Cool.  Whatever.  I had two bunches of ripe, soon to be very ripe, bananas at home.  I use them for smoothies.  Or as they are often called around here, milkshakes.   I know they are not but . . .  

I do not have a dehydrator but I decided what would happen if I put banana slices in the oven over night at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.  When I was small, I was a Campfire Girl and one Christmas we made carrot beads.  Chopped carrots into slices and put them in a low oven over night.  We made them into necklaces for our Moms.  It also could be used for soup.  I got looked at very strangely when I told this story.

I put a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet.  Covered it with banana slices.  Put them into the oven at 170 degrees for about twelve hours.  

Out came the "cookies" as Koda Bear calls them.  They have a bit of chew in them I am told.  My Beloved would say they taste like candy.  Again, one of those things I would not eat but I do make for my family.  If Koda Bear wishes to eat everyone of these, I will not say no.  Sometimes he feels like he is sneaking and I just smile.  It is just two bananas.


this week. . .

Feels like it is going to be all about quilts.  And baking old recipes for gifts.  I am making a yeasted "cake" for me and making an extra for a friend that I will be seeing later this week.

I actually had help with the basting of this quilt.  Koda Bear.  Help is always interesting because no matter who helps, I have a lot of adjusting to do when I am actually working on the quilting.  But when Koda Bear is not putting safety pins in the quilt he is handing me opened ones.  That is such a help!  

Have three total quilts I need to work on this week.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the rest of the week.  Maybe the sun will come out and I will actually get a bit of walk.  I need to be better at self care.  Once I get started in the morning, it is hard for me to stop!

Now, off to moving.


another quilt back

Between now and Christmas, there may not be that many new ideas.  But there is sure going to be a lot going in my life.  I took the time to work on the Tall Short Person's quilt back.  The front is all nature and bone daddy themed.  The back is about mermaids and ocean.

And a hug.  When the Tall Short Person was talking awhile back about a quilt as a physical hug, this came into being.  I knew about that center panel.  I had picked one up on our Alaska travels.  It is called hug.  I thought it was fitting.  I finally took the time to put the back together.

Now, there is how much more to do for Christmas?  I am actually notorious for sending out late gifts.  Always hand made.  I have also felt it can be a nice touch.  January and February can be such a downer after the celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Especially for those who are alone, single, or just a few friends.  People feel forgotten early in the new year.  It is one way to say you are not forgotten.  February can be a very difficult month.


not having to think

Yesterday, I was under the weather.  That may be an understatement but that is what I am going to say.  I needed to work on a prototype for a larger knife roll yesterday but that did not happen.  Thinking was not working very well.  So I pieced a quilt back.  

I do not have to think much about that.  Hope the colours work.  I have to figure out the configuration I need to get enough fabric.  Most of the time, a solid piece of fabric is not the most interesting.

I think it turned out well but it is always a guess.  There are green fabrics that are so dark they feel almost black.  The larger pieces of blue are quite bright in their own fashion even though I do believe they are an old thrifted bit of fabric.  Vintage does not always mean dull or faded colours!

I am going to work going to work on that prototype today.  I may be off to help with an event tomorrow depending on how I feel.  And of course, Koda Bear comes back from his Dad's.  I miss him.  I will not say any of this is easier when he is around but I can say there is much more joy.  Much more time for books and walks.  He is good about saying he is hungry and it is time to eat.  Which I am not.  I do have much to learn from the small bear.


single knife chef rolls

This week is still wild.  I am having a hard time finding balance I will have to admit that what seems to be giving is computer time.  I just stopped moving after dinner last night.  There was nothing left.  Today is probably not going to be much better!

Between Koda Bear and I going to libraries, playgrounds, and walks, and then working on maths.  I have been putting prototype single knife chef rolls together for Serenity Knives.  The boyos are looking at them as an upgrade to their packaging.  They have not found a box solution that satifies them yet.

Photo by Koda Bear.

We had found some very inexpensive canvas at Ragfinery in Bellingham.  And then stopped at a canvas shop.  It makes canvas coverings of all kinds for boats.  They also have inexpensive remnants.  All of that came home with me with some pretty Asian cottons.

The prototype work began!  This was the first prototype and it should have fit a Chef's knife.  It did not but it is a good size for a utility knife or a paring knife.  It is also the one that I do not like the finishings as well for.  I was able to use a piece of fabric that Koda Bear picked out that I was not sure how was going to fit in my quilts!

This is the second one I made.  I used the last of the chili pepper fabric on this one.  The finishings are much better and it does fit a long Chef's knife.  My Japanese sewing scissors are here as scale.

It just rolls up so nicely and neatly.  I like this idea for most of my camping knives.  They get wrapped in towels with string around them.  The string has come in handy but I do not really like that idea.

This is the last one I made.  It is even larger then the other two.  I got asked to try.  Every one of these chef rolls was made using thrifted fabric that was supposed to end up in a landfill.  That is what Ragfinery does.  Keep textiles out of landfills.

The boyos are happy.  I need to make more for them.  I am going to put some in my shop as well but right now there are not enough hours in any day.  I can really tell due to energy and inflammation.  That bit is a bummer.  Being outside with Koda Bear has been lovely.  I am hoping there will be time for driveway skateboard time today or tomorrow.  Probably not though.  I am working on the computer.  And I have a prototype for a larger chef roll to make!