my adventuring

I went off adventuring this weekend.  I took a friend with me for the ten hour drive one way because my Beloved had track time.  He has not stopped talking about it since I got back.  He is still processing.  My adventure was to a wedding.  At a beach.  I have never been to this part of Florida and it was beautiful.

We did get into our campsite until very late.  Or maybe very early is the right way to say it.  I put up my yellow tent in the dark by myself for the first time.  The two of us did help each other a tad, mostly because we were either not quite tall enough (me) or a klutz (her).  We had a lot of tent square footage for two ladies.  We were both very proud of the accomplishment.

I would say the only "problem" was that there was no surf.  But my friend and I took a 7.5 mile walk.  Just meandering.  Miss A took all these pictures because she is adventurous with her phone like that.  Me, I am lucky to bring a phone or camera on a walk.  We both got burned from all this lovely white sand, clear water, and sun.  Even with the 30 spf sunscreen. 

We were there for a wedding on the beach.  A young lady from our skating family got married.  It was lovely and they were both so happy.

On this beautiful beach, at sunset.  We did not know if we were going to get stormed on or not.  We did not but there was a double rainbow after the wedding. 

The sunset was just gorgeous.

The rest of the evening was celebration.  Good food.  Good conversation.  Much laughter.  Bits of drama here and there but nothing got ruined.  Celebration is the right word.

There was surfable waves as we were leaving to come back yesterday.  Sigh . . .  I really wanted to wake up in the tent again today and go for a walk on the beach instead of going to work.  But that is not what life dished up. 


just life on the mountain

I just had to share this picture of our life on the mountain.  A breakfast of sourdough pancakes, "black sugar" (mixed berries), and copious amounts of tea.  We like the glow of our camping candle.  The trailer was awfully dark for a few days.  We had rain.  We have not had rain on the mountain while we have been there for a while.  Our neighbors keep commenting that we seem to pick good weeks to be there.

I could use a breakfast like this this week.  But I am off adventuring again.  There is a wedding to go to and supposedly no surf.  I have to decide if I am taking a surfboard or not.  Decisions.  Decisions.


the mountain garden

The small garden I was able to dig up on the mountain has flowers!

Mostly cosmos.

There are a few marigolds too.  I saw two bean plants but did not look very closely for beans as I was stacking firewood.

I was hoping for some broccoli but that will probably be a year that I have more time up on the mountain.  I can pay more attention then.

The flowers do make me smile!


starting christmas preparations

When we were up on the mountain, I stopped by the local yarn and fiber store.  I picked out fiber for Christmas presents.  I have to spin all this before i can start that work.  But I have some hats and mitts planned.  I find the spinning very relaxing.  I laugh because I really do not even look at yarn anymore unless there is something very specific needed.

I also got the best compliment at the yarn store.  My Beloved was wearing the sweater I had made him, where I had spun the yarn and crochet it.  I was wearing a shawl I had crocheted.  The owner of the shop said I really showcased what crochet can really be.  She does not like crochet fabrics usually because most people make it bullet proof.  Think of a sweater made like a bullet proof vest.  She is right.  Most crochet is like that.  The compliment really made me smile.  Warmed my heart a bit as well because crochet is looked down a lot by knitters.



While we were on the mountain, I started working on a wooden spoon.  The last time we were on the mountain, I had one broken for me and have been having a horrible time finding something I like to replace it.  My Beloved had picked up a book at the library book sale (I am that crazy person who has library cards in multiple states) and I had finished what I had checked out so I started playing with this.

I did not realize how hard this was going to be on my hands.  I can only work a short period of time before my hands tire.  My Beloved is going to sharpen my tools for me which should help.  Tools off the shelf are never quite right.  It is why he gets so many tools to sharpen and straight razors to sharpen for his business.  A wood clamp, sharp tools, and a band saw blade should help a lot.  And of course those two things that always help:  practice and patience.  Patience with my learning a new skill.

I now have to find the time to do more work.  I have to make a dress week that matches the earrings my Beloved surprised my with.  A definite Beloved win!  There are just not enough hours in the week.