At MotoGp, food and drink were interesting.  I am not a soda person.  Water works well or tea.  We were carrying our own water but tea was hard to find.  I really do not like bottled tea.  We did happen upon limeade.  My Beloved wished to try so I said why not.  I do not care for lemonade but I did like the limeade.  Especially when it is hot, it just tastes more refreshing then water.  

We have been making it since we have been back.  I like it after my bicycle ride home from work.  It is nice how easy it is.  A lime, agave, filtered or bubbly water.  A bit of ice.  Life is good.


juice from one lime

1 to 3 tablespoons agave, to taste

flat filtered water or sparkling water


Squeeze the lime into a glass, filtering out the seeds.  Add agave to taste.  Add ice.  Fill with the water of your choice.

So nice.


for the young lady I buy chocolate croissants from

When I go to the farmer's market on Saturday morning, I usually buy myself a chocolate croissant.  One of the young ladies there loves my shawls.  I had an extra few skeins of yarn that did not have a home, so I made her own blue shawl.

She did say blue was her favorite.  It has been my work project.  A bit of yarn at work that helps to keep me sane.  This week, I still needed to be working on this shawl because that is the type of week it has been.  One of those weeks on Tuesday where you are laughing because otherwise you would be crying.  I brought the race sweater in with me because I do not have any more yarn spun for the sweater that is at work.  And I bring it home every evening.  That is just not normal. 

Yes, I spin the yarn to make my sweaters at this point of my life.  Works for me!


off to the races

It was a weekend in the tent house because we went to the races.  MotoGP that is.  My Beloved and the Small Mister like their motorbikes so I bought them a Christmas present.  But Small Mister could not join my Beloved so I went to the races with him.

I admit that I took a new project with me because most of my projects are not in a very carry size stage.  

I was surprised how much I enjoyed myself.  Now, I did know some of the people and had an idea of what was happening because I have listened to a lot of races as the boyos have watched them.  I even will ask questions because that is how much I have listened too.  I like the physics of it all.

I started a new sweater in crochet that is a knit pattern.  May I say, sitting on a hill watching motorbike races is probably not the best time to convert a pattern.

This is what I had this morning but I have ripped much of it out.  I really needed a flat spot to measure.  And able to see the pattern better on my phone.  Maybe next time I will remember to print it out first!  This sweater is going to be so soft and I will probably have more spinning to do for it before it is all over.

Not a bad way to spend the weekend.  This next weekend we will be in the tent house again with family.  I am hoping to get some junk shop shopping in.  Never know what you will find.


silk dress

After our trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida last year, I had picked up some flower print fabrics to make myself dresses for the beach.  Or bicycling.  Or skateboarding.  Or ......  It will not work very well for snow boarding.  It just is a little light.  I had gotten one done using a the pattern from a dress I had picked up in Cocoa Beach.  This is using the a-line pattern I have been using for most of my dresses recently.

I finished it today after work.  I had to put it on and try out my newest skateboard.  The one with the blue totem animals.  I like how it flutters around my knees even though it is a bit long.  I could shorten it an inch or two.  I might.  I might not.

The leaves in the fabric match my helmet and socks.  I did not try to do that at all but it did make me smile.

I admit that my concentration is basically shot.  Between the pain in my shoulders and missing Small Mister, my attention span once I get home from work is very small.  I use it up all at work.  I am doing things in very small steps and my hands seem to want to be in yarn.  That is okay.

The skateboarding makes me smile too!


skateboard part of boardhead

I have been down sizing stuff for awhile now, but when it comes to boards, that is not true.  I am a boardhead.  On my birthday, I bought this board after surfing and then road it to the library.  It is great fun!  You should see the looks the old lady gets on her skateboard in a dress with a bright yellow helmet!  And the people at work think I am absolutely crazy to be on a skateboard.  But the old gentleman on the street thought it was absolutely rad.

My Beloved has been talking about his favorite deck is starting to detoriate.  But then he will do 13 miles at a time.  Time to go to the local skate shop.  I have been looking at pintails and then found this one.  I love the art work!  And it reminds me of home on the mountain.

I wanted to take it out tonight but it was it was time for working on my shoulders.  The skate shop is a great place to talk about rehab without going under a knife so I have things to work on now.  I am sore.  Tomorrow morning may be interesting.

There may be another board picture soon because I have another deck coming.  The one we experimented on building but I actually sent an email to the shaper and he is making me one.  We are still going to try to build one ourselves. 

I need to keep think snow boards but it is so hard here.  At least I can ride a skateboard when there is no surf or snow!