so what got made

When my sewing machine was calling, I was working on this dress.  It  is a sheath.  Very simple.  Pull it on.  Zip it up.  People have a tendency to wonder where you are off to or if you are going for a job interview.  Nope.  Just easy to wear though I find most people do not find them easy to sew.  It is the darts and zippers.  I find it is just a bit of patience.  Sometimes a bit of quiet.  It is part of why my sewing machine calls.

We are off to the mountain tomorrow afternoon.  There should be a cast of characters and could be very interesting.  No internet so I will be quiet here.  We get to spend time with the Small Mister so hopefully there will be pictures to share.  It could be an interesting week.  It is supposed to rain!

For those of you who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!


my sewing machine was calling

I have been working on the cleanup of my worktable since I started talking about it here.  I actually have done something everyday and I have a ways to go.  I need to be better about cutting scraps into strips or quilt squares as I go.  But I am not.  So now I am doing catch up.

I have been doing lots of spinning in the evenings while watching videos.  But yesterday and today, my sewing machine has been calling.  The break has been nice just because.  Doing something different can be a nice break in the routine but I really do not like being away from my sewing machine for too long.  The time with my machine helps keep me in balance.  So does time with the spinning wheel and crochet hook, hands in dough. 

I have another dress done except for hems.  I hope to finish all of that tomorrow.


a forever shawl is halfway there

This is the forever shawl that I am working on at work.  I took this picture with my phone which is not my most photographic tool.  But it is the one I have available there.  This shawl is half way done.  Half way done on an "Aunt's" birthday that I did not even know it was her birthday.  I think this is pretty cool.  It does mean I am halfway done with all the Aunts shawls.  There are three of them and I think I am also going in order of age.  It keeps my hands busy and helps with sanity at work.  The last couple weeks just have made me wonder.

Oh well!  Make more yarn.  Crochet more.  Sew more.  Figure out how to skateboard and surf in there.  Life is good.


very quiet weekend

I had a very quiet weekend.  I spent most of the weekend watching Masterpiece Theater and spinning.  I am spinning lace weight yarn which just seems to take forever to make a ball of yarn.  But it is soothing and meditative, which is what I need.

Last weekend I cut a strangely polka dot fabric.  One side of the polk a dot is cut off.  It is a black Italian wool that I have been looking at for months.  I cut two dresses out of the three yards of fabric.

And this is the A-line dress I finished.  The other dress is sitting on my ironing board waiting for me to start to stitch.  The cleaning of the worktable and the spinning of the yarn has taken precedence.  I have decided fiber must come to the mountain with me for sanity sake. 

I would make such a good hermit!


quiet Saturday

I am taking a quiet Saturday.  I have been sleeping a lot this week.  Ten to twelve hours a night.  It started last week with allergies and then we had a sudden cold front come through.  I do not even wish to think about what sickness is wandering around work!  There is a lot of coughing, sniffling, and sneezing going on.  My body says sleep, so I sleep.  I think I will be taking a nap today even though I slept eleven hours last night.

Bread experimentation may be the only thing I finish today.  I started some crocheting last night because I wished to play with yarn.  I also started the bread experimentation.  I am still cleaning and organizing my work table.  I am getting many more quilt squares!  And I finally have the binding cut for the quilt I am working on.  I have a sheath dress cut out that I wish to start working on.  And much fiber to spin.  This is my life.

The main thing though, is to stay healthy.  The top possible number on the mountain the days before Thanksgiving is fourteen.  This is why healthy is key.  I kind of wish to just open "the doors" and ask if anyone else wishes to come.  Then I laugh and go drink tea.