that bit is done

The quilting is done.  I hope to have the binding on soon then I have to check an address.

I really do not have a lot of words today.  I did not know what I was going to say.  I am sad.  And work is emotionally tiring.  I just wish to come home and hide.  I walked to the grocery store to get milk and chips to go with seven layer dip and realized that my body had reacted to the day with a sore throat.  It was just a sigh especially since this is the first day since about June I could go outside and read my book at lunch comfortably. 

I do have some recipes to share.  I need to write them down for myself!  I have some pictures I need to take so I can share a work in progress and the yarn that I am making for it.  Hopefully, my new crochet hook will arrive soon.  But words.  Those seem to be few and very far apart.  There is a lot of dough being made.  But none of it  is being made into new recipes.  Cronetti.  Biscuits.  Bread.  Some people call that the art of slow living.  I call it sanity.  Words do not have to be said when there is warm bread and tea.  And other people are willing to take it off your hands if you offer it.

More babbling today.  I am sad.


quilting while bruised

After I fell off my sewing bench, I spent a lot of time quilting and listening to an audiobook.  I was in a lot of pain yesterday.  I came home from work and basically did nothing.  A tad to much homemade sangria helped the pain.  But I did not feel like writing my own words and read someone elses. Stray Souls.  I have read it multiple times at this point, always from the library.  If I run across it at a used bookstore, I should pick it up.  It is the litmus test for books I own.

Today, pain is better and the audiobook is almost done.  Just over nine hours of audiobook.  Quilting and spinning are very conducive to listening to audiobooks.

I have also spent a lot of time with my hands in dough.  I find that I am less stressed with what is going on at work.  Today, I was done.  It was the thought of having to network again for a job when I really only wish to make breads, quilts, and garden.  But that does not necessarily pay the taxes on the lands.  But that is what life currently demands.  I will get over it.  It is what I do.

I just have to remember no more klutz moves.  And I might not be so rambly tomorrow.  But I will not promise.


not turkey basting

I was emailing back and forth with a friend this week and he told me that when I talk about basting a quilt it always makes him think of basting a turkey.  I totally understand.  And one night this week, with a bit of sangria, I got this quilt basted.

I have actually been working on it today and I tumbled off my sewing stool as I tried to sit down on it.  I felt like such a klutz.  Now, a couple hours later, I am feeling all the twinges, bruises, and shocks.  I twisted so I would not hit my head or back.  Too many years of figure skating.  I feel like I should be scraped but I found none.  I do know that Monday is going to be interesting moving.  Tomorrow should be okay because it is the forty eight hours out any more that hurts the worse.

But that is me being a klutz.  That is life. 


boozy berry sangria

Last week, my Beloved picked up a bottle of wine at the grocery store while we were shopping.  It turned out to be a not very good bottle of wine and what he really wanted was sangria. 

A nice margarita.  A nice glass of sangria.  I am happy with both so I figured why not.  Every recipe I have read so far, I have not been very excited about.  So i went to google and typed in boozy sangria.  I found two recipes that looked interesting with a bit of modification.  Apple does not belong in sangria in my opinion.  The first time I was introduced to that was at my cousin's wedding and I just thought it was odd.  I still do.

This is the first one.  The berry version.  I have no citrus fruit in the house right now but I do have frozen berries.  They worked well.  This sangria is better if you can let it sit for about twenty four hours before drinking.  It also overfilled a half gallon mason jar.  It may have been the amount of fruit that I used but it would be better if you could find a gallon mason jar or such.  Mine is holding whole wheat flour.  Or did before I kneaded dough today.

boozy berry sangria

Note:  I used Life in Pleasantville's recipe with some modification.  Mostly because I did not wish to go to the store again.  Yes, I am lazy.

750 ml bottle of merlot

1 cup citrus, orange, or cranberry vodka - I used a roasted pink lemon vodka.  It is not available for purchase so use what you have

1/2 cup agave

2 cups moscata wine (the recipe calls for white cranberry juice but I had none but I had moscata)

1 to 2 cups frozen raspberries

1 to 2 cups frozen strawberries

1 to 2 cups frozen blackberries

Mix the merlot, vodka, and agave together.  Mix in the moscata.  Put the frozen berries in a gallon container.  Pour the liquid over.  Put in the refrigerator and wait twenty four hours if you possibly can.

I could not.


the last planned forever shawl done

I finished the last planned forever shawl today.  Miss D, who saw it while I was making it, said green is her favorite color.  I lucked out in the picking of the yarn.

It is going to be interesting not having this at work to work on.  I am going to have to take one of the two sweaters I am working in.

While I was making this shawl, I shattered my bone crochet hook on Papaw's floor.  I came home and had a bamboo of the same size and there was just too much friction.  I ordered myself a Furls crochet hook that is supposed to help hand health.  I am hoping because I have been very hard on my hands lately.  It translates all the way up into my shoulder, back, and neck.  I have the aluminum hook to use until the Furls comes because that is how horrible the bamboo is.

I found it interesting that today I finished this shawl.  Interesting in a sad way.  My Grandmother died last night.  104.  She was in hospice and I knew death would be soon.  I know she lived a lovely adventurous life.  But that does not mean I did not hurt a bit at the news and I am just sad.

I realized today it is not okay to be sad in our society.  When people ask how I am and I say said, they try to cheer me up.  Tell me 104 is a long life.  She saw so many things and changes.  I would have to agree with that.  But I can be sad that the person who helped teach me to crochet and sew is not here to see what I make.  Or see Koda Bear grow.  Or find out what happens with the Tall Short Person next. 

In many ways, I want to be both my grandmothers when I grow up.  But I am sad.  And that is fine.