Yes, it is a good day.

Life is very interesting when you make your own yarn.  If you do not have enough of one color it is not like you head down to your local yarn store and buy matching yarn.  You either have change the pattern, change the yarn, or find something to work with what you have.  I though I had enough yarn of one color for the second scarf I was making but I did not really.  I decided to spin some yarn for the ends in a yak/silk fiber I picked up in Taos.  It does mean that the package will get delivered later then it should but I am told that it does not matter.

I am thinking about spinning more yarn for after the holidays for more scarfs.  I have some merino/yak that is so soft that a sweater made from the yarn may not be the best thing.  I will have to see.

I was walking to the post office today to pick up more boxes for shipping.  Most people I work with think it is much to far to walk at lunch but I do not.  I am the crazy person who rides her bicycle in a dress to work most days too so that gives you an idea of how much I fit the norm.  I got to an intersection and thought I had heard my name.  There was a homeless man sitting at a base of a tree, hands in a praying pose, head bowed in blessing, looked at me and said "It IS a good day."  He made me realize in that instant it was.  I replied back, "Yes, it is a good day!" 

I looked for a place to buy him a cup of coffee on the way to the post office but there was none.  On the way back, I stopped when I got to him.  I handed him some money and said, "Thank you for reminding me that today IS a good day.  I looked for a place to buy you a cup of coffee and could not find one.  I would appreciate if you would accept this and buy yourself a cup of coffee and a meal."  His response was "Oh, sweetheart . . ."

Yes, it is a good day.


one down, one to go

I finished the scarf for my best friend last Friday.  I made it long enough to wrap twice around her neck and still have some length.  Film sets can be cold places.  This merino yak I spun is so soft and should keep her very warm.  I used a shell stitch with nine patterns.  Very simple but I am very pleased with the end product.

I am working on the second scarf for the Tall Short Person.  I am enjoying the process greatly.


i am a klutz

I did my baking for Christmas boxes this weekend.  I tried a new recipe that is much to fragile to ship but that I like.  I will share it soon here. 

I am a klutz because I bumped my right thumb knuckle on the top of the oven.  Other then it smarted something horrible for the rest of the day and I had dishes to do, it was not a big deal.  I did have a very loved friend who has been fussing at me something fierce in his own unique way.  I do not understand because he is a mechanic and has the potential to get his hands banged up all the time.  He does not seem to get that I am a klutz.  My family just asks if I wish to have it kissed better.  DO NOT TOUCH PLEASE! 

That is  how big of a klutz I am.  And nobody was around to hear the hiss.  That usually causes the whole house to come running to see what I did.  There has been much blood with that sound.

I did not mentioned I feel at the rink yesterday either.

The biggest issue with this burn is that it lines up exactly with my sewing scissors.  I could not have done that better if I tried.  I still have most of my Christmas sewing to do.  When I started cutting out that first piece of flannel for a Christmas present I said ow!!! so many times it was not funny!  It could definitely have been called a mantra.

The cutting out of the flannel means I am back to working on my sewing machine.  This makes me very happy, very centered, my world right.  I got to spend time on my spinning wheel tool this weekend.  I do not have enough yarn to finish a present so I had to make more.

Other then being a klutz and being fussed at in a very unique way, it was a good weekend.  I just have to get the boxes out now.


ice cream sandwiches

I have been doing a lot of Christmas baking this week.  I go through flour, sugar, and butter faster this "week" of the year then any other.  Most of the cookies get sent out into the world to family and friends but we always munch on a few.  This year I had an idea to put chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt between two cookies.  An ice cream sandwich.

Oh my gosh yum!  So far, only the sables and molasses crinkles have been tried but so good.  There are currently chocolate cookies in the oven and I can see more experimentation needing to take place.  I cannot call this a recipe but I would definitely give it a try with any cookies and ice cream or frozen yogurt you have laying around!

Simple things.


the color of a strawberry milkshake

I have not gotten much chance to sew this week.  Between Small Mister and the amount of Christmas baking I do, I have not had time to sit at my sewing machine.  My crocheting goes with me everywhere.  The scarf from yesterday is less then one ball of yarn from being done.  But my sewing machine is lonely.

I had an interesting conversation through email with my Mother last Friday.  I asked if she would use an apron if I made her one.  She asked if I would make her a silk pillow case.  And then, also asked if I would make my Grandmother one too!

Getting a decision on colors for both of them was not the easiest.  But I finally got some guidance.  The only problem was that two of the bolts of fabric I picked out were damaged.  The only thing close to mint for my Grandmother was a damaged roll of silk satin and that would just not do.

But there was this one bolt that was the color of a strawberry milkshake.  I do not like pink that well and this color and fabric spoke to me.  I spent too much on my Grandmother but you only get to 103 once.  I also plan to use every extra bit of fabric on making myself at least one slip, if not a slip and something else. 

It is not mint but it is beautiful.  And now my Grandmother has a silk satin pillowcase.  The color of a strawberry milkshake and strawberries are some of her most favorite things.  Pillowcases are not hard to make.  They take pressing, measuring, and a small bit of sewing to make something that is both beautiful and functional. 

Not mint but I hope she likes it.