mad week

Last week was a bit of a mad week.  Koda Bear was here for a few days of it.  Knives needed to be delivered.  Then there was a small holiday.  Yes, I am making fun.  Last week people were more important then sitting down at the computer to write.

I did do something for myself which I have been meaning to do for awhile.  I had purchased some insect drawing.  Similar to science drawings of the same type.  In one of the magazines I read, there were botanical prints.  The artist had been interviewed and some of her prints were shared.  Insect and plant drawing went up into my space.

I did chose not to pin up the beetles.  They really look too much like cockroaches for me!  I do not like large cockroaches, especially when they fly across the room.

Being honest with myself, and this will sound off subject, I love the printing I have done.  But I have never felt like my drawing can take my vision to a printed product.  The drawing falls down.  My hand cannot currently translate on to paper what I am trying to create.  My instigator friend, who knows who he is, keeps gently pushing me to pring more but I just feel like I need the skill to draw.

The artist in the article I read was very inspiring about practice and practicing.  On a morning walk, I picked up a couple dry leaves.  I pulled out a journal.  Since I have started, I have drawn for a few minutes every morning with a cup of tea.  I give myself the time it takes to drink a cup.  My hand cramps very rapidly.  My eyes cannot translate to my hand yet.  But I had one morning where I finished with an oak leaf that looked like an oak leaf.  I was proud of myself!  This morning did not seem to translate as well.  But I will practice more.  And then I will try to translate to a plate for printing, whether that is linoleum, wood, or sent off to be made into a plate for letterpress.

I always enjoy learning so much! 


parts are coming

Yesterday did not go as planned.  I spent about six hours on troubleshooting the boyos sewing machine that sews leather.  I got pulled into it Thursday evening when a sheath was needed to be made but the machine would no longer pick up a stitch.  I have had a few more years experience with sewing machines then any of the boyos.

After the six hours.  After spending time on the phone with support, parts are in the mail.  I am hoping that they will fix the problem.  If not, the machine gets shipped for a different style of TLC.

Going into Thanksgiving week, my guess is that it will be a different week as well.  There is camping planned.  Koda Bear here.  Food but not traditional.  Boyos working on the Christmas rush.  There really is one, even if it is only knife sharpening.  I can see where they are going to train me soon as an extra pair of hands.

Off to quilting the fussy quilt.  It will be one of those things I can only show after Christmas.  But that is life this time of the year!


Seem to be chasing autumn

There has been a bit of weekend camping going on.  I love it.  It does mean there seem to be less hours to do in the week but I will take the relaxation every time.

I have been doing lots of little steps recently.  I have to do a so I can do b.  It all ends up in a finished product but the stories are not really worth telling until I have everything together.  And I am working on Christmas already.  That will be be able to be shared until the gifts are delivered.  Or maybe a few pictures of the process.

I am feeling better.  I had a conversation this morning that made me realize that my feeling the under the weather, whether allergies, easily injuring myself, arthritis, or infection, has probably something to do with stress.  The biggest stress factor happened about two months ago with Harvey. 

I am very much one of the lucky ones.  As well of most of the people I know.  There was a roof to repair and the inside repairs due to the leak.  But nothing was lost.  But if a helicopter circles for too long, I can tell.  Since I am one of those who has a tendency to just get on, I am thinking that my body is reacting for me.  At least the Black Hawk helicopters are no longer trying to change my heartbeat.  They flew that close.

Chasing autumn.  Camping more.  Trying to slow down, which I am horrible at.  All these things are helping.  As well as good friends, good food, quiet when needed.  But Harvey still keeps popping up and there is still a lot of recovery that needs to happen.  Whether that is emotional or physical for the Texas coast and anybody who was here during the storm.


Taos Mountain Shawl

I have been under the weather.  I am still not a 100% but I try to listen to my body when it says I should sleep or I can go.  This weekend was a lot of being asleep or still.  It has been a long time since I have sat and read so many books in a day.  It was actually really kind of nice!  I will call it a silver lining.

I finished the Taos Mountain Shawl I was making.  I crocheted it instead of knitted it.  I only took it out probably a dozen times and I could have taken it out a couple more.  There is that corner pictured above that is not quite the angle I would have wished.  And for some reason, I mixed up color order on the other border.  But it is done.

I am really pleased.  I used about twice as much yarn as the knitted version which means it is a bit larger.  I like large shawls.  It has been nice for when I want a little extra but not a sweater.

I usually wear my shawls a bit off center anyhow and this becomes even more wonky.  But it was designed after the mountains near Taos, New Mexico.  Wonky is okay.  The yarn is soft but not as soft as the other cashmere blend I have worked with.

I have another shawl I am taking from knit to crochet, Earth and Sky.  I find I do better using the pictures as a go by so I have no idea what the parameters of that one will be.  But I am going to give it a try.  I have only taken that one out three times so far.  It will be interesting.  Especially since I do not think I have enough of any one yarn for any part.  It will be a compilation.


hiding under a quilt

There are actually a few cool days happening.  Which I love.  But the weather change is so fast that I get chilled.  And then I feel like poo until I am no longer chilled.  Which means that it was a very good thing I needed to bind this quilt.

I made this quilt for my Etsy shop.  I like the top a lot.

The colors are fairly mellow, leaning towards some neutrals.  I could make a quilt in all neutrals right now because that is what speaking to me.  But that is not what is really in my quilting fabrics.  I keep trying.

The back is pretty but did not turn out the way I wished.  One of the thrifted cottons was really too light to use.  Just too much like a lawn so it wrinkled a lot as I was quilting it.  None of the wrinkles will ever come out but there are more then I really like.

It is pretty though.  And I enjoyed making it which is what really counts.  It was very warm on my lap as well while I was quilting.