vest experiment

Anthony Bourdain narrated a group of short videos last year about artisans.  The tailor was very inspiring to me.  He also wore a vest that was very inspiring to my Beloved.  I started working on it last October.

I found a pattern.  I made the muslin with alterations to fit better and be more of the style that was wished for.  I used stash fabric for this first pass.

Part of what took so long is that I worked on the interfacing by hand.  There are not a lot of free moments in my life to work on things like this.  For example, sweaters and shrugs take forever for me because I both make the yarn and make them.  All by hand.  

I have always disliked working with interfacings.  I purchased horse hair interfacing for this vest and I can now say I do not hate working with interfacing.  Things I actually thought would be harder, like buttonholes, were not.  It is odd.  Now, my buttonholes are not perfect but they were easier!

I created the welt pockets as requested to keep metal and wood shavings out of the pockets.

I lined the vest with some pretty cotton fabric I had.  

The vest looks nice.  Though I still need to improve my buttonholes.  I need to remember to buy buttonhole thread.  It fits well.  But even though all the fabric was from my stash, I think my Beloved thinks it is currently too nice to wear.  It was supposed to be for work in his shop but . . .  Oh well.  That is life.  It makes me laugh.


a bit of sanity

Life has been busy.  I find I am a chop wood, carry water type of meditater.  Along those lines, as soon as I finished the last quilt I took a stack of nine squares and laid out this quilt.  It appears very random to me but so far I like it.  Having the project ready to sew when I have a few minutes is huge.

I am working on a few things in the kitchen that are get started and wait.  Or need a bit of attention.  That, Koda Bear, the addition of Mr. G (who is 4) when he was "sick", and errands, means my life has felt incredibly busy.  But as I tell people, this is the life I chose.  I actually really enjoy it but it does mean sitting down at the computer or seeing something finished might not happen as often as I wish.

Seeds are up.  There is weeding to do and a few more beds to dig and seed.  The first flower has bloomed.  That is a nice accomplishment this week.  Especially when I look at how much roasted veg I eat!  And I love flowers.  I just do not enjoy paying for flowers.  I would add more roses if I had more room but I do not.  Maybe I will just buy myself roses and peonies.  Not enough room and wrong climate.  That is life.

Well, that last paragraph was a bit of a babble.  That is where my head is.



When I finished this quilt, the purples in it caught my eye even though there are a lot of different colours.

It was a very restful place to be finishing this quilt.  Audiobooks and old television shows.  I admit to liking Syfy network for just sitting and stitching or spinning.

I am getting better at the mitered corners which thrills me.

I really liked how the back came together.  Backs for my quilts are always an interesting prospect.  I usually do not have enough fabric of any one and I truly do not wish to go buy anything.  I have become even more of a hermit.

The greys are soothing.  All my small blankets are falling apart.  I really need to do something like this for those.  I plan to use them as the batting.

This quilt is in my Etsy shop:  PanamintHandmade



For Shrove Tuesday, also know as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, I decided to make semla.  It is a Scandinavian tradition for Shrove Tuesday.  I needed something different because part of me really wished to be celebrating in New Orleans.  Which is totally odd because I truly only enjoy one parade, Zulu.  I am just in a strange spot.

Last year I looked at a lot of recipes for semla.  I thought that maybe.  This year I used Magnus Nillson's tome.  I knew I liked the dough that he used for selma.  The sweet dough he has in his cookbook I really like and have used for other things.  I made a few rolls and used the rest for a cinnamon swirl loaf.  

I shaped a half dozen rolls.  Baked.  Cut off the tops and filled with slightly sweetened whipping cream that also had a touch of vanilla added.  I liked them.  The dough is rich and flavoured with cardamom which I like.  It was not as sweet as King Cake which I also enjoyed.  

I would make these again.  I might make the dough into the rolls for easy traveling sandwiches.  I like the flavours.



I decided I wished to try to make vinegar.  I use just enough that it felt like a positive.  But also, I would rather make something then buy something if I can.  And, no I am not a chef.  I just feed people.  Why does it have to be chefs who like to experiment and not crazy ladies in their own kitchen?  

I bought six organic apples from the grocery store.  For this, bruised was better so I could buy the ones that were not very nice.  I took them home, washed them, and sliced them up.  Into a large jar they went.

I covered the apples with filtered, unchlorinated water.  The lid went on.  This lid actually has a place for a fermentation/brewing airlock so I decided to use it to make sure that there was not an explosion or breakage as the vinegar fermented.

The jar went onto a dark counter.  September first is when it is supposed to be ready and I will see.  I am already thinking about starting another in about three months so I can have an endless supply or able to gift some.  I am also thinking berry fermented vinegars may be interesting.  I just like to experiment.  I think I am going to need more shelves.