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Koda Bear was promised camping.  We went to Idyllwild, California and stayed in a state park there.  The other campground we had stayed in Mount San Jacinto State Park was closed for winter.  I was pleasantly surprised on how nice it was.  Especially since the campground was two blocks from "downtown" Idyllwild.  It is a very small town.  Population of 1500 without day visitors or tourists.

We got there and set up the tent.  When we got there, it was not too late but we were all tired.  Koda Bear had fallen asleep in the car.  We just crawled into bed.

The next morning was chilly.  But there was tea and oatmeal.  The day warmed up quickly.  We lucked upon a festival for kids where all the fire departments in the area were presenting.  Koda Bear thought that was great.  He dressed as a fireman and did the obstacle course.  Played games and colored.  Sat in a fire truck.  I am not sure how impressed he was with the fire truck because it was green and small.  He has sat in a red larger fire truck in Lehi, Utah.  He still talks about Lehi, Utah.

We took the day fairly slowly.  We spent almost two hours in a playground.  There was a bakery snack.  The skateboards came out.  Fallen leaves, pine cones, acorns, and pine needles were collected to make slop.  It is from a Gerald and Piggie book.  S'mores were made after dinner over a small fire.  I controlled the fire because the boyos would have made a bonfire and we would have been up all night.

The next day, we hiked up to Suicide Rock.  And back.  12.5 miles in total because we started at the campground.  Koda Bear did really well.  I did have to pull him up at times but he ran all the way down.  The last half mile his feet were coming out from under him though.  Another bakery visit seemed to help that.  

The hike was longer then I expected because the map does not take into account all the distance.  The internet description of distance is better.  I thought the internet description of moderate was a good description of the hike.  Which I felt was more of a walk.  But other people were making it out to be much more difficult.  And we were told it was a difficult hike.  It made me feel like when a nurse in the past has told me something will hurt a bit.  No, that means it will hurt a lot! 

To me, this was not a difficult hike.  It went up!  It went down!  It was long.  It was very pretty.  I was told it would have been better if there had been a bakery at the top.  

After the hike, camp was broken down and Koda Bear was taken back to the Tall Short Person.  There was school Monday morning.  But it was so good to see him.  He is very missed.


working on my shop

I sew, crochet, and spin every day.  Items that are repetition that are going into my Etsy shop.  Repetition of shape not fabric.  I am not good about updating the shop here.  Probably because I reach my computer limit most days!  I am looking for an outside the house job to support my traveling habit.  Which means more computer time.  Suggestions are accepted.

I get to the point in the summer where I do not wish to do much anymore.  It is just heat and ready for a change of season.  There are times that summer feels like it is nine months here.  

If it were to cool down a bit and I put enough bug spray on I would be comfortable working in my garden.  Or walking the beach.  The beach needs bug spray currently.  I do wish there was surf but I will probably be traveling when that happens here.  It is the season of fiber fairs and I hope to go to a few this year.  Spinning everyday has been good for me.  Part of the yarns are going into my shop as goods.  Some of them are becoming sweaters at home.  

I feel like arm holes and sleeves take more concentration then the rest of the sweater.  I actually have a sweater I might be able to post about next week.  I will need to go for a button search because what was in my button box did not work.  But the sleeves and arm holes are done!  And the sleeves fit!  I had to rip them out a few times because I wished to be able to wear a sleeve under the sweater.  But I am pleased.  And it is soft.  I am crocheting edging right now so buttons this weekend.

Thanks for listening to the babble!


Just the head space I am in

I laid out another quilt last week.  It is really where my head is.  I have been having problems with allergies since Harvey blew through and concentrating is difficult.  Quilts are not concentration for me.  They are color and texture.  Counting.  This one seems to have a bit different feel for some reason.  Maybe I should lay out quilts more often when my head space is strange.

I also have so many nine squares.  Probably enough to make another quilt.  Which is not a bad idea.  It lets me mull over life and sometimes not mull at all.  

My biggest decision right now is trying to decide the color on the edge of the cardigan I am making.  Then it will be buttons.  Where to put in seedlings in my strange garden the city hates.  I do not conform well when it comes to my garden.  I am just waiting until it is a bit cooler later in the week for me to do much work there.  I am ready for cool.  In the evening, I keep working on sweaters.  It will be cool someday.  Or I will head to the mountain!



One of those things that is still on the shelf after Harvey, is salsa.  That is a crazy thing but true.  It may only be the flavors I care for but they are thin on the shelf.  I decided to give salsa making a try.

I used a can of Barrio Whole tomatoes.  I blended them.  Then I chopped a lot of fruit and vegetables to go in.  More tomatoes.  White onion.  Nectarines.  Mangos.  Jalapenos.  Mixed it all up.  Salt and pepper were added.  Then it was mentioned that it needed more spice, so chipolte and ancho were mixed in.  Just a bit.  It is pretty good salsa.  Is this the end recipe?  That I am not sure of and I am not sure of proportions.  Just a lot of everything in almost equal portions except the jalapeno and the ground spices.  

It went really well on the taco salad I made.  Maybe I will get it tweaked well enough that I want to write the recipe down so I can reproduce it.  It is a possibility!

I have one sleeve on on the sweater I am making.  One more to go and then a decision on border color.  Or do I wish one and will just keep the border white?  I am thinking color.  Most of the projects I am working on seem to be taking a bit of time.  Not a bad thing but it does make it difficult to write about.  Not that my head is really on straight.  Harvey did blow in some interesting pollens and my allergies are bad.  This has been a tough allergy week.  I need to remember that it is okay to slow down.  I have a hard time with that.

Possibly tomorrow.  


a quiet cocoon

Helicopters are still going over the house.  There is still dealing with the small or not such small things that need care after the storm.  There was the delivery of food to a friend who does not care for herself when she is caring for others.  There are more storms.  There is fire. 

I worked in the cocoon of quilting yesterday.  I listened to a humor filled book called Mrs. Queen Takes the Train.  It is not a book that brings out a belly laugh very often but I smile a lot.  A quarter of this quilt was finished yesterday.  That first quarter where there is basting to adjust and the most safety pins to take out.  There has not been any excess fabric or batting to cut off yet either.  It is a work out.  And the quarter that takes the most time.  It is done.  I hope to get more done today.

Last night, I tore out two sleeves for the sweater I am making.  I would like them to a pretty close sweater but I need them to be able to go over a sleeve.  I am going to make them about an inch wider.  That should be a help.  But it means I am not looking for buttons this weekend.  Which I would probably have had to look at online.  A fair number of the freeways and highways in the region are still under water.  They are still being pumped out and have not been assessed for damage yet.  Leaving the house is not wise in some directions.

I was told to take it easy today because I looked like I have two black eyes.  More tea.  More quilting.  Enjoying temperatures that are a bit lower.  Just a breath at a time and forward movement.  It works.