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wedding and camping

I went to a family wedding in Monterey County, CA.  The wedding was a lovely wedding.  I actually really like Salinas where I stayed with my parents.  I did not realize how much agriculture was done there.  Lots of lettuce and cabbage families.  I had never seen an artichoke plant before.  I thought they were beautiful.  I have to admit that I wish I could grow many of the flowers I saw in yards there.

After the wedding, I headed up to Los Padres National Forest to go camping with my family.  The campground we stayed at was lovely and I feel like I need to go back.  There was just not enough time to go anywhere.  But there was a river running through and Koda Bear loved it!

He turned blue from playing in this water!  There were shivers happening.

Then, it was off to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The view from our camp site was lovely.  We were sitting in a valley that was ringed with mountains.  We got there a day early and the campground was able to find us a spot for the night even though we needed to move the next day.

Then, it was three days of walking.  My family keeps telling me that we did not take walks but that we were on hikes.  We let Koda Bear decide when it was time to turn around and he was pretty persistent.  We did not make it to the last destinations for two of the hikes we took but we were post holing in the snow.

The above picture is of Loch Lake and it was so pretty.

This is a better picture of the view from our campground.

We made it to Emerald Lake, which was mostly covered with ice.

But I think my favorite was Mills Lake.  It reminded me a lot of the lakes in the Cascades.  It was a bit smaller and felt a bit more intimate.  We tried to hike to Black Lake from here but again, too much snow.  I was actually in pants for this hike and I was more wet then when I walked in a skirt!  Koda Bear turned us around before we got to Black Lake.  Three days of that small boy hiking was almost too much for him.  He walked with me on the way back and I have a tendency to be the slowest.  I just call myself a turtle.  I can get there, but I may be slow.

I went to the Estes Park Wool Market while we were camping there.  It was the point of the trip.  I enjoyed it.  And I saw sheep breeds I have never seen before.  Sheep the size of small cows!  It was fun.  Or at least I thought so. 

I bought a fleece, even though I did not need a fleece.  I loved the color.  And I am thinking I wish to go down the rabbit hole of making hats.  I guess I will see if I have time for that.  Next week, I start a breakfast nook that I am getting paid to build.

I would like to go back later in the summer and try all those hikes again.  At least the one to Sky Pond and Black Lake.  I would like to try them without the snow.  I was thinking August 2020.  

I am now trying to get back into the swing of things and not doing a very good job.  I keep hoping it will get better but two days in, it has not.  I really enjoy being outside that much.  Until next time, I will just keep moving forward.


and I am back for a few weeks

That was a lovely trip!  The only problem was I tried to do too much in too little time!  There were two fiber fairs, time with the Koda Bear and the Tall Short Person, and putting up a wall in the machine shed.  So there are not any pictures of the mountain.  Since I was just there, I chose not to share any.  But it is autumn there. 

We had beautiful weather until the last day.  The mountain is interesting because we share tools with our neighbors.  My scythe took a walk and the funniest thing about that was the one person who everyone said would not have it, was the one using it.  He was all about it was the right tool for the job.  It took longer for him to go get it then for him to use it for the task.  

The fiber fairs were interesting because I had so much company.  Usually it is just my Beloved, who is fairly tolerant.  Or just myself which really is the best.  The first one, I had three boys!  That was interesting.  It was also interesting because I did not think it was all that wonderful but other people did.  I have had different experiences.

The second fiber fair, three more family members.  It was shaken up a bit so two boys and a girl.  Still, I felt a bit rushed.  Next time, I think I will go alone.  But I really did fulfill what I really wanted to do.  Spend time with Koda Bear.

The second weekend we camped in the Columbia River Gorge.  It was beautiful.  And there was lots of autumn.  But where the campground was situated, it was very loud.  I tried to get into a campground a little farther away from the interstate but it was completely booked.  And I understand why!  So, I will probably not camp at this spot again but I will camp in the gorge again.

We also had a lot of rain while we were there.  Koda Bear kept saying he was not cold but he was very damp.  It means that a van conversion or a truck cabin may be in my future sooner rather then later.  It is the main reason I am thinking about going back to a corporate job for a little bit.  Pay off some car repairs and build a van conversion.  Elk hit cars hard.  I was not driving.


Palo Duro Canyon

It has been awhile since I got to go camping at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Part of that is that it is a ten hour drive from Houston.  It requires a long weekend to get there.

It is desert so it can be hot.  The day we arrived it was forecasted to be about 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the canyon itself.  It is nice that it cools off during the night.

We did go for one of the longer marked hikes in the canyon.

The rock formation called the Lighthouse was the destination.  Most of the hike is very easy.  The last quarter mile had my bad hip not happy with me.  I had to rest more then I would have liked to wish to let pain stop.  I was at the extremes of movement for my right hip.  But I made it.

I even made it with a crochet project in my pack.  Fruit, water, and crochet. I could not ask for more.  Though one ball of yarn did decide to go over an edge.  At least it was not too far so I was able to have help getting it retrieved.  

I usually do not get to hang out much when I am camping.  Especially when there is someone else with me.

My family likes to go.

This time, with the heat and the drive and what life has thrown at us recently, there was a lot of sitting.  A lot of walking too because we always walk.

Hanging the hammock and having books helped.

It was really hard for me on Monday to say, yes back to Houston.  A large part of me wanted to go west.  Five hours to Taos.  A diner I like.  Mountains.  A yarn store I like.  Maybe soon.


travels with the bear

Since the last time I was in this space, I have driven from California and back.  There was Koda Bear to pick up.  We camped on the way back at Davis Mountain State Park.  It is becoming one of my favorites.  I like the quiet and the clear skies.  There is room to run and jump and climb.  I have not been there long enough to do any hiking but maybe someday? 

I could see myself hanging out there with a book under a tree.  I could hope.  Especially when dinners are made with simple ingredients over flame.  There were hamburgers and pan fries with salad for dinner.  All the hamburge was cooked into patties and we at that for days.  

I completely misjudged the traffic out of Los Angeles.  Koda Bear is just north of their and to get back to this house you have to drive through or around LA.  The wrong choice was made.  I think there is always a learning on every road trip or camping trip.  We were supposed to also camp outside of Tucson with the saguaro cactus but we did not.  Maybe next time?

When we got back to the house, there were things that needed to be done.  Meals decided upon.  Laundry.  Homework.  Playing.  Mending a shirt.  Bicycle riding.  Every moment was full.  We did not even get to go see the movie we wanted to see we were so busy!

But Koda Bear now has his own skates.  An eBay find that made him grin.  He was slow start because he had only ever used rental figure skates before.  But he was the last person off the ice.  Just like the Tall Short Person always was.  I feel like another monster was created.  I am going to need to keep coaching just so he can skate.  But I am enjoying the little bit of coaching I do.  It pays for my ice time and a little bit extra.  I find I smile a lot.

Now, I have to get back into the normal swing of things.  It will get all changed up again later this month.  More camping is planned.  Makes me smile.



winter camping

Winter camping in Texas is always interesting.  Over four days the temperatures went from the 70's to the 20's.  It was probably not the wisest thing I could have done.  Especially since I am still healing from an ear infection.  But it was lovely in its own fashion.

Inks Lake was down eight feet which meant we did not stay in our normal camping site at the park.  That was actually a very wise thing because somehow the new to us camp site was very sheltered.  When the wind came up, we were not hit as hard.  

The camp site we normally chose is right on the lake.  Other sites are not very close.  We always have a lot of birds.  But they are mainly water birds.  This new site had a lot of cardinals, which were just a lot of fun!  They were cheeky buggers.  By the last day, they were coming up to the picnic table even when we were close.  It is pretty amazing how well they blend into the trees and underbrush even though they are so red.  The females are not though.

The lake was down on purpose by the Colorado River authority.  Inks Lake is created by dams on the Colorado River in Texas.  The river authority had lowered it so maintenance could be done to structures on the lake and the dams themselves.  It happens about every ten to twelve years we were told.  If you do no time it right, you do not see it because Inks Lake is what they call a constant level lake to help with the effects of drought.  If it is not at level, drought is bad.  They also had the electric turbines going at full speed so there may have been a greater demand for electricity.

Even though it was cold, it was pretty.  We walked about thirty miles over those four days.  Just walking.  My cheeks are very red from wind and sun.  Even though we are home, I would still like to be camping.  It must be a fatal flaw that I would like to be going more.  Or it could be, I just like being outside.  That is probably what it is.  Except, it is hard to take my sewing machine outside.  I would miss that.  It would mean I would need to do more hand work.  Which is not a bad thing.

More babbling obviously going on.  I may laughed at!