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I was fed well!

Wednesday, when I am usually working on a post here, I was taken to dinner.  Actually it was more then just me.  The boyos bartered a knife for dinner at Poitin for all of us.  The boyos of Serenity Knives were stoked. 

I was quite pleased because I knew who was feeding me.  I have met most of the chefs from Poitin because they have a relationship with all the boyos.  They had fed us nibbles before but never a sit down meal.  The nibbles were excellent so I figured dinner would be lovely.  I would say that it was the best meal I have eaten out in Houston in over ten years.  

Why do I say that it was the best meal I have eaten out?  I have been to most of the buzz worthy restaurants in Houston.  I like to eat and I have boyos in my life who make knives for chefs.  The flavors coming out of the kitchen from Poitin are as a good as any.  The last meal I had that tasted that good in town was Oxheart.  B&B's is close, especially if you want steak.  But I walked away from Poitin full.  After Oxheart, I could have had tea and toast at home.  And Poitin actually served pots of decent tea.

Why all the pictures of bread?  I feed AJ bread when he is hear.  Dom snitches it from him if he brings it into the kitchen.  They wanted to show me what their new French pastry chef can do.  Their opinion, she is good but I might be a tad better.  They could be being kind.

Dom is developing the English Muffins for a truffle challenge he is doing.  They are probably the best English muffin I have ever eaten.  I probably should not have eaten the bread or English muffin before the rest of the meal but they were so proud.  

This is about how every plate looked about the time I thought about taking a picture.  It smelled and looked so good and the taste topped it!  I got the recipe for the soup.  AJ told us how to make the catfish.  Dom said he would give me the recipe for the English muffins but I know where he got his ideas.  We talked.

It was a lovely evening.  Excellent food.  Good people.  Good conversation.  I had tea.  It was a quiet Wednesday so we did not feel rushed.  And AJ said to plan three hours.  He was planning on feeding us!  We must have been fed half the menu.  So good.  If I get asked where I want to go for my birthday dinner, Poitin.


and yesterday ....

Yesterday, I did all the things on my list until I could do no more.  I have the cough.  About mid afternoon, Koda Bear and I moved to my bed and chilled out.  Zoned out is a better way to say it.  I could still feel my fall.  I was coughing so hard I was bent over.  It was the best choice.

Koda Bear watched me type the last post from that same bed on Friday.  We could not even get there yesterday.  I did have enough healing go on so I could coach today.  I was on the ice for about two and a half hours.  I was getting fuzzy by then.  I came home and did a few things.  Then we went dwon again.

But I am currently in a better state then I was yesterday.  I am hoping with more sleep I will be in a better state tomorrow.  I just want to have more energy to create.  I left this quilt basically in mid seam because I was going to fall over otherwise.  Heal slowly and well I say.


slip and sick

I try to post on Wednesdays currently.  This Wednesday, I was walking home from work and I slipped.  The sidewalk was wet from rain and grimy and down I went.  Fairly hard.  The bit that surprised me the most was that there was a bit of shock. I have felt it before so I knew what it felt like.  The thing that was the strangest was how my body reacted.  Completely shut down once I got home.  I slept for four hours and could barely move. 

Thursday, I woke up much better.  Though it became apparent that the true casualty was my phone.  It became dead.

I thought, okay.  Friday will be a fairly normal day.  I will start to get into a routine.  Koda Bear will have school and then he will be with me once he gets home.  Wrong.  He got sent home with fever and this is the sick night stand today.  I am currently sitting next to him in bed while I type.  I have been working on crochet when I need to sit.  I have not had enough concentration to read.

One of the times Koda Bear's fever went down, I was able to finish the pajama pants I was working on for him.  They fit!  He and my Beloved now match which is always the goal.

I have noticed a few more aches and pains today.  My phone has been replaced.  We just need my Dad to heal because I got that text today, and Koda Bear to heal so he can feel better.  I have not felt like I have gotten into a routine since the beginning of December.  I keep trying.


still chipping away

I am still working on Christmas.  Pajama bottoms are still being made.  One step at a time.

I need to bake for my best friend.  She is a shortbread fan but I just told her about the bread I have been making recently.  I know that I talked about the toasted oat bread I have been making but it is now a toasted oat and rye bread.  I took the loaf the boyos like the best and amped it up for more flavor.  That loaf has recently had an egg added to it for the protein content.  I am sneaking nutrition in where I can because food is not on anyone's list of what they are currently interested in.  I think it is just too much rich food through the holidays.

I am still picking away at piles.  I hope to get another one under control today.  I crashed yesterday and I have a feeling it may have been due to the yuck I got cleaned out.  Sometimes the process is harder on my body then leaving it alone.  And that also means there is a lot of pain today.  There has been constant change for the last five weeks so I know that is part of it too.

Back to my sewing machine.  Maybe after I deal with a pile.  And possibly creating more storage.  That is life


all the small things

The last few days have been about all the small things that need to be done.  Small things that end up taking time and energy.  More then are expected in the major scheme of things.

I am loving the bed.  But, the sheets would not stay on it.  I would wake up every morning to having them untucked.  I had polyurethaned the top to protect the wood and the mattress but it meant the sheets and mattress pad just wanted to slide right off.  So this morning I used some spray adhesive to glue felt to it.  I am going to see if that does the trick.  

The plumbers were here on New Years Day.  Things that needed fixing were fixed wonderfully.  I filled the bread bowl with water to clean it and it is the first time in over twenty years that I did not have to tilt it because of the wonderful new faucet.  But I realized I need to clean out under the sink.  So I did.  Three trash bags later of stuff and used cleaning supplies and it is done. 

The cabinet under the sink looks wonderful!  But it does make me realize that I truly need to change the counter.  But I have known that for over fifteen years.  My first thought was "I can do that!" and I know I can.  It will just be will I chose too.

I have started in on the piles that are left from moving the Tall Short Person and Koda Bear into the house.  It really took this long just because of not being able to reach it.  But I have a complete pile gone.  I still work on storage and as I do, I am going through things.  The donation and sell piles are going to grow. I just have that feeling.

Now, my hands just need to feel rested and creating will start again.  And energy.  Energy for creating because right now it has been focused on organizing and cleaning.  Which are not bad things.  It does help the creating in the end.  I just have withdrawals!  And the pictures are pretty boring!