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There is more adjusting for me going on then I expected since Blue has arrived.  I knew it was going to be a change but I am not sure I knew how much.  More change comes tomorrow.  It is my last day in an office for a bit.

I was going to write last Sunday.  In my head, there was a plan.  That was until I spent four hours teaching ice skating.  Then there were no plans in my head except taking the time to sew.  Which was very restful but not writing.

The thing I noticed most about being in the office and still coaching plus adding the small boys in, is that I have less time to create.  I am also creating different things.  Which I admit to having fun with the plain carpentry I am doing.  I am not going to get back to that until this weekend though.  One more day in the office and the same day coaching.  If my body does not come to a standstill on Friday, I have done well.

Blue and I are actually typing this.  Most afternoons and evenings I give his Mom a couple breaks.  He "helps" me with what I am doing.  Yes, at this point in his life it is sleeping in a sling on my chest so I can have both hands free but it is his job to sleep and grow.  My job to love on him.  I am a quiet spot.

I am hoping to finish a couple blankets to go in the cradle.  The octopus was a quick crochet while we were waiting for him to be born.  It sits in his cradle.  Little steps forward.  It is all I ask.  I still have pajamas to finish for Christmas.  And my Beloved has asked for his own sling and four shirts.  Yes, my life.  It is a good life.  A happy life.  Peaceful?  In a strange way, yes.


The cradle is finished!

I will say it has been an interesting week.  Next week is my last official week in an office situation currently.  There are rumbles they hope to extend for two more weeks or have me come back.  It is the quietest space in my life right now so I can see the positives.  I am not sure what not being there will mean.  I was used to a very quiet house before I went back to office work.  I was very happy in that space.  It is not so quiet anymore so I do not know.  I was thinking I may need a camping trip with a bag of yarn, a hook, and a pile of books when it is warmer.  A present to myself.  

A present like sitting down to the computer first.  I was getting things done yesterday but mid day decided to clean up from working on the cradle.  I was a bit filthy but sore too.  I could feel crud starting so I decided to take a relaxing bath.  My body said "Relax?  You are relaxing??  Time to rest!"  I just stopped.  Oh well.  At least my voice sounds better then most of the family this morning.

The cradle is done.  Koda Bear and my Beloved stained it for me.  They also stained an Adirondack chair we had built together many years ago because it is now outside.  The rearranging of furniture due to the addition of people.  That chair fits me well and there is not a current place for it inside.

I did more sanding and coated it with polyurethane.  Twice.  It turned out well.

My thoughts on it.  I took advice on what materials to use and next time I think I would use wood instead of plywood.  I would not have been so concerned about damaging the surface while I was working on the finish.  Also, I would have gone with dimensionalized 1" by 12" which really comes down to 3/4" by 11 1/2".  I think I would have cleaner connections.  There are a few nails that came through on the bottom.  I find that I hammer better on onside usually. 

The plywood chipped a bit when I used the circular saw on it.  I think the blade needs to be changed out but I did not realize that until after the cutting was done.  I was truly just happy that I had enough skill to use the circular saw as well as I did.  I started the curves on all the egdes with it and they were finished on a grinder.  Yes, pulled out the knife making tools because that was easiest and what we had.  I may invest in a reciprocal saw if I do more of this type of work.

I still have lots of projects.  Being out of an office will help.  But then I always have lots of projects.  I just got asked for shirts this morning.  I have fabric picked out for four.  And I really need to finish my yarn boxes.  I might get a bit done on those today too.  It is cold enough outside to make it hurt your hands to work outside for very long.  I may get there.  I may not.

This is my life.



I am building a cradle.  Because a cradle is just a box with a few different angles and curves.  But I was supposed to have another week or two until Ziggy Monster was born.  That is not going to happen.  He will be born soon.  Once I get off the computer, I am going to go back to working on the cradle and see how much I get done.  He may be cooked enough to come home right away.  He may need to stay at the hospital nursery for a few days.

I have a few small projects I could take to the hospital later today.  This is the only one for me.  I am about three quarters of the way through making motifs for a the throw.  Something to keep my hands busy while I am waiting.  The yarn has been all sock yarn so the motifs are light.  It is yarn I fall in love with in a shop or market and can buy a small skein.  This has been fun.  It is fun to see how all the different skeins are making somthing very beautiful. 

I hope to have more news tomorrow.  Right now, the prayers are for a safe birth, a healthy Tall Short Person, and a healthy Ziggy Monster.  Koda Bear was thinking he would like to cut the cord but we will see.  He was a bit freaked out last night.  

I had to reread this post because I first wrote many of the same things in the last post.  My mind is on the safe arrival of Ziggy Monster and loving on Koda Bear.  The health of the Tall Short Person.  My apologies if I seem to be babbling.



for me

I was wondering why it seemed so hard to get everything done recently.  I realized that I have added eight hours or more outside the house four days a week.  That did it!

I find that when I do things like this, the first tasks that go seem to be the ones that are best for me.  Like working on motifs.  So that is what I did, I started working on motifs again.  I did give a blanket away to my Dad and I would like another. 

I am not currently sure why but I do.  Maybe it is because it is pretty.  Maybe it is all the colors.  Maybe it is the weight and the warmth.  With the rearranging going on, I feel like the correct amount of pillows and blankets has truly not been found but I keep trying!

I have also started on those boxes.  Maybe more stuff will get moved so I can get to my workspaces.  Maybe not.  This is a good first step though!


I was fed well!

Wednesday, when I am usually working on a post here, I was taken to dinner.  Actually it was more then just me.  The boyos bartered a knife for dinner at Poitin for all of us.  The boyos of Serenity Knives were stoked. 

I was quite pleased because I knew who was feeding me.  I have met most of the chefs from Poitin because they have a relationship with all the boyos.  They had fed us nibbles before but never a sit down meal.  The nibbles were excellent so I figured dinner would be lovely.  I would say that it was the best meal I have eaten out in Houston in over ten years.  

Why do I say that it was the best meal I have eaten out?  I have been to most of the buzz worthy restaurants in Houston.  I like to eat and I have boyos in my life who make knives for chefs.  The flavors coming out of the kitchen from Poitin are as a good as any.  The last meal I had that tasted that good in town was Oxheart.  B&B's is close, especially if you want steak.  But I walked away from Poitin full.  After Oxheart, I could have had tea and toast at home.  And Poitin actually served pots of decent tea.

Why all the pictures of bread?  I feed AJ bread when he is hear.  Dom snitches it from him if he brings it into the kitchen.  They wanted to show me what their new French pastry chef can do.  Their opinion, she is good but I might be a tad better.  They could be being kind.

Dom is developing the English Muffins for a truffle challenge he is doing.  They are probably the best English muffin I have ever eaten.  I probably should not have eaten the bread or English muffin before the rest of the meal but they were so proud.  

This is about how every plate looked about the time I thought about taking a picture.  It smelled and looked so good and the taste topped it!  I got the recipe for the soup.  AJ told us how to make the catfish.  Dom said he would give me the recipe for the English muffins but I know where he got his ideas.  We talked.

It was a lovely evening.  Excellent food.  Good people.  Good conversation.  I had tea.  It was a quiet Wednesday so we did not feel rushed.  And AJ said to plan three hours.  He was planning on feeding us!  We must have been fed half the menu.  So good.  If I get asked where I want to go for my birthday dinner, Poitin.