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laughing at myself

While I was supervising on the mountain, I was working on the sweater I had started this summer.  One of three actually but the one that was closest to being finished.  I missed judged how large the arm holes needed to be.

Because I worked this top down.  Because I always want the sleeves completely finished because I have had problems in the past.  I had not really checked the fit for the armhole until the very end.  I was getting ready to put on the bottom binding.  I tried that sweater on and laughed!  So hard!  Way too much underarm!

So pulled out the sweater.  Until what is pictured was left.  The crazy thing was that I had many of the correct measurements written down.  I would not have had to do this if I just followed my own notes!  I am back to having one sleeve finished and the arm hole seems to be a much better fit.  But I will not know for sure until I have the other sleeve finished and more of the body done.  Slowly.

I have been adjusting to being back.  Lots of curves in this road this week but I have a feeling it will be okay in the end.  Deep breaths and being patient are what it is going to take.


slow going

One more sleeve and the bottom ribbing and then this sweater will be done.  I am so excited but life has thrown those wonderful twists and turns that are making this project slower then I might wish.  I am hoping to have it done before I go north but that may not happen. Though, even in August I may not need it.  I know better then not to take a sweater though.  If I do not take a sweater, I usually come home with a new sweater!

I am hoping there might be a small bit of this yarn left when I am done.  I will added it to  my poncho if there is.  I keep thinking I would like that poncho to just be a small bit larger.  Not large enough to get in the way of my kneading bread dough but maybe long enough to cover more of my arm.  I figure a hodge podge poncho is just right.  And if I decide to go ahead and plant dye some of the wool I am spinning with red cabbage, I can dye the whole thing to give it the same tone throughout.

I am working on more shelves for the display room.  It should have gone faster then it has but life.  Twists.  Turns.  And Koda Bear has been helping me.  That just means it takes longer because we talk through the why I do something and how we are doing it.  I should really go work on them when I get off the computer but I may take a nap.  I strained some muscles and there is more pain then I would like.  Sometimes it is better to fall then not fall.

Maybe something will be done by Saturday?  Just a slow week with eating the same things.  Lots of fish and veg with bread.  I have not tweaked my bread except I keep using up all the leftover oatmeal from breakfasts.  It is what I do to make my porridge bread.  I might make a few more cinnamon rolls too.


a gift of yarn

My best friend and I are both pretty well addicted to yarn.  We both crochet.  She has been working on a blanket for a certain someone for years.  Her crocheting has gotten better.  She decided to change the yarns and pattern.  Someday he will get it. 

But she also buys yarn.  Bits that appeal to her.  She bought the yarn in the sweater above.  Not sure what she was going to do with it.  It spoke to me.  She tracked down a couple more skeins and sent it to me.  I am making a sweater.  A boxy (on purpose) sweater to be worn with skirts and jeans.  Or over dresses.

I have other yarn that is supposed to become sweaters.  I have other sweaters in process.  But I looked at this yarn for a couple weeks and then just had to.  It is coming together quite well.

I am making it top down and writing down measurements so I can repeat the process.  I find I like a lot of the same shapes over time.  Most of my clothes are similar shapes.  Very classic.  I look at my sweaters, they had stayed over time.  I am not very trendy.  The most I can do is try not to wear black all the time.

I am excited to see how this sweater turns out.  The angle of the sunlight during the day is starting to change.  It gives me hope that it will not be 90 plus degrees for months on end!  Sweater weather should arrive in November or December.  Oh well.



changing my mind

I know months ago, maybe even a couple years ago at this point, I had crocheted myself a cream cardigan.  I like it.  Kind of.  It does not really fit correctly and I really need something less structured.  And I truly wanted something more lacy.  That is what I get for trying to reconstruct a thirty year old memory.

I had a couple skeins of that same yarn left, so I decided to start another cardigan in a different pattern.  Pretty but based off a granny square.  When I really wanted lacy.  It was not holding my interest as I was making it.  I think the directions were hard for me to get my head around, plus the granny square pattern. versus lace.  

I pulled out that start.  I still love the yarn but I really want lacy.  Since I have been playing with motifs, I decided why not.  The fabric of the motif is soft.  It will be lacy.  I can make the sweater more unstructured. 

It also travels better with me in this shape.  The boyos have plans for me which will require more portable projects.  After I do all the carpentry they are plotting.  The display room.  The truck cabin for sharpening.  Remodeling the kitchen.  The dining room shelves.  The.....  I was purchased tools.  The funny thing is a lot of times I do not have the physical strength in the upper body that they have but I get the projects done.

Saying that, I really need to finish my yarn box.  Blue's cradle got in the way.  Then Blue arrived.  Building a sweater this way also gives me chance to have quiet.  Meditate.  Quiet is very hard to come by.  Space is hard to come by.

Maybe I will have pictures of the finished yarn box soon as well as a sweater!  I have a dress to lay out as well.  Fabric on the way for fancy dress.  Life is always busy.


it did not take me until I was 80!

I finished the cardigan I was making!  It did not take until I was 80 like my Beloved predicted because I kept ripping it out.  But I did start with a knitting pattern.  Then I combined it with a crochet pattern.  It was all about the shape and I guess you could say I did my own thing.  But if I am making it, why not?

The Yosh Little Brother yarn from Tolt Yarn and Wool was lovely to work with.  Lovely enough for me to consider it for other projects even though it is a bit expensive.  It is also soft due to the cashemere in it so I should not complain.

The hardest part for me was the decision of what edging color.  I chose by consensus.  The sage green is not in this picture but the sage green and the cranberry were the lead picks.  I went with the cranberry because I was told it was a bit more edgy, modern.

These pictures are from the day I wore it before I blocked it.  Once I block it, if I block it, I may need to reposition the buttons.  But that may not happen until the first time it needs washing.  This sweater is so soft.  My allergies have been pretty bad and being able to wrap myself in it has been nice.

It just makes me wish to crochet another sweater.  That I will rip out how many times before it is done.  It is part of my process.

We are off a fiber fair this weekend, then the mountain and my parents, and then camping with Koda Bear.  I cannot wait!  I was ready to go traveling before Harvey but I am very ready for a change right now.  As long as it does not snow.  I dreamed it snowed on the mountain last night and I just do not see that as a good thing!  I may pack my snow boots as a just in case measure.  

Oh, by the way, yes, those are my skateboards behind me in the picture.  One rides the concrete like my spoon rides the waves.  I have been feeling the need to go surfing as well but there has not been any surf until this week.  This week has been about packing and going.  Oh well.  Soon.