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I made this lovely sweater for myself from yarn that I had spun.  It was thick and cuddly and huge on me.  I had to roll the sleeves up three times so that they would not drag in everything.  And the sweater was heavy.  It made my body tired to wear it.  It is one of those things I have noticed with my arthritis, clothes that are too heavy are not my friends.  

I have learned that any pattern that says boyfriend sweater is not for me.  It is too much sweater for my body and life.  No matter if I like it or not!  I still have a few boyfriend sweaters that I would love to make and know better!

I got out my sewing machine and ran some lines of stitches.  I got out my scissors and cut.  I unraveled the collar.  I unraveled every thing I cut off and saved the yarn. 

Then I started finishing all the edges and putting a new collar on it.  I had to redo the button holes and I even found buttons to work this time.  I put them on.

I now have a sweater I can wear.  It is still on the bulky side.  I was wandering around my parents with it on over another sweater when I was so tired my body hurt.  I needed the comfort.  But it is now something I hope to wear more then twice a year.  I might be able too.  I do like it much better now.  I can envision it over my new overalls.  


not quite climb every mountain

I was wandering around pinterest and saw the Climb Every Mountain sweater.  The sweater is a bit of a poncho and it was knitted.  Which I really do not enjoy.  I decided to give it a try converting it to crochet.  

Not half bad.  I think it is a little full from the picture but it does not feel that full on.  Koda Bear actually likes to wear it which is fairly odd.  I used Cascade yarn 220 sport in straw.  I did not even make the yarn.  How odd again!

If I were to do this again, I think I would use a lace weight yarn and maybe a smaller hook.  Maybe not as full but it is hard to lose the fullness and get the right shape.  I think I would put a long sleeve t-shirt on underneath it to wear as a mid layer when cool starts.  I think it would be good for driving because I can never figure out where my sleeves should be.

I will give it a try but I may end up ripping it out.  Decreasing the fullness may be needed.  Or it just may not be right.  But then I do not mind experimentation, obviously!  If I rip it out, I have a new crocheting project to keep my hands busy.

I am such a klutz today.  I just spilled my tea.  Sigh!

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