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slow going

One more sleeve and the bottom ribbing and then this sweater will be done.  I am so excited but life has thrown those wonderful twists and turns that are making this project slower then I might wish.  I am hoping to have it done before I go north but that may not happen. Though, even in August I may not need it.  I know better then not to take a sweater though.  If I do not take a sweater, I usually come home with a new sweater!

I am hoping there might be a small bit of this yarn left when I am done.  I will added it to  my poncho if there is.  I keep thinking I would like that poncho to just be a small bit larger.  Not large enough to get in the way of my kneading bread dough but maybe long enough to cover more of my arm.  I figure a hodge podge poncho is just right.  And if I decide to go ahead and plant dye some of the wool I am spinning with red cabbage, I can dye the whole thing to give it the same tone throughout.

I am working on more shelves for the display room.  It should have gone faster then it has but life.  Twists.  Turns.  And Koda Bear has been helping me.  That just means it takes longer because we talk through the why I do something and how we are doing it.  I should really go work on them when I get off the computer but I may take a nap.  I strained some muscles and there is more pain then I would like.  Sometimes it is better to fall then not fall.

Maybe something will be done by Saturday?  Just a slow week with eating the same things.  Lots of fish and veg with bread.  I have not tweaked my bread except I keep using up all the leftover oatmeal from breakfasts.  It is what I do to make my porridge bread.  I might make a few more cinnamon rolls too.

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