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soul work

The curves of the road of life have been many this week.  More then I have wished.  But they were curves that did not surprise me greatly because I saw them coming about two years ago.  A person behaved as I expected.  No better.  But it does add curves.  Even more curves then the leak in the wall.

I had pictures of what I wanted this quilt to look like in my head.  But I started down a different path.  That was such a no go that I could not get back to the pictures.  So I laid this out.  I had a small bit of help from Blue.  Koda Bear was playing.  But now, I can sit and sew.  I am working on bags for the shop so I will add this in as I go.  This quilt will probably end up in the shop too.  I love the colors but they are so pale that they would not work well in my life.  Unless there was a cabin I could retreat too for quiet.  And I still would probably end up dyeing it with tea.

I have two books checked out from the library about plant dye currently.  One I have already put on my Amazon wish list because it is about growing indigo as well as dyeing with it.  The thought of growing my own indigo and woad is intriguing.  As my yard changes, because the boyos are now filling in the "swimming hole" they were digging, I may have more room for a garden.  First, it was a play structure taking over my old garden space.  Then the hole.  It is just a good spot for keeping an eye on the garden. 

I have not even got to the other book yet.  Or played with the pigment I was sent.  I have spoiled myself with a monthly subscription to pigment.  I cannot go out hunting pigment where I am currently.  I have too much city around me.  And too much mud below me.  Pigment is easier to find with stones and rocks around.  Maybe sometime too I can go hunt pigment.  The mountain does not really have any likely spots.  It is mostly granite.  Igneous rocks are not as good for pigment as sedimentary rocks are.  Most of the rocks on the mountain are igneous with a small bit of metamorphic.  And, the geophysicist comes out.  Oh well.

I will be going to the mountain soon so I thought I would take a look around where I know some outcrops are.  That is if there is enough time with cutting plants back.  We have not gotten a chance to get up there this year with all the changes.  But, it is there.


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