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just working away on my shop

Life has not left a lot of time for new creativity.  I have been working on bags for my shop.  I realized that I had sold a few but not replaced them.  A lot of my time currently trying to replenish my stock.  Or coaching.  Six hours of coaching on Sunday and not a moment to touch the sweater I am crocheting that I brought with me.

It is not the same as making something new but it is making.  Making helps my soul and mind.  Even if it is repetitive (like a quilt) or making the same thing over and over again.  It is why I think of myself as an artisan. 

And I may have a range for my dye making.  We pulled the old gas one out of the apartment.  There was a supposed gas leak but the range was old enough that a new one was not too much of a surprise.  I need to clean out the Tea House so my dye studio can be created.  But I do believe I will need to wait until it is a tad cooler.  

Then, I would also have a place to play with pigments!  I have a small sample that I wish to use.  I was thinking painting on fabric or block printing on a skirt I am making from a nightgown that started to fall apart.  A piece of linen it became that just needs a waistband, buttons, and dyed with tea.  I drink tea most mornings before I get dressed but love white nightgowns.  They do not really mix!  Another worktable to build and shelves!

By the way, I am reading books that rhyme with Koda Bear if my prose seems to do the same!

I know this is a jumble and babble but there is also a antihistamine at work as well as rhyming prose.  Apologies.

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