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We have been getting the Imperfect Produce box.  They are just not produce.  I have been getting crackers.  It is much to easy for me to go through a box of nut thins in a day.  I find the crunch addictive.  Especially since it is better if I stay away from corn.

One of the authors I follow posted about making crackers at home to reduce packaging waste.  I made crackers years ago and it made me go hmmm.  I loved that recipe but it did feed a family of seven crackers for a week.  Or in another words, made too much.  I could have cut it down.  I am good about that but I wanted something that used olive oil instead of butter.  And other possibilities.  It also means that Koda Bear gets to help me make the snacks he is eating.  Honestly, everyone is eating.


The recipe I decided to start with was from Food52.  It was very basic.  Pie crust with two eggs added to it basically.  Olive oil instead of butter.  I think they are wonderful.  But there are crackers left in the refrigerator which means the rest of the hordes do not think they are quite right.  But that could be a good thing because it means I have crackers?  When the hordes think the recipe is right, I will share it.  And all the possible modifications.

For our travels starting tomorrow, I was thinking about creating a batch of these with parmesan and black pepper.  Just a smidgen.  Something for nibbles with tea.  I also have mjurstat dough in the refrigerator that I was thinking about rolling out and baking into crackers as I packed.  I find traveling with nibbles that are our own food and having meals for the road just works better.  But then, I could travel cross country with a loaf of bread, a chunk of cheese (or peanut butter and jam), and the makings for tea and be happy.  I do start craving a pancake or two, beans and rice, and a hamburger but then the cheap in me comes out.  I might get an ice cream cone someplace.

Hopefully, I will have pictures from the travels for this space when I come back.  To the mountain we go!  Just some of the hordes.  


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