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quiet weekend

I had a quiet weekend.  I am still in the middle of working on projects but I did take yesterday to try some tacos out and read.  I have not taken much time just to read lately.  Audiobooks have become my fall back as my hands are busy most of the time.  Crochet and embroidery this weekend.  I need to finish one soon.  

Pictures and posts may not be very interesting this week.  I need to cut lot of paper!  That may be boring to communicate about.  I find when I do that type of repetitive task, if it is quiet, I start to meditate.  If I chose not to go too deep into my head, I put an audiobook on.  Or a podcast.  There are a couple of outdoor podcasts that I enjoy.  And one business type.

For whatever reason, weather or pollen, I am sore today.  Achy.  I woke up fine and has gone down hill from there.  Since I coach tonight, I am a bit worried!  It should be all fine in the end.  I just hope I can put words together!


my type of craziness

In this world of ours, where it is easy to go buy something, I do this crazy thing of making my own sheets.  I like linen.  I like the meditation it brings.  And on days like today where it is all first world problems, this is a simple task.

I like knowing I can do it.  I like the meditation of it.  I also have a choice of a few more colors then I can purchase.

First world problems include computers and networks that are not working correctly.  Too much to do before I leave the house to coach.  Feeling drained because of allergies.  This post will be short today because the idea of taking a thirty minute nap before I leave the house again sounds wonderful!  But there is bread dough rising, a pot of red sauce bubbling, and bread pudding just needing to be baked in the refrigerator.  The simple things are good things.


crazy busy

I made myself a new nightgown.  It makes me laugh because it is too long but I am unwilling to hem it shorter because it is made of linen.  Every linen garment I have had has never stopped shrinking up, or in another words, the warp direction.  I know have to pick up my skirts when I wear this one.

I like this dusky plum linen so much, I ordered more.  This color has a grey tone to it and I enjoy it.  I ordered enough to make a couple dresses.  Or another nightgown.  Or.  I am at the or spot.  I spoke with a friend about this fabric and we both agree we are liking solids much more then we used to.  If a fabric is not a solid, the print is more subtle.  I sometimes feel like there is not enough hours in the day to create what I wish to create.  There is always tomorrow.  

Today has been crazy busy.  Part of it is home stuff.  Part of it is shop stuff, the making of ribbons.  Some of it is being contacted by people who wish me to go back to the oil industry.  Because some of them are people I genuinely enjoy, I have to at least consider.  I have no idea what any decision will be at this point but I have lunch outside the house in a few weeks. 

On top of all of this, I am coaching more.  Again, it is a situation where it is fun.  I do not stress about the coaching at all.  Most of the time, I coach adults.  They wish to be on the ice.  They are learning a new skill.  I try to make it fun but I also do not just let people "skate" by.  They have to have the skill to go forward.  

It is an interesting life.  


something simple

I was hanging laundry today and I realized everything on this line I have made.  That made me smile.  How simple is that?  I have the skills in my hands to make things.  I love my life.

It has been a good day but I am tired.  I did not sleep well so the words are not working very well.  Simple things like a lunch with friends and hanging laundry are the highlights of my day.  Not moving quickly this morning and sitting with a book instead of going for a walk.  Sometimes that is what life is all about.  

Today I am being grateful.  It is a good day.


travels with the bear

Since the last time I was in this space, I have driven from California and back.  There was Koda Bear to pick up.  We camped on the way back at Davis Mountain State Park.  It is becoming one of my favorites.  I like the quiet and the clear skies.  There is room to run and jump and climb.  I have not been there long enough to do any hiking but maybe someday? 

I could see myself hanging out there with a book under a tree.  I could hope.  Especially when dinners are made with simple ingredients over flame.  There were hamburgers and pan fries with salad for dinner.  All the hamburge was cooked into patties and we at that for days.  

I completely misjudged the traffic out of Los Angeles.  Koda Bear is just north of their and to get back to this house you have to drive through or around LA.  The wrong choice was made.  I think there is always a learning on every road trip or camping trip.  We were supposed to also camp outside of Tucson with the saguaro cactus but we did not.  Maybe next time?

When we got back to the house, there were things that needed to be done.  Meals decided upon.  Laundry.  Homework.  Playing.  Mending a shirt.  Bicycle riding.  Every moment was full.  We did not even get to go see the movie we wanted to see we were so busy!

But Koda Bear now has his own skates.  An eBay find that made him grin.  He was slow start because he had only ever used rental figure skates before.  But he was the last person off the ice.  Just like the Tall Short Person always was.  I feel like another monster was created.  I am going to need to keep coaching just so he can skate.  But I am enjoying the little bit of coaching I do.  It pays for my ice time and a little bit extra.  I find I smile a lot.

Now, I have to get back into the normal swing of things.  It will get all changed up again later this month.  More camping is planned.  Makes me smile.