crazy garden lady

I was getting called crazy garden lady by my family today.  It is okay.  I am growing vegetables and flowers for both the addictions.  The bear seems to always want some roasted veg with his "sauce" at most dinners.  I like roasted veggies too.  And flowers.  I love flowers.

Last year, I did not really get the garden in I wanted.  Most of my garden stayed fallow except for what reseeded itself.  The torrential spring rains did not help anything either though.  

This year, I decided to change a bit of what I am doing.  I am making beds so I can get to my vegetables and flowers.  I might even get a chance to weed!  What an amazing idea.  So far there have not been torrential rains so I am hoping that I will get some plants established before that happens again.  I also have Koda Bear and my Beloved helping most mornings.  That is a major surprise because usually I am the only person in the garden.  

Flowers.  Vegetables.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!


I can share the pictures now

Last November, I offered to put a wedding dress together in the matter of about four days.  Those were very long days.  But the dress got done and the bride was in tears when she saw it.  It was nicer then the one she had purchased that the seamstress who was supposed to be altering it never could seem to alter.  Or release.  The first time she put it on so I could see what would need to be altered and what the hemming would need to be, the bride glowed.  She was very pleased.

I can see every mistake.  But that is because I wished it to be perfect and it was not.  Not the bride could tell.  The initials embroidered in blue inside the bodice were part of the tears.

You will notice that the front is higher then most people would wish.  The bride was terrified that she would trip over the dress and was planning on wearing Converse tennis shoes during the reception.  She did not trip.   She was afraid she would rip the dress right off of herself.  I made sure that was not going to happen!

Overall, I was pleased.  I got thanked profusely.  I am told that I can ask the mother of the bride any favour I may ever need.  They really thought there was not going to be a dress to wear.  There was a dress.  Many other things went wrong with this wedding but since the dress was done and loved, nothing else mattered.  That is a win.

It was a lovely wedding.


simple life

Life keeps throwing me curves.  So I am trying to focus on simple things.  Like a dropped egg.  A walk tonight.  The breeze.  Time to work on a quilt.  Having enough leftovers in the refrigerator to make fried rice and not have to go out or get take out.  Hands in dough.  Hands in dirt.  Time to read to the bear.

I was supposed to be in California camping and going to a trade fair this weekend.  The curves in the road made the decision not to go.  I do wish I had gone.  But there is next year.  Or later in the year.  Maybe a camping trip for my birthday.

Hopefully the road is straighter tomorrow and next week.  But I will keep moving forward.


pussy hat

I asked my best friend if she wanted me to make a pussy hat for her out of yarn that I was spinning.  Her first thought was, no.  That is because she crochets as well.  I got her hooked.  Pun intended.  But then she said, yes!  Elizabeyta made yarn and hat.  She thought such love.

She actually sent me a pattern that she liked better then the original published pattern.  I had to agree.  It just seemed to be cuter.  The ears worked better.  As I was making it, I realized that I had made similar hats years ago.  Twelve to be exact but in bulkier yarn.  With huge pompons.  I made one for her as well.  She says that every time she wears it everyone has to wear it.  

I think if and when I make a similar hat for myself I am going for the bigger pompoms.  And I do not do pink.  I may go with the brown yarn I am making with accents.  The March for Science will be a bit hot with this type of hat on my head in April.  But maybe I will figure something out.  And I will use my old pattern.  I think it turned out better.

The yarn I made was very soft.  And my best friend's head is not very large.  The pattern was a bit large for her.  The yarn was not very elastic.  But she loved it when delivered.  The tassels helped.  She also recieved this hat when she was recovering from the norovirus.  Everything combined to help make it just the right hat for her.

The curves on the road this week are getting even more interesing.  Koda Bear is not being needy or clingy but I have about 15 minutes to myself before he wishes to be near.  It makes it hard to accomplish anything.  I understand but it does make it hard.  I worked on my shop during the making of dinner because that was the time I had.  Hustle when you can.  Any way you can.  But there is fresh bread for his belly and lots of cuddles.  It is what it is.  

And sometimes his favorite thing is to help me spin or sew.  More yarn for hats.  More quilting done.  It all works.


the road is full of curves

The travels last week went well.  We went a few different routes so there were new things to see.

And 70 mile an hour plus winds with snow.  We spent the night in Evanston, WY because the snow was coming down, the winds were blowing, and temperatures were falling.  We could have kept driving because Utah has better road maintenance then Wyoming but it was nice to stop.  There was about 8 inches of snow on the car when we left in the morning.  Koda Bear was thrilled!

Up at the Great Grandparents there were days of clear.

And days of rain.  I have the feeling that I will be going up at least once a year to help with pruning and garden clean up soon.  There may be a need in the future and I find gardening brings peace.  Even when I am just the muscle.

But the road is full of curves.  Koda Bear is back with me and my Beloved.  My plans have all changed.  Like I was going to go to California this weekend.  I am not going to have the energy.  Or the time.  I will work on my shop and the garden when it is not flooded.  The Bear and I will work on maths.  I will get back to the state park I was supposed to stay at though even without the trade show.  The pictures are lovely.  Just a road full of curves.

At my parents, I did have to make bread.  I have not made bread with all purpose white flour and commercial yeast in a long time.  That was an experience.  The flavour was not as developed as I would have liked but, again, the making of the bread brings peace.  The loaf was mostly gone by the end of the night.  My brother gave me crap about the crust being too dark.  But the bread disappeared!

I know could go on diatribe about the nutritional density of grocery store bought bread.  But I will not.  I do think I will need to plan five loaves of bread for each cross country trip or bring my levain so I can bake good bread on the road.  I am going to be looking for local millers and growers soon though.  I feel like I am back in the 60's or 70's and reading a Diet for a Small Planet.  Oh well . . .