just getting through

I have a quilt ready for quilting now.  I also worked on cleaning up my work table which consisted of cutting many quilt squares.  I went through plastic boxes and found fabrics which I had forgotten I had.  It was good work.  And it was good work for how poorly I have been moving.  

There has been much pain lately which means I move slowly.  At times yesterday, there was no movement.  Most of my coping mechanisms have fallen by the wayside.  The ones that usually work have not.  Now, someone might say, why do you not go to a doctor?  Because their solutions usually do not work any better and are much more harmful in the long run.  

I will add more turmeric and ginger tea.  I will take walks.  I will try to be good about my yoga.  Sleep.  Good food that is mostly vegetables.  I will try very hard not to over do.  Which is the hardest bit actually. 

Tomorrow will be a better day.  That is my hope.


market bags

I seem to be making a few shopping bags recently.  I have been making them as I make prototypes for other things.

I know these turn out.  They are success.  It is positive.  Yeah me!  Prototypes are hard because I think I have everything in place and it is not quite right.  I have to make another.  Or alter.  But ends up being making another.  Today I just wish things to go well.  Between pain and life, that is where I am at.  

But it will get better because it does.  And I will keep making shopping bags.  The first two are already in my Etsy shop.  The third will be soon.  Maybe not today.  I have dealt with some unpleasantness on Etsy.  Just people being rude.  I am going to stay away from now on today.  Tomorrow is a different day.  


soy sauce, results six months from now

I should not watch cooking documentaries.  The newest Chef's Table season has Korean nun Jeong Kwan as on of the people they feature.  I find that that her relationship with food inspiring.  I was already fermenting many things but when she talked about fermenting soy sauce I was "you can do that?"  I am doing it.  The research is not even hard.  Yeastie Beasties and time.  It is what it takes to make soy sauce.  That is most of my life so it fits.

I started with 12 ounces of wheat and roasted it until golden.  I took out my stone flour mill and ground the berries into a flour


I cooked soybeans so I had a pound of cooked soybeans.  I mashed them into a paste.

I mixed the soybeans and flour together.  

I put the soybean and flour mixture into a ziploc bag with damp paper towels and let it sit on the counter for a week.  I had to bleed off the gases that the fermentation created a couple times.  

After the fermentation had started for a week, I took the soybean flour mixture and put it into a large glass cookie bin.  I added 8 ounces of salt.  I used Real salt. I also added 1 gallon of water.  I mixed well.

I covered the mixture.  Put is on a shelf.  I stir it once a day for the first six weeks.  Then I will stir it once a week.  In six months, I should have soy sauce.  I can let this continue to ferment even after that so I may just take a little as needed and let it go.  It will be like the pu-erh tea I like to drink.  The flavor will change over time.  The fermentation will continue.

Time.  Yeastie Beasties.  A strange and interesting adventure.


vest experiment

Anthony Bourdain narrated a group of short videos last year about artisans.  The tailor was very inspiring to me.  He also wore a vest that was very inspiring to my Beloved.  I started working on it last October.

I found a pattern.  I made the muslin with alterations to fit better and be more of the style that was wished for.  I used stash fabric for this first pass.

Part of what took so long is that I worked on the interfacing by hand.  There are not a lot of free moments in my life to work on things like this.  For example, sweaters and shrugs take forever for me because I both make the yarn and make them.  All by hand.  

I have always disliked working with interfacings.  I purchased horse hair interfacing for this vest and I can now say I do not hate working with interfacing.  Things I actually thought would be harder, like buttonholes, were not.  It is odd.  Now, my buttonholes are not perfect but they were easier!

I created the welt pockets as requested to keep metal and wood shavings out of the pockets.

I lined the vest with some pretty cotton fabric I had.  

The vest looks nice.  Though I still need to improve my buttonholes.  I need to remember to buy buttonhole thread.  It fits well.  But even though all the fabric was from my stash, I think my Beloved thinks it is currently too nice to wear.  It was supposed to be for work in his shop but . . .  Oh well.  That is life.  It makes me laugh.


a bit of sanity

Life has been busy.  I find I am a chop wood, carry water type of meditater.  Along those lines, as soon as I finished the last quilt I took a stack of nine squares and laid out this quilt.  It appears very random to me but so far I like it.  Having the project ready to sew when I have a few minutes is huge.

I am working on a few things in the kitchen that are get started and wait.  Or need a bit of attention.  That, Koda Bear, the addition of Mr. G (who is 4) when he was "sick", and errands, means my life has felt incredibly busy.  But as I tell people, this is the life I chose.  I actually really enjoy it but it does mean sitting down at the computer or seeing something finished might not happen as often as I wish.

Seeds are up.  There is weeding to do and a few more beds to dig and seed.  The first flower has bloomed.  That is a nice accomplishment this week.  Especially when I look at how much roasted veg I eat!  And I love flowers.  I just do not enjoy paying for flowers.  I would add more roses if I had more room but I do not.  Maybe I will just buy myself roses and peonies.  Not enough room and wrong climate.  That is life.

Well, that last paragraph was a bit of a babble.  That is where my head is.