I goofed!

Koda Bear came home Sunday!  He has gotten so tall in just a month.  Closer to six weeks.  He even got a haircut in that time.  So I was frantically sewing pajamas for him before he came.  

I goofed.  I found the wrong pattern and made two pairs of pajamas very much the wrong size.  I had lengthened the pattern I used because I thought it was last year so they were not quite as short as they could be.  But they were four or six inches too short.  And tight!  Goodness!  He could have been in a disco dancing they were so tight!

What is a grandma to do?  I still had enough fabric to cut out two more.  I was saving the fabric for Ziggy Monster's receiving blankets.  Instead of four, he will have two.  Two of Koda Bear's have already been found so I think it will be overall okay.  I am also crocheting a wool blanket of blues and greys.  What do I find in my basket.

I am starting to build Ziggy Monster's cradle this weekend.  I have started collecting supplies and I have ordered the mattress and linens.  He may not have as many things as Koda Bear but he will have lovely things.  I ordered a few things and I am thinking about making a few more.  There will be a quilt.  And maybe some sleep sacks that get dyed.  There are just not enough hours in the day.  Especially since I now have cuddles with a not so small bear to add in to my already busy day.  I would not miss them for the world!


still chipping away

I am still working on Christmas.  Pajama bottoms are still being made.  One step at a time.

I need to bake for my best friend.  She is a shortbread fan but I just told her about the bread I have been making recently.  I know that I talked about the toasted oat bread I have been making but it is now a toasted oat and rye bread.  I took the loaf the boyos like the best and amped it up for more flavor.  That loaf has recently had an egg added to it for the protein content.  I am sneaking nutrition in where I can because food is not on anyone's list of what they are currently interested in.  I think it is just too much rich food through the holidays.

I am still picking away at piles.  I hope to get another one under control today.  I crashed yesterday and I have a feeling it may have been due to the yuck I got cleaned out.  Sometimes the process is harder on my body then leaving it alone.  And that also means there is a lot of pain today.  There has been constant change for the last five weeks so I know that is part of it too.

Back to my sewing machine.  Maybe after I deal with a pile.  And possibly creating more storage.  That is life


all the small things

The last few days have been about all the small things that need to be done.  Small things that end up taking time and energy.  More then are expected in the major scheme of things.

I am loving the bed.  But, the sheets would not stay on it.  I would wake up every morning to having them untucked.  I had polyurethaned the top to protect the wood and the mattress but it meant the sheets and mattress pad just wanted to slide right off.  So this morning I used some spray adhesive to glue felt to it.  I am going to see if that does the trick.  

The plumbers were here on New Years Day.  Things that needed fixing were fixed wonderfully.  I filled the bread bowl with water to clean it and it is the first time in over twenty years that I did not have to tilt it because of the wonderful new faucet.  But I realized I need to clean out under the sink.  So I did.  Three trash bags later of stuff and used cleaning supplies and it is done. 

The cabinet under the sink looks wonderful!  But it does make me realize that I truly need to change the counter.  But I have known that for over fifteen years.  My first thought was "I can do that!" and I know I can.  It will just be will I chose too.

I have started in on the piles that are left from moving the Tall Short Person and Koda Bear into the house.  It really took this long just because of not being able to reach it.  But I have a complete pile gone.  I still work on storage and as I do, I am going through things.  The donation and sell piles are going to grow. I just have that feeling.

Now, my hands just need to feel rested and creating will start again.  And energy.  Energy for creating because right now it has been focused on organizing and cleaning.  Which are not bad things.  It does help the creating in the end.  I just have withdrawals!  And the pictures are pretty boring!


the season

It has been a very odd season this year.  Usually, I am very traditional when it comes Christmas.  Part of that is my Mom and my Grandmother.  Christmas had things we always did.  As I have gotten older and moved away, I made a lot of my own.  Cookies for everyone.  Lights.

This season has been about bringing family back home.  But it does mean that I have been doing lots of cleaning and organizing.  Not a lot of my normal traditions.  All the cookies got done and the boxes sent out. But the rest of everything, not really.  

I did find time for friends.  And more cookies!  Friends are very important.  There has not been a lot of time for creativity.  My hands have been pretty done so it has been time for simple things.  Bread is rising.  Pasta is resting.  Family is home.  Just one small step at a time.

I just need some sleep!  Still losing that competition.  


I built a bed that has storage!

What can I say but I am very proud of myself.  I built a bed.  A storage bed at that.  Now, I am going to give credit to Ana White

I used her plans up to a point.   They were very straightforward.  I was going to put a different headboard and footboard on this base of the Hadley bed because I wanted the storage but liked those pieces on another of her plans better.  But I was putting this bed within the above loft space.  There was not room for a headboard and footboard!  How disappointing.

Since I was doing this by myself, I had to do some jury rigging to be another pair of hands.  All other hands I would have asked were driving.  The Tall Short Person is here.  I would say moved in but not unpacked.

I was left with most of the lumber precut.  The thought was that if the lumber was precut, I would able to have an easier time with the time constraints I was under.  Not that I cannot run a saw mind you because I ended up having to make more cuts.  The cut list was a bit off and I also cut all the backing for storage out of some quarter inch plywood I had had for another project.  That plywood was well repurposed here because I really did not need all those boxes.

It was then just a matter of me putting everything together.  I used both nails and wood glue while I listened to the last three months of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me pod casts that I have missed.  They made me laugh which was a good thing.  

It just took time and patience.  I wore myself out two days running.  Make myself sick worn out but I have not really mentioned that to my here family.  They do not really read the blog so it will not be noticed.  My away family does read the blog so all of you shush!  I got the job done.

I did run out of 2 inch finishing nails before the bed was all put together.  I had a box of 1 1/2 inch finishing nails.  I used to use these nails all the time when I was small.  I do not remember them being this fragile to a hammer.  I must have bent six.  And my hammer's handle was split so I could not really get the leverage to pull them out.  I had use a hacksaw.  It was a bummer.

Once it was done, I covered it with a colored poly.  If I had more time, even though some of the trim had been purchased primed, I would have sanded much more.  The time constraint got in the way.  The poly dried in time for me to put the mattress and linens on the bed before my Beloved and the Tall Short Person walked through the door from their cross country drive from Oregon.  That was the goal and I made it.

I would do this again.  I will probably never buy another bed frame.  To move this one, may take a chainsaw to cut it out of this space but I know how to run one of those as well.  I have an old box that my Dad built before I was born.  I wanted a dollhouse so bad for my doll Sara when I was small I drew on the insides to make it one.  It may become a step.  I have no problems getting out of this bed but I do feel a step would make it easier getting in.  For Koda Bear too.

The next build is a co-sleeper or cradle for when Ziggy Monster is here in about a month.  I had a friend as if I sleep.  I starting to wonder.