well, there has not been an explosion

When I am experimenting with plant dye, the boyos complain about the stinky.  I have moved into the unfinished cob building.  The Teahouse it is referred too.

I need to make some cob and finish the windows.  There will be less wind coming through and possibly less mosquitoes.  But, I do not know when that will happen.  There is a place for a counter and I need to build that as well.

Right now, I using an old turkey fryer that was just laying around.  It was not in the best of the condition.  I am playing with bean soaking water again and when I went out after raising the flame a tad, the line to the propane at the junction to the fryer was on fire!  An earth building is a good place for this action to take place.  I will either have to fix the hose, get a new fryer, or find another useable heat source for my dye.  Most plant dyes need some type of heat source.

I do like having a place to work that I can keep things set up.  A place to work as well that has less chance to go up in flames too.  With a gravel floor, spilling is not a big deal either.  I just wish the pumpkin pulp dyeing had turned out better.  Oh well.  More experimentation needed!


panettone experimentations

I have been telling people for years that I do not like cake.

I have come to realize that I do not like cake leavened with baking powder.

And the texture of most American cakes.

I do like yeasted cakes so I decided to play with panettone.

I thought I had failed with the recipe I tried, and there are many out there.  But my end product did look like other people's finished cake, though I should have hung it.

The texture was not quite like what I had seen in purchased panettone.  The texture really did remind me of cake.  Now, I will admit that my kitchen has been very cold and I did not get the rise I hoped but I do not think I every would have.  Because I used just sourdough and not extra yeast.  The recipe also called for malt and I did not have any in the house.  I was not willing to either order or go hunting.

It was tasty.  I chose to do chocolate and vanilla.

Koda Bear requested a piece toasted with butter and frosting.  I have to admit that was quite good.

The flavor was good enough that I am going to try again.  The original recipe is from the 1300's so I am going to see if I can find one that does not use and electric mixer.  And I wish I could find one that is just naturally leavened.  I do have some possibilities but there may be further "failures."  I know people who would be willing to take the failures off my hands!



I laid out another quilt this weekend, immediately after finishing the last.  Even though I still have pajama pants to make, requests for dress shirts and vests, and probably more then I remember, I just needed to lay out another quilt.  Quilting and spinning are where my head is recently.

I just picked a pile of squares and this one turned out with a lot of purple in it.  I do not know how.  But that is okay because it will work.  I am actually still thinking about the one I posted yesterday.  Yes, it is in my shop but I really like it.  I would never have thought it would speak to me but I can be surprised!  Neutrals and reds.  Who knew!

I know it does not work in my life due to boyos.  But, if I had a quiet place where I know it would stay relatively clean, I might just snitch it for myself.  The last time I made a quilt for myself has been a bit.  Maybe I should stop putting that off.



red cross quilt, or at least that is how I think about it

When I am not feeling well, I have a hard time taking it slowly.  This weekend I needed something where I could sit and use my hands but not expend much energy.  Proximity to the bathroom was huge as well.  Which meant that I could sit and finish binding a quilt by hand.

The colours on this one speak to me.  Lots of neutrals with pops of orange and reds.  It worked for me.  I did not think it would that well before it all came together.  I have learned to not pass judgement on a quilt until it is done.  Sometimes, it just does not work very well visually to me until it is completely sewn.  It makes a difference.

My mitered corneres are getting better as well.

I did a simple piecing on the back to make fabric stretch.  Most of this fabric is thrifted.  I really like the finished quilt.

It is in my Etsy shop.




Koda Bear was under the weather the end of last week.  Which made it very hard to get anything done.  Especially sitting at the computer.  He wants to help and it does not work.  He started feeling better but then he gave it to me.  Oh well.  My Saturday and Sunday did not go as planned but I am better.  I was good at taking it slowly.

I have noticed that as much as I love to walk, my body seems to work with the arthritis better if I do yoga and work in my garden.  I have been digging out the dead plants from last year.  Pulling weeds.  Seeing what is left.  I have been moving some of my flowers that have come up.  Blanket flower reseed themselves which is one reason I wait until some of my flowers are up to dig.  I know what is a weed or not and I can move the plants to someplace I wish.

Inside I am making lists.  What seeds am I going to plant.  I have been requested to plant a bed near where the boyos are most of the day.  The request is so that they can have snacks.  Since I grow organic, they just go into the garden for snacks.  Currently, they are digging a pool.  It is what it is.  But they said they would break the sod for the snack garden . . .