something that is finished!

I finished a forever shawl yesterday.  I had come across some Blue Sky Alpaca alpaca and silk blend on clearance last summer.  It felt so nice to the touch!  I decided to make a shawl out of the strange number of skeins I bought.  And I like having a forever shawl of some style in progress.  It is inspired by Ines Cruz who knits.  She knitted something similar from alpaca gifterd to her.  But knit gives a very different drape.  Though I will not undo this one!

Well, this one is done.  It is heavier then I would really like for the size it is but it is a comfort.  It is a comforting weight.  And so soft!  The colors are natural and I like how they all come together.

I have also been playing with the camera on my phone.  How do I take pictures of what I make when I do not ask for help.  The hands in this house are very busy and sometimes I do not chose to wait.  Someone will eventually take the picture but I have been having fun with the timer on my phone.

I do not currently have any more forever shawls in the works.  That is mostly due to having three sweaters and a dress that are being crocheted.  I also am working on a dress that is heavily embroidered.  And mending.  Never forget mending.  Mondays seem to be about mending.

Plus working on the display room for the boyos.  If I were to win the lottery, all I would "buy" myself would be a room with a lock on the door.  Or maybe a cabin with a lock?  A truck cabin with a lock?  The capabilities of making a cup of tea and having some quiet for making. 



This quilt is almost quilted!  I am finding everything is taking much longer then it used to with two small boys in the house.  As well as helping more with the boyos' knife business.  It used to be I only worked on the business cards and ran errands.  Now, I am being asked about cut lists for cabinets.  I will actually help build those cabinets so I am not surprised.  It is what happens when you gain more skills.

I had the conversation with Koda Bear about finishing what is started today.  I have a lot of works in progress and I am focusing on finishing each.  There are some works in progress that are really about me keeping my skills sharp, like spinning.  Or for the shop, like this quilt.  But I find that works in progress keep multiplying.  I am finding I need at least one day a week for mending.  I like the intention of very much but it does take away from what I am trying to do otherwise.

This is my life.  And that is okay.  Building these cabinets will be interesting.  Then, I will build the truck cabin for sharpening.  The plan is for me to continue doing what I am doing and become the mobile sharpener as well.  The biggest impact is that I do not get to travel as much as I would like.  That could change with time. 

Everything changes.


changing my mind

I know months ago, maybe even a couple years ago at this point, I had crocheted myself a cream cardigan.  I like it.  Kind of.  It does not really fit correctly and I really need something less structured.  And I truly wanted something more lacy.  That is what I get for trying to reconstruct a thirty year old memory.

I had a couple skeins of that same yarn left, so I decided to start another cardigan in a different pattern.  Pretty but based off a granny square.  When I really wanted lacy.  It was not holding my interest as I was making it.  I think the directions were hard for me to get my head around, plus the granny square pattern. versus lace.  

I pulled out that start.  I still love the yarn but I really want lacy.  Since I have been playing with motifs, I decided why not.  The fabric of the motif is soft.  It will be lacy.  I can make the sweater more unstructured. 

It also travels better with me in this shape.  The boyos have plans for me which will require more portable projects.  After I do all the carpentry they are plotting.  The display room.  The truck cabin for sharpening.  Remodeling the kitchen.  The dining room shelves.  The.....  I was purchased tools.  The funny thing is a lot of times I do not have the physical strength in the upper body that they have but I get the projects done.

Saying that, I really need to finish my yarn box.  Blue's cradle got in the way.  Then Blue arrived.  Building a sweater this way also gives me chance to have quiet.  Meditate.  Quiet is very hard to come by.  Space is hard to come by.

Maybe I will have pictures of the finished yarn box soon as well as a sweater!  I have a dress to lay out as well.  Fabric on the way for fancy dress.  Life is always busy.


about the level of thought I am at

It has been a good week but there has been a lot of change.  The boyos are building out the shop to include a display room for knives.  The whole back yard and shop feel like a mess!  Wednesday felt incredibly overwheliming but it keeps getting a bit better each day.

I was thinking about writing about making English muffins but my brain has not words.  Instead, all I wish to do is sit and spin.  Or sit and crochet.  Forever shawls are about my speed currently because I do not have to think.  I have a sweater I am working on and there is a little more thought involved there.  But there are a few more stitches involved.

I have started to do some researching into dyeing yarn.  I would like the ability to take some of the white fleeces I have and make them something else.  I love the natural browns, blacks, and whites but lets be honest.  I am a bit of a klutz and white yarn will not stay white in any garmet I make!  Color is a good thing.

Off to more research and crochet!


Lady Emma

We had frost in our neighborhood this week.  How strange for April in Houston.  I realized that I wished to put my hands in the soil.  It may be due to how chaotic life is.  I love the short people in my life but that does not mean I have a lot of time to create.  Or thought power.

I can pull weeds and try to make the flowers that are starting to flower try to look prettier.  I planted a Lady Emma rose.  The buds are changing in a positive way, not a I killed it as I planted it.  I hope to plant more roses again. I need flowers.  There is a theory that flowers are enlightened beings because they developed before insects and other pollinators.  

I do not know.  I am not that wise.  I know flowers sooth my soul.  I am going to add more roses to my garden again.  The soil should have revived from the last time I planted them.  And this time, I am not so worried about having veg as well.  I am told I may get a veg plot again in the backyard.  I am kind of at I will believe it when I see it stage of life.

But I will have roses.  Be prepared for many pictures when that does happen!