We have water.  A bit of wind.  Thunder and lightening at times.  This is good so far.  The problem is that this could be going on for the next four days.  Our street is empty currently but this picture is from this morning.  My morning walk did not happen because I do not walk when there is lightening in the sky.  I admit to being antsy.  I spent much too much time on Pinterest this morning and now wish to go a fabric store.  Inspiration at the wrong moment!

Bread is still being made.  That happens no matter what.  I have tweaked the recipe for my walnut cranberry bread.  I have decided I like it much better with less walnuts.  Where the ratio of cranberries to walnuts is 2:1.  The math major coming out in me.  There will be fresh bread tonight.  I could say as long as we have power but  I know how to bake this in a fire and I have a dutch oven so it will be baked tonight.

Being safe is good.


quietly creating

This summer I do not feel like I have a lot new to share.  Part of that is I have been making for my Etsy shop.  Like this project bag.  I really like it!  But it is not the first project bag I have made.  It will not be the last.  It will go into the shop.  Or at least until I decide it has been there long enough and it is mine.  But thinking that, someone will probably buy it.

I have done a lot of creating this summer but it is this type of creating.  Or creating that fails.  There have been some lovely fails!  Like I am trying to find just the right temperature for our favorite pizza currently.  I will share it because it is that good but we have been eating a lot of not quite right pizza.  It does not mean the boyos do not rave.  There is talk about moving the shop and the Boss got asked yesterday, "But what about our bready treats?  I do not think I wish to work in a new shop!"  I laughed so hard.  I had figured it was a perk.  I let them know when bread has come out of the oven, every time.  There is talk about building me a kitchen in the same space so they can continue to have bready treats.

It has been a summer for creation failure.  But then I have done all the easy stuff.  I am now way into the weeds.  For example, looking at my pizza dough recipe and realizing that it is very close to the croissant dough recipe.  Yes, I was craving croissants and made them from pizza dough.  If they are even better next time, I will post.  It is what I do.  Pushing the envelope.  Creating.  And some times creating just does not go as planned.  That is okay.

There is a tropical storm coming close.  There is predictions for much rain and the possibility of power being out.  There is also a boucherrie to go to in South Carolina over Labor Day weekend.  I may be around but not much around in the next couple weeks.  


all put together

As I was putting other things together last week, I got this quilt top stitched.  I am ready to make the back but I am having a bit of problem concentrating on it.  So instead, I keep making bags for my shop.  Or taking silk out of its dye bath.  

I am actually doing a lot but not a lot new.  Or new in old patterns.  But part of that is summer for me.  It gets so warm that I do not wish to cook anything new or anything that needs heat even.  That does not mean I do not bake bread four times a week.  It means it is my go to recipes.  Currently it is oatmeal, walnut cranberry, and cinnamon rolls.  I have been baking cinnamon rolls about once a week this summer.

I could spend all my time making quilts.  Make piles of them and force myself out of my parlor.  But they do not currently sell.  But that is where my head is.  Making things that use little pieces and many of them.  

Or I could be working on that sweater I talked about last time.  I got to where it was ready for sleeves and tried it on.  That was funny!  It was much too long.  So I ripped out half of it and made it smaller.  But I am close to putting sleeves back on it.  I will need buttons and I have ideas but am not sure.  I wish there was a thrift shop or fabric shop around with a bowl of buttons to go through.  That would be the perfect solution currently.  A hodge podge of buttons on my sweater.  Maybe.  Just maybe.  If I want to leave the house, I may go look at buttons.


it takes as long as it takes

I think I have four sweaters in the works currently.  Five if you count the one that I have decided to take out the neck and do something different with the yarn.  I can already tell I will not wear it!  I have a red sweater, a yellow sweater, a lacy sweater, and this creamish sweater all being worked on.  Two of them I am making the yarn as I go.

This cream sweater makes me laugh.  I did pick up the yarn on my last gallivant.  I even picked up a pattern.  Yes, it was a knit pattern so I was going to have to change it to crochet but I do this.  

I have completely changed this sweater.  Instead of being crocheted from the top down like it would be knitted, I am crocheting from the bottom up.  There are still not going to be any true seams in it.  The fabric was of the sweater was supposed to be plainer with only a bit of lacy but I decided that I liked this stitch pattern so much that it was going to be over the whole sweater.  It reminds me of a thrifted sweater I bought in college that I completely wore out.  And the last change is the edge yarn.  Instead of going with the same yarn as the body but in a different color, I am going to use I yarn I am spinning.  

I am so not surprised by any of this.  But because of all these changes, I crochet, I rip out.  I crochet some more.  It was commented that I would not finish this sweater until I was 80.  I am thinking I may actually start the sleeves this coming week.  Maybe I will need to leave the house to look for buttons.  Or maybe I can just do that online.

Everything I am working on currently seems to be taking more time.  Or maybe I am just moving slower.  I could believe that.  But then I ponder things like, my pizza dough recipe is a baguette recipe which becomes a croissant recipe if you add layers of butter and flour which then becomes kouign amman when you add sugar.  Which is kind of like a palmier.  Yes.  My brain.  No drugs except copious amounts of caffeine due to tea.  It wanders all over the place.  But everything takes time.



A bit of woods

This week has been tough.  Tough just to get through.  I did take myself to a state park and go for a walk in the woods.  It might not been my favorite woods.  It may have been hot.  But it was the woods.  It was cooler there then it would have been in the city.  The gallivanting included lunch watching a lake.  The breeze was nice.

I have been spending a bit of time each day spinning which seems to help with the air for me.  

I keep wanting to sit at my sewing machine.  Even though I do, I seem not to spend enough time there.  Maybe soon.  Part of me just wishes to make quilts all the time.