A grey dress

I have been thinking that I wished a grey dress for awhile.  The question is always shape:  sheath or a-line.  I decided to go a-line and make up the piece of fabric in my stash.  The grey that I had was fairly dark.

The dress turned out well.  There is not much that can go wrong with this pattern for me.  I even made it the correct length.  

There is only one problem with it.  It is not black.  I can laugh at myself.  This grey is so dark.  But it is not black.  I am finding that my favourite clothes are currently black and white.  Black for day time.  White for night time.  But I used what was in my stash which is a good thing.  I know in the future black or white.  It is where my head is.

Maybe grey will grow on me . . .



I made this lovely sweater for myself from yarn that I had spun.  It was thick and cuddly and huge on me.  I had to roll the sleeves up three times so that they would not drag in everything.  And the sweater was heavy.  It made my body tired to wear it.  It is one of those things I have noticed with my arthritis, clothes that are too heavy are not my friends.  

I have learned that any pattern that says boyfriend sweater is not for me.  It is too much sweater for my body and life.  No matter if I like it or not!  I still have a few boyfriend sweaters that I would love to make and know better!

I got out my sewing machine and ran some lines of stitches.  I got out my scissors and cut.  I unraveled the collar.  I unraveled every thing I cut off and saved the yarn. 

Then I started finishing all the edges and putting a new collar on it.  I had to redo the button holes and I even found buttons to work this time.  I put them on.

I now have a sweater I can wear.  It is still on the bulky side.  I was wandering around my parents with it on over another sweater when I was so tired my body hurt.  I needed the comfort.  But it is now something I hope to wear more then twice a year.  I might be able too.  I do like it much better now.  I can envision it over my new overalls.  


Earth Day and the March for Science

Today, on Earth Day, I did the March for Science.  

Much of my life is science related or I do things that protect the earth.  Like mending Koda Bears knees in his pants.  It is a definite win because they are his favorite pants, there is now a heart on them so he knows I always loves him, and they did not go into a landfill.  

The March for Science made sense to me.  I studied math and geophysics.  I have worked in the oil industry for many years.  I love to camp and surf.  I love to garden.  What is going on politically does not make much sense to me but I can do what I can to make this world a better place for the next seven generations.

Now, doing the March for Science was not good for me.  Mending is about all I am going to be able to do for the rest of the day.  Or maybe crochet.  Something where I do not have to stand or move because I am barely walking.  There was a 45 minute pause of standing that did me in.  My hips do not take long periods of standing well.  

Tomorrow I will move better.  


my garden

When I got back from my travels, I did not know what I would return to in my garden.

I think abundance is the right word.  There is spinach and amaranth that can be picked.  There are so many flowers.

The flowers definitely make me smile!  I have not picked many because everyday I have been weeding and enjoy them while I am in the garden.  I did bring one inside today because it had come off in the weeding but that is about it.

I keep transplanting vegetable plants so they will have more room.  Every time, I hope the plant will make it.  So far, so good.  But there has been rain everyday which has helped.  

There is a lot of peace in the weeding.  Any time I get anxious, having my hands in the dirt lowers the anxiety a lot.  It has been six months of risks and strange curves on the road.  I am still on that path and sometimes it just causes me to be anxious.  The weeding helps.  It is food I can see that will be coming to the table.  It is flowers that just bring joy.

More dirt time is needed.  Especially in my new overalls!  I get so dirty and I track mud so well.  The overalls have been protecting me better from insects as well so life is pretty good.


back from travels

I am back from my travels.  End of March, I always try to take a trip.  It is time for some camping when it may not be so cold as well as to celebrate another year.  This year, it also meant taking Koda Bear back to the Tall Short Person.  So we adventured and did not move as fast as normal. 

We saw a lot of desert.

I told stories about dancing Saguaro cactus.  I pointed out a roadrunner and then got asked if every bird was a roadrunner.  We listened to coyotes sing.

We set up our tent and pulled out sleeping bags for the nights.  

Koda Bear met other kids and played.  I watched them, watched the sky, read a book.  I think he has a favorite park now.

We even drove through the snow falling.  The trees covered with snow is a photograph from Koda Bear.  

The two of us travel well together.  We both like to travel.  We both are game for another night in a tent.  I was told we needed to go to Alaska and to go to see totem poles.  I was game but that was definitely not part of the plan.  Maybe next year?  

The funny thing, is when we stop and unpack, we both nest very well.  It is hard to get us to move off our small plot of land.  But get us packed and moving?  We will not stop until we have too.  The question always comes up, where will we put up the tent tonight?  

The drive back by myself was not as fun.  But pretty.  I just did not have the help of taking pictures.  And I have seen that road many times.  There was still snow on the mountains but none falling from the sky.  I got back to lands where I did not need a sweater or a coat anymore.  How strange.  I am getting settled again.

Soon, it will be hard to pry me out of my house or from my garden for errands around town.  But if there is a tent or an adventure involved. . .  I am game!