When I finished this quilt, the purples in it caught my eye even though there are a lot of different colours.

It was a very restful place to be finishing this quilt.  Audiobooks and old television shows.  I admit to liking Syfy network for just sitting and stitching or spinning.

I am getting better at the mitered corners which thrills me.

I really liked how the back came together.  Backs for my quilts are always an interesting prospect.  I usually do not have enough fabric of any one and I truly do not wish to go buy anything.  I have become even more of a hermit.

The greys are soothing.  All my small blankets are falling apart.  I really need to do something like this for those.  I plan to use them as the batting.

This quilt is in my Etsy shop:  PanamintHandmade



For Shrove Tuesday, also know as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, I decided to make semla.  It is a Scandinavian tradition for Shrove Tuesday.  I needed something different because part of me really wished to be celebrating in New Orleans.  Which is totally odd because I truly only enjoy one parade, Zulu.  I am just in a strange spot.

Last year I looked at a lot of recipes for semla.  I thought that maybe.  This year I used Magnus Nillson's tome.  I knew I liked the dough that he used for selma.  The sweet dough he has in his cookbook I really like and have used for other things.  I made a few rolls and used the rest for a cinnamon swirl loaf.  

I shaped a half dozen rolls.  Baked.  Cut off the tops and filled with slightly sweetened whipping cream that also had a touch of vanilla added.  I liked them.  The dough is rich and flavoured with cardamom which I like.  It was not as sweet as King Cake which I also enjoyed.  

I would make these again.  I might make the dough into the rolls for easy traveling sandwiches.  I like the flavours.



I decided I wished to try to make vinegar.  I use just enough that it felt like a positive.  But also, I would rather make something then buy something if I can.  And, no I am not a chef.  I just feed people.  Why does it have to be chefs who like to experiment and not crazy ladies in their own kitchen?  

I bought six organic apples from the grocery store.  For this, bruised was better so I could buy the ones that were not very nice.  I took them home, washed them, and sliced them up.  Into a large jar they went.

I covered the apples with filtered, unchlorinated water.  The lid went on.  This lid actually has a place for a fermentation/brewing airlock so I decided to use it to make sure that there was not an explosion or breakage as the vinegar fermented.

The jar went onto a dark counter.  September first is when it is supposed to be ready and I will see.  I am already thinking about starting another in about three months so I can have an endless supply or able to gift some.  I am also thinking berry fermented vinegars may be interesting.  I just like to experiment.  I think I am going to need more shelves.


crazy garden lady

I was getting called crazy garden lady by my family today.  It is okay.  I am growing vegetables and flowers for both the addictions.  The bear seems to always want some roasted veg with his "sauce" at most dinners.  I like roasted veggies too.  And flowers.  I love flowers.

Last year, I did not really get the garden in I wanted.  Most of my garden stayed fallow except for what reseeded itself.  The torrential spring rains did not help anything either though.  

This year, I decided to change a bit of what I am doing.  I am making beds so I can get to my vegetables and flowers.  I might even get a chance to weed!  What an amazing idea.  So far there have not been torrential rains so I am hoping that I will get some plants established before that happens again.  I also have Koda Bear and my Beloved helping most mornings.  That is a major surprise because usually I am the only person in the garden.  

Flowers.  Vegetables.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!


I can share the pictures now

Last November, I offered to put a wedding dress together in the matter of about four days.  Those were very long days.  But the dress got done and the bride was in tears when she saw it.  It was nicer then the one she had purchased that the seamstress who was supposed to be altering it never could seem to alter.  Or release.  The first time she put it on so I could see what would need to be altered and what the hemming would need to be, the bride glowed.  She was very pleased.

I can see every mistake.  But that is because I wished it to be perfect and it was not.  Not the bride could tell.  The initials embroidered in blue inside the bodice were part of the tears.

You will notice that the front is higher then most people would wish.  The bride was terrified that she would trip over the dress and was planning on wearing Converse tennis shoes during the reception.  She did not trip.   She was afraid she would rip the dress right off of herself.  I made sure that was not going to happen!

Overall, I was pleased.  I got thanked profusely.  I am told that I can ask the mother of the bride any favour I may ever need.  They really thought there was not going to be a dress to wear.  There was a dress.  Many other things went wrong with this wedding but since the dress was done and loved, nothing else mattered.  That is a win.

It was a lovely wedding.