Food has been interesting.  Winter and spring it was all about meat and tacos.  How many tacos can be eaten?  If the meat has been made, how much can used on salads?  Until it got hot, this was what was happening.  Now it is poke bowls.  My expectation is that tacos will be requested again as soon as the the heat subsides a little bit.  

I am also going to share how I make poke bowls but that is another group of recipes that gets combined.  Yes, more making the things to make the things!

Barbacoa.  It is a favorite going out.  Many places though only make it for weekends because it has a long marinating time.  Which was one of the main reasons I wanted to be able to make it at home.  Then, I can have it any time I have the pennies for beef.  I say that because I have seen a rise in grocery prices.  I save every receipt and track it.  It is a great motivator not to eat out and eat a few more vegetarian dishes.

I did some looking and pondering.  Definitely something I could make in the slow cooker which is always a plus.  The longer the better because then it could shred so very easily.  In the end, there were tacos.  I also have to admit that I was asked for a meat based pasta sauce and I used this beef as a starting spot.  The meld of the Mexican and Italian was lovely!


3 lbs chuck roast, cut into chunks and trimmed

4 cloves garlic

2 chipotles in adobo sauce

1 (4-ounce) can chopped green chiles

1 small white onion, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup lime juice (about 3 limes)

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

3 bay leaves

1 tablespoon ground cumin

1 tablespoon dried Mexican oregano

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

1/4 tsp ground cloves

1/2 cup vegetable broth or water

Pull out the slow cooker.  Put the meat into it.  

In a blender, put the rest of the ingredients except the bay leaves.  Blend.  I blended for a couple of minutes because I wished more of a sauce but if you like chunks, you do not have to blend as long.

Pour the sauce over the meat.  Add the bay leaves.  Cover and cook on low for twelve hours.  The meat should be able to shredded with spoons.

It is very simple to make.  It just takes time and bellies around here were very happy.  Not so happy to wait for it to be done once it could be smelled.  When it gets cooler, I know this will be back into the rotation.


a bit tired

I keep reminding myself that I am the best at over doing.  I have wanted to go climbing for a while now.  I have probably been talking about it for a couple years.  Thinking for it longer.  I went yesterday.  I had so much fun.  But I am tired and just a bit sore today.  So tired that I chipped one of my favorite cups after a trip to the grocery store that I did not enjoy and I almost cried tired tears.  I am not very good at slowing down when I find something I like.

This climbing gym is a bouldering gym and in bicycling distance from the house.  Which means that I am thinking about going again soon.  Koda Bear and my Beloved went with me but I can see where I will go by myself in the future.  Koda Bear wished to sleep there last night.  It tells you how much he enjoyed it!

It has been a summer of twists and turns.  I am not sure that they are good twist and turns but I am willing to see how it all goes in the future.  I am trying not to pass judgement.  More of a wait and see.  It helps that I have a yarn fairy in my life and I got sent a skein of yarn.  I am going to make myself a hat for winter wear.  Especially if I need to walk, skateboard, or bicycle to the climbing gym.  It did put a smile on my face.  And it was a skill I wished to learn.  

It is definitely something different for when the surf is flat!


and I am back

I am back from the mountain.  I do not really wish to be even though there is much work to do.  Me and my trusty grass whip were out wacking a lot of weeds.  I need to learn how to use a chain saw as well.

But berries got picked and I made jam again at my parents.  Any of the berries that had gotten a lot of sun were done but if there was any bit of shade or just not as many hours of sun, berries were still there.  Blackberry and thimble berry.  My parents think this low lying blackberry is the most tasty.  It is similar to what I pick in Houston but the thorns are not as deep.  There were many less wounds.

I am going to need to start practicing with a shotgun again.  There was a bear seen down lower that was the largest healthiest bear my neighbor had seen.  His Dad did not say that but he did.  She just kept going her way. 

The more worrisome animal was the cougar.  The cougar that I was told looked like a bear wearing a cougar suit it was so large.  There were pictures.  The cougar was walking down our road.  Like nothing else was going on.  Bears can be scared off.  They do not like noise.  Cougars are not the same.  My father was consulted for what the right firearm would be best for me to use for both bear and cougar.  Now, I need to practice. 

For this consultation, my Dad sent mending home with me.  He asked if I would make short sleeve out of long sleeve shirts for him.  I have to laugh because I obviously do not fall for from that tree!

So Koda Bear was kept more in sight then normal.  He helped dig out the blackberry breed that I do not wish on the mountain.  Rain would have helped the digging to be easier but the roots were gotten out.

He asked to go to the park.  When the park has this view, yes.  There was also tea.  Ice cream and doughnuts after.

It was such a fast trip.  But this sunset over Colorado was so pretty.  I need to go back already.  About six weeks.



I am off

I am off to the mountain for just a few days.  I should have done it when I done it in May when I thought I was going.  Maybe there will be time for things like this and my body will heal.  The dust of a 1000 mummies is playing with my allergies.  I will not be in this space for a bit.  And I will have a Bear with me when I am back.  I am so excited!


making my own yoga wear

My favorite yoga top was made by Blue Canoe.  It was an organic cotton underwear and yoga clothing company much before its time.  I had a half cami top style I loved for doing yoga at home and wearing under my clothes as a bra.  They stopped making the style years ago. 

It tells you a lot about good the quality of their cotton jersy was that I am just now needing to figure out how to make more.  But part of it has been I have tried other brands and other styles.  Honestly, I should have just figured out how to make these years ago for myself.  It is my favorite style.  It is my got to style.  When I am skating or doing yoga, it is what I want as the bottom layer.  Hiking too.

I had purchased lycra jersey slips or under layers from a couple different shops.  Again, trying to find a slip that worked.  Again, I should have just continued to make my slips.  But I am not about to throw these slips away or give them away.  I cut them to be half camis.  

I went through my embroidery threads and found threads I wanted to use.  I had help.

Then it was just a task of hand stitching the hem with a stretch stitch.  What I have learned from working on Alabama Chanin clothes helped.  A lot.  My treadle sewing machine only does a straight stitch so it would not have worked on this hem on a piece of fabric with that much stretch.

I now have three new half cami tops.  Two in black and one in cream.  I have the bottom half of all the slips which I am making into half cami tops.  In all, I will have six new tops.  The last three take longer because I need to create the straps too.  The hem is a bit longer.  

I feel like I should go to the thrift store and find more of this type of slip.  I think it was originally about $30 at Free People.  I got two cami tops out of each.  I am now looking at $15 per cami top made from something I was not happy with.  If I go to the thrift store and find a similar slip for less then $5 then my cost is $2.50.  Or, there is the option to make my own from the scraps of organic cotton jersey I have from t-shirt, skirt, and dress making.  Less to the landfill.  Any way you look at it, I am happier being able to wear what I wish to wear and there will be less waste.  

I just deleted a whole paragraph on waste.  Trash.  I will not get on that soap box today.