creative collaboration

I sent off a quilt square for an artistic collaboration this week.  I am not sure if it will be used or not but I did learn a lot.  I do find that I design simply.  Which is why I am not sure it will be used or not.

I will have to say that it was a learning process.  Just the history that was involved in the project made me think.  We like to pretend we are learning and going forward as a society.  But I would have to say that the history the project was based on eye opening.  Not much has changed.

I am having putting words together.  Maybe I will finish more things this coming week!


pain management

Yesterday was all about pain management.  I sat in one place most of the day trying not to hurt.  I was also trying to go to sleep so I could sleep last night.

I actually finished this shawl while I was sitting there.  This is a shawl that I made from leftover project yarn that was all a similar weight.  I also dug for more colors because I am also feeling the need for more color in my life.

It is a wonderful weight.

I actually put it right on instead of blocking it.  I picked up another shawl I am working on.  It is a place where I am testing shape.  The shape is just off on the brown one I am working on.  I think I will be ripping that on out!  But this.  This like.  

Tonight is an evening where I can go coach or not coach.  I have done alright most of the day but I can tell I am wearing out.  I will have to see what the rest of the day brings.


quiet weekend

I had a quiet weekend.  I am still in the middle of working on projects but I did take yesterday to try some tacos out and read.  I have not taken much time just to read lately.  Audiobooks have become my fall back as my hands are busy most of the time.  Crochet and embroidery this weekend.  I need to finish one soon.  

Pictures and posts may not be very interesting this week.  I need to cut lot of paper!  That may be boring to communicate about.  I find when I do that type of repetitive task, if it is quiet, I start to meditate.  If I chose not to go too deep into my head, I put an audiobook on.  Or a podcast.  There are a couple of outdoor podcasts that I enjoy.  And one business type.

For whatever reason, weather or pollen, I am sore today.  Achy.  I woke up fine and has gone down hill from there.  Since I coach tonight, I am a bit worried!  It should be all fine in the end.  I just hope I can put words together!


computer work

This week I have felt like I have been running in place.  Stuck.  Part of it is that the things I am working on take a bit of time.  It also rained three days in a row which did not help anything.

The computer work I did came in the mail.  The plates I created for the letterpress are here.  It does mean I am going to be cutting paper for a couple of days and then I will be printing.  The boyos wanted different things so I needed to create flexibility in the plates but which make the actual printing more difficult.  I am not going to worry about it currently.  I am just going to focus on the next step which is cutting paper.  This is when  I wish I had a paper cutter that is much larger then the one I do have.  But, I have no space for one that large!

There has also been sadness.  I had another friend die.  It was a surprise.  I think it is part of why I feel like I am running in place.  Stuck.  There has been a lot of sadness this year tied to people dying.  I do find a lot of joy and happiness in the simplest of things.  Everyday things but there is a definite counterpoint this year.  There is nothing I can change.  Be sad for me and her family.  Enjoy life everyday and be grateful.


one of the many french style breads

Obviously, when I got back from camping I had milk that was going bad.  Drinkable but it tasted just a bit off.  I also needed bread.  

I have been wanting a French style bread.  The boyos really like the oatmeal.  I could have made the oatmeal bread with the milk.  Not a problem.  I just wanted something a little different.  I like a French style bread with butter and jam.  A bit drippy but not holey.  Which is why I say French style.  I do not wish a crust that cuts my mouth and I want enough bread to hold the butter and jam and not fall on the plate.  I can make the artisan style breads.  I chose not to because I want the jam and butter to be on the bread not running down my arm.  It sounds so picky but is true.

I went through the Bein Cuit cookbook to be inspired.  There was a French style loaf with milk and olive oil.  I have to admit I quite like it.  Here is where it gets really silly.  I looked at the proportion of measurements, realized they were very close to Chris Bianco's pizza dough measurements and went from there.  It is really how simple bread is to make.  Please try it!

I have actually made this bread again already with the whey I saved from straining the yogurt.  Again, so good.  There is a a half a loaf left and I am told bread is needed.  Partially because the boyos have said there is a need for bread pudding with rum sauce.  This is my life.  There are many times where I do not feel like i am not getting anything done but it is because I am always making and doing!  I just laugh. 

Eat bread, butter, and jam.  This is a good starting place.  Ask questions if you want!

I also realized as I reread this post that words, fingers, and keyboard are not necessarily working very well.  Ask questions if I am not clear please!  I just have to laugh at myself.  Time for more tea.

French style bread

Note:  Used ideas from Zachary Golper of Bein Cuit and Chris Bianco of Bianco.  It is bread.

a couple tablespoons of sourdough starter (I then add flour and water to my sourdough jar to refresh it for next time)

1 cup water

1 cup milk or whey

1/4 cup olive oil

5 cups or more of flour

2 teaspoons salt

In a large bowl, place the starter in a large bowl.  Add the water, milk, and olive oil.  Mix in 3 cups of flour.  Stir really hard.  Cover and let sit until bubbly.  Starting with cold starter and cold milk, that is four to six hours.  Maybe even eight depending on the temperature of your kitchen.  No, I do not warm my milk.

Once the batter is bubbling, mix in the salt.  Mix in almost two cups of flour.  My flour is very fresh and very moist so I actually need to add almost another cup of flour to get a smooth dough.  Mix in the two cups of flour until there is a rough ball.  It will probably still be sticky but knead it until smooth.  Get your hands in.  Add as little extra floor as possible because the higher the water content of the dough the lighter your bread can be.

When the bread is a smooth ball, put back into a bowl and cover.  Come back in about an hour, flatten, fold into the center, and make another bowl.  Do this three times.  After the third time, or I am ready to go to bed, I put the ball of dough in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator.

The next day, I line a loaf baking tin with parchment paper.  I take the dough out of the refrigerator and shape into a loaf shape.  I put it into the tin and cover.  I let it proof until double.  Or the fingerprint pressed into it does not bounce back.  My kitchen, this can take eight hours.

Once it is at this point, put the loaf into the oven.  Turn the oven on to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and back for one hour.  It should be golden and sound hollow when the bottom is tapped.  If it is not proofed enough, the center will be doughy and it will never truly bake.

Bread.  Good basic bread that used milk that was souring.  It is good with fresh milk and whey too!  I am starting this bread this afternoon.  I will probably bake it on Saturday.  That is how my timings work.