and I am back for a few weeks

That was a lovely trip!  The only problem was I tried to do too much in too little time!  There were two fiber fairs, time with the Koda Bear and the Tall Short Person, and putting up a wall in the machine shed.  So there are not any pictures of the mountain.  Since I was just there, I chose not to share any.  But it is autumn there. 

We had beautiful weather until the last day.  The mountain is interesting because we share tools with our neighbors.  My scythe took a walk and the funniest thing about that was the one person who everyone said would not have it, was the one using it.  He was all about it was the right tool for the job.  It took longer for him to go get it then for him to use it for the task.  

The fiber fairs were interesting because I had so much company.  Usually it is just my Beloved, who is fairly tolerant.  Or just myself which really is the best.  The first one, I had three boys!  That was interesting.  It was also interesting because I did not think it was all that wonderful but other people did.  I have had different experiences.

The second fiber fair, three more family members.  It was shaken up a bit so two boys and a girl.  Still, I felt a bit rushed.  Next time, I think I will go alone.  But I really did fulfill what I really wanted to do.  Spend time with Koda Bear.

The second weekend we camped in the Columbia River Gorge.  It was beautiful.  And there was lots of autumn.  But where the campground was situated, it was very loud.  I tried to get into a campground a little farther away from the interstate but it was completely booked.  And I understand why!  So, I will probably not camp at this spot again but I will camp in the gorge again.

We also had a lot of rain while we were there.  Koda Bear kept saying he was not cold but he was very damp.  It means that a van conversion or a truck cabin may be in my future sooner rather then later.  It is the main reason I am thinking about going back to a corporate job for a little bit.  Pay off some car repairs and build a van conversion.  Elk hit cars hard.  I was not driving.


every thing takes time!

Every thing that I am doing currently seems to take a lot of time.  Each steps takes time.  This quilt is quilted but then there is still the binding to do!  It was supposed to go on the wall the first of November.  I do not think I will get there.  But it is for me so it is just an arbitrary deadline.

I have been doing a bit of ecoprinting but I find that sometimes the first pass is not enough.  I print again to see what more I get.  Color.  Leaves.  Lines.  Just takes time.  But I am being impatient because I wish to see how it all looks in the end.  Patience.  I need patience.

I leave tomorrow to go to two fiber fairs and see Koda Bear.  Another thing that is taking a lot of patience is the sweater I am making him.  I am making the pattern up as I go.  The first sleeve took three tries to get it right.  I am hoping this one will have less.  A stitch at a time.  I am hoping that it will be done while we are there so I may leave it with him.  I will take pictures.

It has been the first cool day here since last spring.  I am enjoying it very much.  But my body is in shock.  At this point, I am laughing!  

Hopefully, I will have lots to share when I get back.


letterpress work

The last two days I have been printing.  Printing on paper.  I have been printing business cards for the boyos and cards for the ribbons I sell in my Etsy shop for me.  I actually need to print business cards for myself as well but I could not find my plate.  I have been thinking I need to change it but I have not taken that action.  This may be a sign.

I had a friend say that it appeared that I really enjoyed the ecoprinting.  Bottom line, I enjoy printing as long as I am not in an office all day.  When I used to work in an office, coming home to print just was a lot.  I have spent sixteen hours in the last two days printing and it is just work.  Making the plates, making the designs is very creative but the process is very repetitive.  I can be stressful and hard when your body and head are not in the game.

Since I have not been in office, the printing is much easier.  The standing has not been!  Part of that is my foot.  Part of that is injuring my hip on top of the arthritis in that same hip.  Also, I need to look into a larger paper cutter. 

Making bundles does speak to me.  It is the printing with plants and on fabric.  I know I can do the same thing with paper but fabric is what speaks to me.  It is a happy place.  I never know what I will get where the creativity with letterpress is more of that I can make the same thing over and over.  

I might go collect some plants tonight.  Take evening walk.  The wise thing is to take a bath after two days standing and then go to bed early.  

I just want an ice cream cone.  If not that, a hamburger.  Obviously, I am a little tired.  I can always do more tomorrow.  I know with the life I live, enjoy, love, nothing happens fast and there is always something to do.  Tomorrow will probably be about cooking beans, coaching, maybe a bundle or two, and working on sweaters.  I may get a chance to work on some Christmas presents but probably not.


more twirling

There was surf yesterday and I really thought I was going to go surfing.  But between my hip and being told to slow down, I did not go.  It was probably for the best but it still does not mean it is not a bummer that I do not have all the energy I want back or that I tweaked my hip a week ago today.  There will be more surf and hopefully I will be healed.

Part of this weekend was doing a few things for me.  I liked my twirly skirt so much that I found another piece of fabric in my stash large enough to make another.  I did have to use the grey linen as a waistband but it works.  I have two more pieces of linen that I am looking at and thinking it is possible for more skirts.

I like the twirl.  I like the length.  I like the pockets.  I look at them though and can see how they will transform as they age.  Not a when will it wear out and I will be sad but when will it wear out in such a way that I can dye you.  That I can add a cool patch or a bit of embroidery to the skirt.  Maybe another pocket to hide a mend.  

I have a Christmas present in mind for my best friend that will be similar but different.  Adding a bodice to the skirt to make a dress.  I am calling it a witchy dress because she can always send it back to me and I can mend it.  It could become more and more her. 

My Dad talks about when people only had two outfits, work and good.  Good was for church, weddings, and funerals.  I will never have that because I sew and I made myself so many things I really like that sit in my closet.  But the idea that I can take something I really like and make it become even more as the years go on is really a cool idea.  

I have been mending sweaters again.  Cardigans.  They have just had too much wear and some have been attacked by moths.  But I would rather spend the time mending them then going shopping.  It is much more restful, even online.  Though there is a backpack on eBay that I am covetting.  Absolutely no current need for it but it is the one I want.  Oh well.  That is life.



I have known I have been a bit tired, a little off.  My body has been hurting more then normal which is partially the season.  The news and politics are just depressing and sad.  On top of all of this, I tweaked my hip Thursday night. 

How badly?  I slept a lot of Friday and hardly moved Saturday.  It was the best for the pain.  I decided it was a weekend to be quiet.  When I could sit, I worked on a couple large projects that are just taking time.  I laugh at myself because everything I do takes more time then you would think.  I had a chef today tell me I needed to open a bakery but then his favorite bread that I bake takes three days to make.  I just laugh.  He still wishes to learn to bake.  That is going to be some work for me.

Even before I wrote the tutorial on how to ecoprint, I have been wanting to make more bundles.  See what happens if.  When I go into a new area lately, I check out the thrift stores to see what I can find in the linen sections.  I have been spending less then $10 on fabrics to play with.  But standing until today meant that it felt like bone on bone in my hip and I just did not make it very long.  Today, I was able to collect some leaves, acorns, sticks, and moss to see what will come of it.

I changed the mordant on the cotton to tea and iron.  It made the cotton go grey, almost purple immediately.  I have a layer of silk in there as well which I made sure was well saturated with the vinegar solution.  I created two bundles and they are now sitting on my work table in a bowl.  I am very tempted to leave them there fro a few days and see what happens.  Or leave them resting before I steam them to see what happens.  I am in the see what happens stage of experimentation.  

I need to post about some of my other works in progress but the ability to take a walk for some leaves, make some bundles and wait, is very healing in the craziness that is this society currently.  Quiet.  A still place.

I do think I need more pockets though!  I am thinking about making the forager vest from Taproot, Issue 28, so I have pockets for gathering and yarn.  I do know that when my skirts start falling apart or get stained, part of the witchy will be more pockets!  I love having two.  I do need more.

This is kind of a babble. I should apologize.  It is where my head is.  I am living in a cabin in the mountains in my head which not where life is around me everyday.  It is keeping me sane but it does mean that I need words to other beings at times.