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a shirt

My Beloved was looking at his work shirts and realized that he needed more.  His idea was to add shirts that were new and he could wear shirts that were wearing out.  That did not really work though because he got work shirts with the company logo and his name on it!  I have my own as well.  I use them for when I am learning to sharpen and when I do all the carpentry.

That does mean I have three shirts planned out for him.  Even though he does not really need them.  This is the first of those shirts.  The background is black which REALLY works for him.  He cannot keep anything light colored clean.  I have started overdyeing everything to make it last longer.

He had very definite requirements for the pocket so it is his design.  A place for a pen.  A button.  And he likes color so the plackets, pocket, and collar all need to be color.  The next shirt has squirrels on the colorful fabric.

I keep thinking I need to start using this pattern or something similar for myself.  I do like white but I would have to be willing to overdye my own sometime later in its life.  I am making an old white nightgown into a skirt and part of the process is overdyeing.  I keep thinking I have too many clothes but I keep repairing and changing what I already have. 

The sewing is a nice change but I have really gone down a rabbit hole with a sweater I am making.  Maybe soon it will be done!



I had this skirt in my head from before I went traveling.  An old fashioned skirt with ruffles and tiers.  Made in cotton prints.  I decided I needed it to have a drawstring waistband like I used to make 35 years ago.    I went through my stash and had Koda Bear help me chose.  Then I cut a lot of rectangles and strips.  I stitched them all together.   I made my life hard.

Now I have a new skirt like the one that was in my head.  I am thinking about changing the waist to a true waistband.  Which means I would need to play with the pockets a bit because I would want a placket and not a zipper.  And all the things to bother me, the middle tier hits my knees in an irritating spot.  I could easily shorten the skirt just a tad when I change the waistband.  That may change where those seams sit.  I also wish to see how it feels once it has been washed a few times.  But it was fun to wear.  

I do have enough of the background fabric to make a similar skirt without any tiers.  Which would mean no stripes.  Which I am good with.  I am wanting to wear more the clothes I did many years ago.  Just drawn to long skirts.  I need to make a few shirts and I have fabrics that I can do that with. Whether they are true shirts or more of a t-shirt but out of woven fabrics instead of knits.  When I dress for Serenity Knives I actually have a work shirt with their name on it.  I think that is where some of this is coming from.  

I also cycle through the clothes I like to wear.  Currently, everything has to go with hiking boots and Birkenstock type sandals.  That is where my feet are the happiest.  But I can walk!  Which makes me happy.


for the wedding I am going too

I am going to a family wedding at the end of this month.  Beginning of next month.  I was taught well by my Grandmother so I know how to dress for a wedding.  Same Grandmother for the groom.  The does and do nots.  This is the first invitation I have ever seen with a dress code.  The invitation was a bit odd so I should not be surprised.

I made myself a new skirt.  I will be wearing this with a silk blouse.  It should work in the field the wedding is being held in.

A full circle.  Pockets.  To the floor.  Twirls!  I could actually wear this everyday.  I was thinking that maybe I wanted a more structured waistband instead of elastic.  But I have lost a few pounds over the recent months and I appear to be losing a few more.  I want to be able to continue to wear this skirt.  I did not stitch the hole for the elastic closed even! 

I can always come back and change the waistband.  I have enough fabric leftover to make a sheath dress.  I cut the skirt on purpose to create that.  I could probably eek out enough for another waistband if I could not use the one that came off the skirt.  Being frugal here.  Which I do a lot of!  My mending pile does not go down even when I took two things off of it, like I did yesterday.



traveling bag

I was working on a shawl watching videos on Instagram and I had an urge.  No, it was a compulsion.  I decided to make myself a leather messenger style bag.  A traveling bag. 

I blame it all on Jason Momoa.  He carries a saddle bag most places and in on of his movies.  I decided I needed something similar.  I have the skills.  There were supplies.  Why not!

I ask the boyos what leather I could use and they picked this.  It will change color as I use it into something I like better.  Or I can always add black or dark brown leather dye to it.  I liked the cow shaped edges so I tried to incorporate them as much as possible.


I used the dimensions from my grocery bags.  A little bit bigger actually.  Because it was my traveling bag of course.  I sewed it on my treadle sewing machine.  It was a little bit difficult but not too bad.

The most difficult part was how heavy it was!

I also gave it two inches of depth which I normally do not do with my grocery bags.

I had an elk button from a Turkish coat I had my to wear to Renaissance fairs but took it part a few months ago.

Two pockets.  Wrap tie closure.  It is pretty lovely.  I am very excited to use it tomorrow.  I am traveling to New Orleans to see an art installation done by India Flint.  Since she is Australia based, this is one of the few US locations she will be showing at.  

I am VERY excited!



After so many years, I did not think there would be another grandbaby in my life.  I also knew if there was, I could make many of the things I liked using with Koda Bear.  One of those was a sling.  I did not use a sling so much with Koda Bear when he was the smallest but I used it a lot when he was three.  That is when I would have him for grocery shopping and he would fall asleep in the car.  It was a way I could carry him and still carry on.

I needed one for Blue.  I find I carry him to pick up Koda Bear from school.  It keeps my hands free and I feel like he is just a bit safer.  Blue turned from back to belly by himself yesterday.  Three weeks old.  He just wants to move and tries.  He has definite ideas of how the world should work.  

I decided to use a Victorian style print for the outside and lined it with an autumn crow print on the inside.  I do not normally line the slings but I wished this one to be.  I am glad I did now because I have had him out in it when it is chilly and it just gives a little more warmth.

There are very few pictures of the sling with Blue in it.  No pictures of Blue and me using it.  Koda Bear thinks it is great because he can carry his brother across the house and no one worries.  Or at least worries so much.  The only negative is that I look like I am carrying a watermelon around because of the coloring and pattern on the print.  Not so negative!