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market bags

I seem to be making a few shopping bags recently.  I have been making them as I make prototypes for other things.

I know these turn out.  They are success.  It is positive.  Yeah me!  Prototypes are hard because I think I have everything in place and it is not quite right.  I have to make another.  Or alter.  But ends up being making another.  Today I just wish things to go well.  Between pain and life, that is where I am at.  

But it will get better because it does.  And I will keep making shopping bags.  The first two are already in my Etsy shop.  The third will be soon.  Maybe not today.  I have dealt with some unpleasantness on Etsy.  Just people being rude.  I am going to stay away from now on today.  Tomorrow is a different day.  


vest experiment

Anthony Bourdain narrated a group of short videos last year about artisans.  The tailor was very inspiring to me.  He also wore a vest that was very inspiring to my Beloved.  I started working on it last October.

I found a pattern.  I made the muslin with alterations to fit better and be more of the style that was wished for.  I used stash fabric for this first pass.

Part of what took so long is that I worked on the interfacing by hand.  There are not a lot of free moments in my life to work on things like this.  For example, sweaters and shrugs take forever for me because I both make the yarn and make them.  All by hand.  

I have always disliked working with interfacings.  I purchased horse hair interfacing for this vest and I can now say I do not hate working with interfacing.  Things I actually thought would be harder, like buttonholes, were not.  It is odd.  Now, my buttonholes are not perfect but they were easier!

I created the welt pockets as requested to keep metal and wood shavings out of the pockets.

I lined the vest with some pretty cotton fabric I had.  

The vest looks nice.  Though I still need to improve my buttonholes.  I need to remember to buy buttonhole thread.  It fits well.  But even though all the fabric was from my stash, I think my Beloved thinks it is currently too nice to wear.  It was supposed to be for work in his shop but . . .  Oh well.  That is life.  It makes me laugh.


I can share the pictures now

Last November, I offered to put a wedding dress together in the matter of about four days.  Those were very long days.  But the dress got done and the bride was in tears when she saw it.  It was nicer then the one she had purchased that the seamstress who was supposed to be altering it never could seem to alter.  Or release.  The first time she put it on so I could see what would need to be altered and what the hemming would need to be, the bride glowed.  She was very pleased.

I can see every mistake.  But that is because I wished it to be perfect and it was not.  Not the bride could tell.  The initials embroidered in blue inside the bodice were part of the tears.

You will notice that the front is higher then most people would wish.  The bride was terrified that she would trip over the dress and was planning on wearing Converse tennis shoes during the reception.  She did not trip.   She was afraid she would rip the dress right off of herself.  I made sure that was not going to happen!

Overall, I was pleased.  I got thanked profusely.  I am told that I can ask the mother of the bride any favour I may ever need.  They really thought there was not going to be a dress to wear.  There was a dress.  Many other things went wrong with this wedding but since the dress was done and loved, nothing else mattered.  That is a win.

It was a lovely wedding.


Christmas continued

Because we are taking the bear back, I am trying to finish some Christmas stocking stuffers that I have not gotten done yet.  Yes, this is my life.  I all but decided that I need to start working a little bit each week on Christmas for the year instead of the month.  It may be more successful.  Even after I finish this bit, there is one last piece I wish to finish.  Then, I will start again.

This whole month has been this way for me.  I find that I feel like I am a crazy person for all I do.  Instead of picking up mustard from the store, I ferment my own.  Instead of buying what, I make what.  But then, I "sit" myself down (actually, I am usually working on something) and think about my actions.  Think about where my life is, where I wished my life to be long ago, and where it is going.  

There is very little I would wish to change.  I always wanted to life off grid, making everything for myself.  I wanted to live in southeast Alaska.  When I am telling myself I am a crazy person, I admit to myself that within the parameters that my life is currently, I am living the life I wanted.  I think part of it is that I am already missing Koda bear.  Who is really not so small anymore.  I am getting as many hugs and whale kisses as I can so I can store up.


changing the nightgown

Coming back from the most recent camping trip, it became apparent to me that all my linen nightgowns had holes in them.  The linen nightgowns are my favourites.  I knew that I would need to be replacing them soon but I kept putting it off.  And off.  The Sitka trip over a year ago made me start thinking about making new nightgowns.  That is how long I have put this off.

This week, I made myself a new nightgown.  It has been years since I have had a nightgown with sleeves so I was also playing with the pattern.  I now have a new piece of favourite clothing.  It is just the A-line dress I like very long.  And in my favourite white linen for sleeping.   I am working on another one so I can play with the pattern.  Then I will make that pattern so I do not have to patch it together for next time.

Maybe it is time to go back to Sitka . . .