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just life

I needed quiet this weekend still so I took it.  There will be traveling at the end of the week and next so quiet will be the last thing that will happen.  Quiet means working on a quilt and audio books.  The back of this quilt is done and it is basted.  I am ready to quilt it.  But because quilting is a work out, especially the first quarter, I may break it up more then normal.

The boyos cleaned out the old knife making shop to make it into a leather shop on Sunday.  There is dust everywhere!  If it all comes out of the air in less then two years, I will be happy.  

I put a large pot of elk spaghetti sauce and a pot of noodles together for them.  I then went on a walk.  The magnolias are blooming.  In many ways, I like the fallen blooms better then the blooms that are perfect.  The imperfections speak to me.  I have played editing them.  I post those on Instagram.  I like monochromatic.  Usually black and white but not always.  I am actually hoping to have be able to get more flower pictures on the travels next week.  And maybe a large handful of pine branches for dyeing.  Part of the travels is to the mountain.  I miss it so.


long t-shirt skirt

I am a bit surprised that I am writing today.  My arthritic conditions have an element of fatigue to them.  With the allergies this week, I am tired.  Every time I walk out to my truck, the windshield and wipers are covered with pollen.  I am too tired to be using my sewing machine or working on anything that is to be sold.

The solution to that problem is hand sewing for msyelf and presents.  My old treadle sewing machine does not deal with stretch fabrics well.  But I can do them hand sewing.  I would actually only have to hand sew the curves and anything that stretches but I just do the whole thing.  Videos and audio books become my best friend.

This is an Alabama Chanin pattern for their long skirt.  It is also very similar to the Sense and Sensibility walking skirt.  After too many Murdoch Mysteries, I need more of this style in my life, whether it is t-shirt knits or woven fabric.

Alabama Chanin uses a lot of raw edges in their designs.  It is a trademark of theirs.  I like finished edges so I used a stretch embroidery stitch around the hem.  I also did not make the waist too tight, even though it has elastic in it.  I just do not like tight waists very much.  I would rather be appalled at the waist measurement and have something be loose then have a smaller waist and have something tight.

I embroidered a flower on the back.  It has texture so in the dark, in a tent, I can figure out where the back of my skirt is.  This is the true reason why I started adding tags to everything, easier dressing in a tent.

I have worn this skirt on errands this morning and I will have to say that it so comfortable.  My hands are a little tired.  And once I am off the computer I may end up taking a nap or in my sewing chair hand sewing more because I think my errands were a bit much this morning.  It will work well for both.  I would like a few more and I can see them as a great travel skirt, especially as after walking clothes.


Craft bag for me

While I was traveling, I bought a craft bag that holds my crocheting exceptionally well.  It stands by itself.  It has pockets.  It controls my yarn better then any yarn bowl has.  I started doing much more hand sewing when I got home.

I decided to give making one of my own craft bags a go.  I chose not to use any zippers but I had a fun pinecone button.  Also, the colors I chose actually please me more then the bag I purchased.

A bit of time on my sewing machine and I had one.  The time it took felt like less time then a market bag but that may just be due the bag being something new.

I am very pleased.  I use it everyday for my projects.  When I traveled recently, I put a crochet project and a hand sewing project into.  Nothing too large but I was only gone for about 48 hours.  It was a good size because it gave me choices of projects to work on but I did not bring too much.  I am notorius for bringing too many projects and books while traveling.  Anything that helps to limit that quantity is a good thing!

I have started to put some in my shop here and my Etsy shop.


Something new for my Etsy shop

I have started to put something new together for my Etsy shop.  Slips.  They are fun for me because they combine dyeing, hand sewing, and sewing.  I am working on one right now that will have embroidery.  I have not put them in the shop here yet.  I am not completely sure why.

The slip itself is a cotton silk blend that I find works very well under dresses.  But is not too hot for where I live most of the time.  The hand torn ribbon on the dress is what I made using cabbage and hibiscus.  Grey pink lavender.  Something like that.

Then I sit and hand sew most of the ribbon and lace on.  I listen to audiobooks while I do it.  I have to admit, this one of those tasks which I wish I could do every day, all day.  It is restful and meditative.  I love hand sewing.  Now if I could just get the community college to respond about their tailoring program, there might be more of it in my life as a way to make money.  Baby steps.

I had to share the sunflowers in my garden.  Are they not pretty!



I find t-shirts are a difficult piece of clothing for me to purchase.  Part of it is color.  Part of it is fit.  Part of it is quality.  I want a t-shirt to be able to hold up to more then a couple of washings.  I do not wish to be choked.  I like long sleeves.  And every time I find a t-shirt that fits those parameters, the company who made it changes something in their process or stops making what I like.  My best friend has the same problem.

I have a treadle sewing machine so fabric that stretches is not really the right choice usually.  Recently I went down a rabbit hole at the Alabama Studio sites.  Such a bad thing.

Hand sewn t-shirts.  Organic cotton jerseys.  I decided to give it a try.  It was a lovely calming process. Such that I wish to do more hand sewing.

Felted seams.  Herringbone stitching.  My best friend has a t-shirt to try.  I have a t-shirt to try.  I am now working on Christmas gifts that are teaching me reverse applique.  I just keep trying and learning new things.  It is a true rabbit hole!

And just because.  Flowers from my garden.