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party dress

Unexpectedly, I had a Christmas party to go to.  It was held out of town and at a place called Vaudeville.  The boyos sell their knives there so it is great for networking.  Though the after after parties do feel more like going to a Mardi Gras party!

I was already planning to make a new dress for Christmas dinner at my parents.  I had a lovely thrifted piece of silk that I was planning to make up into an A-line dress.  Very simple, pretty, comfortable.  Party and celebrations but not having to worry about how much you are going to eat.  Or, in the case this week, how much you are going to dance.

I moved the plan up and put together this party dress.  Black in any form always works at Vaudeville but sequins were really the trend of the evening.  Not for me though.  The comment was made that I looked lovely and warm.  The temperature dropped into the twenties and part of the party is always outside.  It is just a crazy party.

So, my dress for Christmas dinner is done.  It feels nice on and is pretty.  Though the pictures of me in it are not the best.  I did try.  

Now, let me see if I can figure out how to get everything else done I need to get done.  The out of town Christmas party did make all my plans and timings change.  It is going to be interesting.


blue dress

After the mad week, there was some quiet late Sunday and Monday.  I decided to try the Farrow dress pattern from Grainline Studios.  It is an A-line dress which I like.  The dress had some interest added with seams and pockets.  The hem was a high low hem.

The dress came together failry easily.  I have to admit that it took me more then once to figure out how the pockets were supposed to be created.  But they do work if you follow the directions.

What do I think of the dress?  It is very comfortable but fits me a bit like a burlap sack.  I followed the size suggested by measurements and I could have gone down one size if not two.  I like the neckline but I changed the sleeve from long to short.  It works better in my life.

The hem is going to drive me crazy.  I hand stitched it so I can easily take it out after it is washed.  I am going to make the hem even all the way around and give it a narrower hem so it is not quite as short.  Because it is so big on me, it feels very short even if it is not.

Would I make this dress pattern again?  With some variations.  It is very similar to the 100 Acts of Sewing dress.  I have made that dress many times before.  I do really enjoy having pockets though.  I think I am going for more of a hidden side pocket though.  But then I also get teased that I do not really follow a pattern.  I always change something.  I just think having a bit of seam interest is fun.   


making do but not really feeling like I was making do

I was getting dressed one morning and realized my slip was no longer in one piece.  The lace layer at the bottom had separated from the fabric.  This slip was not perfect but it was pretty.  The lace at the bottom gave it some weight to help it lie correctly.  And I had plant dyed the fabric and ribbon on it.  I ripped off the lace edging.  Then I tried to see if I could salvage the fabric.  I just ripped in my hands every time I chose to tug it.  I take a deep breath and set it aside.

I had a piece of the china silk that was dyed with Western hemlock and iron that I had not made into ribbon yet.  That color is not selling currently so I thought why not?  Cut it apart and started stitching.  This time it was going to be more a-line.  I should have made it narrower at the hem then I did but that is okay.

I added the lace edging to the bottom of the slip/chemise.  To give it some weight again.  I am still clipping threads.

And now I have a new slip.  I do wish I had made it just a bit longer but it will not be longer then any of my dresses.  Which actually is a very good thing.

Because of the diameter of the lace I put on, it has a blousy feel.  It reminds me more of an Edwardian undergarment then a true chemise.  It is comfortable.  And it does not feel like I made do at all.  The only question now is how long will this last.  But then I will make something to replace it and not go buy something.  Making do out of my stash again.  Sounds like a plan.



quietly creating

This summer I do not feel like I have a lot new to share.  Part of that is I have been making for my Etsy shop.  Like this project bag.  I really like it!  But it is not the first project bag I have made.  It will not be the last.  It will go into the shop.  Or at least until I decide it has been there long enough and it is mine.  But thinking that, someone will probably buy it.

I have done a lot of creating this summer but it is this type of creating.  Or creating that fails.  There have been some lovely fails!  Like I am trying to find just the right temperature for our favorite pizza currently.  I will share it because it is that good but we have been eating a lot of not quite right pizza.  It does not mean the boyos do not rave.  There is talk about moving the shop and the Boss got asked yesterday, "But what about our bready treats?  I do not think I wish to work in a new shop!"  I laughed so hard.  I had figured it was a perk.  I let them know when bread has come out of the oven, every time.  There is talk about building me a kitchen in the same space so they can continue to have bready treats.

It has been a summer for creation failure.  But then I have done all the easy stuff.  I am now way into the weeds.  For example, looking at my pizza dough recipe and realizing that it is very close to the croissant dough recipe.  Yes, I was craving croissants and made them from pizza dough.  If they are even better next time, I will post.  It is what I do.  Pushing the envelope.  Creating.  And some times creating just does not go as planned.  That is okay.

There is a tropical storm coming close.  There is predictions for much rain and the possibility of power being out.  There is also a boucherrie to go to in South Carolina over Labor Day weekend.  I may be around but not much around in the next couple weeks.  


just life

I needed quiet this weekend still so I took it.  There will be traveling at the end of the week and next so quiet will be the last thing that will happen.  Quiet means working on a quilt and audio books.  The back of this quilt is done and it is basted.  I am ready to quilt it.  But because quilting is a work out, especially the first quarter, I may break it up more then normal.

The boyos cleaned out the old knife making shop to make it into a leather shop on Sunday.  There is dust everywhere!  If it all comes out of the air in less then two years, I will be happy.  

I put a large pot of elk spaghetti sauce and a pot of noodles together for them.  I then went on a walk.  The magnolias are blooming.  In many ways, I like the fallen blooms better then the blooms that are perfect.  The imperfections speak to me.  I have played editing them.  I post those on Instagram.  I like monochromatic.  Usually black and white but not always.  I am actually hoping to have be able to get more flower pictures on the travels next week.  And maybe a large handful of pine branches for dyeing.  Part of the travels is to the mountain.  I miss it so.