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the last of the traveling projects

These are the last of the projects I made on my last trip.  I really like the yarn store in Ashland.  It does not help that it has spinning wheels and such.  It just fits who I am when it comes to fiber.

They had a kit there for a Blue Sky Alpaca knit hat kit.  I hate knitting so i crocheted it.  The package said it was a slouchy hat but it reminds me of a Rasta hat.  I like it because it keeps my head warm and it goes over my hair easily when my hair is up.  Which it is most of the time!

I also really liked the yarn that I made the Bear's ear flap hat from.  I used the last bit of his and mine and made a cowl for me.  It is not a cowl that you can twist twice around your head and hangs to your waist.  It is just a simple close fitting cowl.  I could have probably made it even closer fitting but it keeps my neck warm well. 

These two bits of wool, my Carhartt's, a cardign sweater, and a t-shirt and I did not need to put a heavy coat on all the way home.  With my mirrored aviators, I looked strange.  But that is okay.  I was warm and covered in wool.

Today has been a scattered day.  I went with a friend to the farmer's market and then we did a bit of shopping for her.  I had to walk a few miles to try to make my hip feel like it was working.  Then I ran out of embroidery floss!  The hand sewing and embroidery has caught me very hard.  But that is life sometimes.  i am not so much at my sewing machine but that is okay.  Changing things up a bit is a good thing!


to grow into

When Koda Bear and I were adventuring, we stopped in Ashland Oregon.  Part of it was for a bathroom break.  Part of it was for play because I knew of really nice park that I had been to about fifteen years before.  

The Bear loved it!  One of those he did not wish to leave and would go back to in a heart beat.  I liked it because there was kids playing there of all ages.  With parents playing too.  It did not matter how old the kids were.  There was a play structure, a rock climbing feature (not just a wall), a rope climbing structure, and all the trees and creeks you would wish as a kid.

It was just pretty.  There was some sun.  The rain had stopped for a few minutes.

The other thing was I got to go to a yarn store.  A yarn store I wished to go back to since the last time I had been in Ashland.  Koda Bear was very good in the store even though he wanted to still be playing.  And he kept asking where the tent would be setup that night.  We got to my parents that night so no tent.  But yarn was purchased.  Actually most things were purchased were for the Bear!

He tried a hat on while we were in the shop.  He wanted me to make it but I did not think it was soft enough.  He agreed.  And picked out different yarn.  I made him a hat while we were at my parents.  He wanted it to be big enough to grow into.  He wanted ear flaps.  It ties.  It has all the things he asked for.  

Who knows if he will wear it this spring but he might wear it next winter.  I can wear it if he does not.  It may just get snitched!



I made this lovely sweater for myself from yarn that I had spun.  It was thick and cuddly and huge on me.  I had to roll the sleeves up three times so that they would not drag in everything.  And the sweater was heavy.  It made my body tired to wear it.  It is one of those things I have noticed with my arthritis, clothes that are too heavy are not my friends.  

I have learned that any pattern that says boyfriend sweater is not for me.  It is too much sweater for my body and life.  No matter if I like it or not!  I still have a few boyfriend sweaters that I would love to make and know better!

I got out my sewing machine and ran some lines of stitches.  I got out my scissors and cut.  I unraveled the collar.  I unraveled every thing I cut off and saved the yarn. 

Then I started finishing all the edges and putting a new collar on it.  I had to redo the button holes and I even found buttons to work this time.  I put them on.

I now have a sweater I can wear.  It is still on the bulky side.  I was wandering around my parents with it on over another sweater when I was so tired my body hurt.  I needed the comfort.  But it is now something I hope to wear more then twice a year.  I might be able too.  I do like it much better now.  I can envision it over my new overalls.  


pussy hat

I asked my best friend if she wanted me to make a pussy hat for her out of yarn that I was spinning.  Her first thought was, no.  That is because she crochets as well.  I got her hooked.  Pun intended.  But then she said, yes!  Elizabeyta made yarn and hat.  She thought such love.

She actually sent me a pattern that she liked better then the original published pattern.  I had to agree.  It just seemed to be cuter.  The ears worked better.  As I was making it, I realized that I had made similar hats years ago.  Twelve to be exact but in bulkier yarn.  With huge pompons.  I made one for her as well.  She says that every time she wears it everyone has to wear it.  

I think if and when I make a similar hat for myself I am going for the bigger pompoms.  And I do not do pink.  I may go with the brown yarn I am making with accents.  The March for Science will be a bit hot with this type of hat on my head in April.  But maybe I will figure something out.  And I will use my old pattern.  I think it turned out better.

The yarn I made was very soft.  And my best friend's head is not very large.  The pattern was a bit large for her.  The yarn was not very elastic.  But she loved it when delivered.  The tassels helped.  She also recieved this hat when she was recovering from the norovirus.  Everything combined to help make it just the right hat for her.

The curves on the road this week are getting even more interesing.  Koda Bear is not being needy or clingy but I have about 15 minutes to myself before he wishes to be near.  It makes it hard to accomplish anything.  I understand but it does make it hard.  I worked on my shop during the making of dinner because that was the time I had.  Hustle when you can.  Any way you can.  But there is fresh bread for his belly and lots of cuddles.  It is what it is.  

And sometimes his favorite thing is to help me spin or sew.  More yarn for hats.  More quilting done.  It all works.


cozy shawl

Friday was not a good computer day.  I could not get anything started here.  The rest of the weekend was a lot of pain.  I just took care of myself and worked on things were I could sit.  I did not wish to talk, let alone write!  I keep feeling like more and more of a hermit.  Which I do not have a problem with.

I finished this shawl in Tahoe.  I had picked the fiber up at NW Yarns in April.  When I would get a chance, I would sit and spin.  Then the shawl started.

It is really soft and warm.  I finished it while it was raining and cold in Tahoe so it fit.  Now, I have to wonder.  I like the soft.  I like the warm.  I wish it was solid.  I have been drawn to more solids recently.  It is all I wish to wear.  But it could be a good thing under a waterproof. 

I will give it some time before I decide.  I may eventually gift it to someone because the colours are making me uncomfortable. Every colour in the shawl, I like.  It is just the multi-colour.  I am strange and know it.

Oh well.