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Lady Emma

We had frost in our neighborhood this week.  How strange for April in Houston.  I realized that I wished to put my hands in the soil.  It may be due to how chaotic life is.  I love the short people in my life but that does not mean I have a lot of time to create.  Or thought power.

I can pull weeds and try to make the flowers that are starting to flower try to look prettier.  I planted a Lady Emma rose.  The buds are changing in a positive way, not a I killed it as I planted it.  I hope to plant more roses again. I need flowers.  There is a theory that flowers are enlightened beings because they developed before insects and other pollinators.  

I do not know.  I am not that wise.  I know flowers sooth my soul.  I am going to add more roses to my garden again.  The soil should have revived from the last time I planted them.  And this time, I am not so worried about having veg as well.  I am told I may get a veg plot again in the backyard.  I am kind of at I will believe it when I see it stage of life.

But I will have roses.  Be prepared for many pictures when that does happen!



It may sound crazy but I have been working on crocheted octopus this weekend.  I have a baby shower to go to and I decided to make one as part of a gift.  I usually bring a hat I have made.  A hat is a simple thing but actually is shown to increase mortality rates in babies.  It has everything to do with small babies do not regulate their temperatures well.  

Recently, it has become apparent that crocheted octopus calm babies.  Especially newborns.  Then tentacles feel like the umbilical cord.  It is especially true with premies.  They do not pull out all the cords and tubes they are attached to if they have an octopus near.

This green octopus and hat are going with me to a friend's baby shower this weekend.  I do not dread my friend or the giving of gifts.  The shower has on the other hand.  I do not enjoy parties like this so it will be interesting.  I can always come home for a cup of tea and hide in a book afterwards!

I stuffed both of the octopus with wool.  They are machine washable and the wool heads will act like a dryer ball in the dryer.  The yarn is cotton.  Wool is antibacterial so life is good.

I made the yellow one for Koda Bear.  I figured why not.  The green one I kind of followed a pattern.  The yellow one I did not.  I like how I made the yellow one better.  I know of one more baby that will need an octopus so that is a good thing.

Koda Bear said the green octopus for the baby did not need a face.  I liked the short person's opinion.  But he did believe the hat should be worn by the octopus.  If you pull the hat down, the octopus looks more like a squid.



purple present

I make my best friend's Christmas presents.  Sometimes they do not get to her until June because she does not have an address to mail them to or that is the first time we connect but I make them.  I think this year she has an actual address.  But I will check before I mail anything.  Who knows where she will be?

She does not really spoil herself, so I do.  I thought some color was needed.  We both wear too much black and many earth tones.  She is notorious for whatever is on the clearance rack to be what she buys because just like me, she hates shopping.  The clearance rack may be online but it is clearance.

Working on films means she lives in hotel rooms and out of her car most of the time.  She does have a storage unit that has a large amount of yarn in it but sometimes I think that is all that is in there.  I have to make things I hope she loves.

I am actually making her a complete outfit.  The first bit is this slip.  I cut apart a nightgown I do not wear for the lace.  I had thrifted purple satin.  A slip for the dress I am making her.

It actually packs up very small so it will not take up too much room in her suitcase or car.  I am also sending leggings with the dress.  I bought a stash awhile back and I know these leggings will work under the dress.  Hopefully, when she finally receives everything, she will like it.

If you read my blog much, you may have noticed the Shop tab is gone.  I have disabled it because I cannot seem to keep up with it, my Etsy shop, and making things.  I decided it would be a good thing to simplify a bit.  

Even though the holidays are just over and that usually means I am back in this space a lot, I had a dear friend die yesterday.  I am feeling a bit lost and do not know what all the arrangements will be.  I also find my thoughts jumbled and words not coming easily or together easily.  Please bear with me.

It appears this year is going to be full of change.  


trying mitered corners on quilts

I finished the Halloween quilt for the Tall Short Person.  She wanted a quilt and not a wall hanging so I made sure everything was attached securely.  In the original pattern, the lettering was a banner across the quilt.  Not going to work as a physical hug!  I did put a sleeve across the top in case she does ever wish to hang it as a Halloween decoration.  The Small Bear liked the "bone daddies."

I am also making myself a Halloween quilt but I do not think it will be done in time for Halloween.  That is okay.  It gives me another chance to play with mitered corners.  I did mitered corners on this quilt and, not perfect, but better.  I needed to change how I did the binding which was okay.  I also need to work on my fingers working better on the corners.  That is just practice.

I had an old piece of red flannel in the stash and I used that for the back.  It was going to be pajama bottoms for Koda Bear but his favourite colour is now orange.  I still had a use.  I also backed the banner edging in muslin.  Life is good.

I did get this mailed yesterday so there is hope that it will get to the Tall Short Person by Halloween.  I can hope!