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needing color

I should not watch movies about people who do not live the norm.  Or rather live the norm I always wished to when I was younger but do not.  Captain Fantastic is one of those.  

Good things that came out of it is that ir reminded me that I need to do more yoga.  Palo Duro Canyon helped remind me as well.  More movement for arthritic hips.  More strength. 

One of the things that came out of Captain Fantastic is that I want more color.  I do not mean more prints but more vibrant colors.  Jewel tones.  I am that crazy person though if I am wearing white you may wish to check if I am depressed.  I really like blacks and greys.  Woodland tones.  But I need to intersperse more jewel tones.  More tropical.  Not the prints.  Just the colors.

I went through some of my leftover yarns and started to put this shawl together.  I had some yarn leftover from my Taos Mountain shawl I had made.  I had some skeins I had purchased just one of because I liked the colors.  After pondering this through a whole yoga asana, I started to make a triangle shawl.  Honestly, my shawls are all triangles.  This is modeled after a granny square.  It is exciting to work on.  

I am actually almost done with all the bright blue in the picture and the green.  Which means I still have two dark blues and a grey blue to go.  That bright blue is the ball of yarn that decided to roll off a mountain.  

I am having a hard time settling.  Part of it is the air in Houston.  The sadness.  Part of it is that I still wish to be in the desert camping.  Or someplace in the middle of nowhere but with ice cream not too long of a drive away.  That is me.  I can be as happy with a bowl of ice cream as a glass of a tequila based beverage. 

I have also spent a lot of time on the computer this week.  That always makes me antsy.  I was redesigning business cards for letterpress printing.  I am going to need to spend some time printing soon.  Such exciting pictures!  I am being sarcastic.  Like pictures of my working on the computer are exciting too.  Not really.

I am now going to putter off to my sewing machine after some yoga.  I might even get a quilt laid out in the next week or two!  Another way to add color. 


me time

I came to this space to write today and felt badly.  What am I going to write?  Most of the projects I am working on are taking time.  My works in progress are many!  And the food I am creating is a lot of requested food.  Like today, I am going to make blackberry buckle because it was requested.  I laugh at how many times I use my own recipes.  The recipe list here will always be around in some form because I use it weekly.  

The picture is of a shawl I am making.  It is one of two new crochet techniques I am learning.  Which is incredible in itself but it does not mean I have a lot of pictures of done projects.  The other technique is using a slip stitch for the whole body of the crochet work.  Just learning that one took a couple months!  And it was for a Christmas present!  It might get to my Mom for Mother's Day.  At least she may still wear it where she lives.

I am also learning how to refinish furniture.  I found a teak coffee or side table (it could also be a bench) that someone had left to be taken away.  In our neighborhood, that means it is left on the side of the street and either someone leaves with it or it goes to the landfill.  Which every comes first.   A free solid teak table to learn new things on.  I have been having a blast.  My dining room table needs to be refinished and I am looking for other free or cheap furniture to do the same with.  I may sell it.

I also need to create some new plates for letterpress work.  I start writing out all I am doing here and no wonder I look up at 7:45 pm and go crap.  That was what I did last night and dinner was going to be an hour later then that.  But it was good bread with stuff on top.  It is amazing how many meals are just truly bread and cheese.  And along the lines of things I am planning, I have not even added the six sewing projects that are in my head.  I just found out a friend is pregnant.  

The me time on the shawl last night was needed.  Quiet where I could work more on learning the new skill.  I did order more yarn for it though.  The skeins I had in the first place were not the size that I really needed.  It is okay because this is a learning process and I just keep going forward.  And I will not be able to wear this shawl until next autumn unless I am traveling probably.  It is giving me ideas for leftover yarn though.  Always a bad thing.  More projects!


because I had to

Am I ready for a week with family?  Where I will get very little done and Christmas and a birthday will be celebrated?  No.  I will be working on presents into January.  They just get mailed late.

This present had to be done today.  It does not look like much.  It is a hat I made with yarn I spun.  It is going to get wrapped and be gifted with a box of cookies.  It will be gifted either tomorrow morning or Saturday morning.

Why did it have to be done?  I walk every morning.  Almost five miles.  I look at the sky.  I try to breathe.  I check out the bayou.  I pick up trash every morning and put it in the bins along the path.

And I say good morning to the homeless man who lives under one of the underpasses.  That his spot.  It was his spot this summer.  It was his spot during Harvey and it was covered with water.  I do try to tell him what the weather will be.  He has offered me his umbrella when I got caught in the rain.  Just human. 

Being human, I am taking him a Christmas gift.  A hat and cookies.  Not a lot.  Something he can share.  Some small gesture to let him know I see him every morning.  I am a little worried about him.  He has been moving slowly out of his spot the last couple of mornings.  I am worried he may not be feeling well.  I know too many people who have homes who are sick right now.  There is not much I can do but I can show him that someone knows he is alive.

I will not be in this space until the New Year.  Lots of family starting soon.  I hope everyone who shares this space with me have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  


Taos Mountain Shawl

I have been under the weather.  I am still not a 100% but I try to listen to my body when it says I should sleep or I can go.  This weekend was a lot of being asleep or still.  It has been a long time since I have sat and read so many books in a day.  It was actually really kind of nice!  I will call it a silver lining.

I finished the Taos Mountain Shawl I was making.  I crocheted it instead of knitted it.  I only took it out probably a dozen times and I could have taken it out a couple more.  There is that corner pictured above that is not quite the angle I would have wished.  And for some reason, I mixed up color order on the other border.  But it is done.

I am really pleased.  I used about twice as much yarn as the knitted version which means it is a bit larger.  I like large shawls.  It has been nice for when I want a little extra but not a sweater.

I usually wear my shawls a bit off center anyhow and this becomes even more wonky.  But it was designed after the mountains near Taos, New Mexico.  Wonky is okay.  The yarn is soft but not as soft as the other cashmere blend I have worked with.

I have another shawl I am taking from knit to crochet, Earth and Sky.  I find I do better using the pictures as a go by so I have no idea what the parameters of that one will be.  But I am going to give it a try.  I have only taken that one out three times so far.  It will be interesting.  Especially since I do not think I have enough of any one yarn for any part.  It will be a compilation.


it did not take me until I was 80!

I finished the cardigan I was making!  It did not take until I was 80 like my Beloved predicted because I kept ripping it out.  But I did start with a knitting pattern.  Then I combined it with a crochet pattern.  It was all about the shape and I guess you could say I did my own thing.  But if I am making it, why not?

The Yosh Little Brother yarn from Tolt Yarn and Wool was lovely to work with.  Lovely enough for me to consider it for other projects even though it is a bit expensive.  It is also soft due to the cashemere in it so I should not complain.

The hardest part for me was the decision of what edging color.  I chose by consensus.  The sage green is not in this picture but the sage green and the cranberry were the lead picks.  I went with the cranberry because I was told it was a bit more edgy, modern.

These pictures are from the day I wore it before I blocked it.  Once I block it, if I block it, I may need to reposition the buttons.  But that may not happen until the first time it needs washing.  This sweater is so soft.  My allergies have been pretty bad and being able to wrap myself in it has been nice.

It just makes me wish to crochet another sweater.  That I will rip out how many times before it is done.  It is part of my process.

We are off a fiber fair this weekend, then the mountain and my parents, and then camping with Koda Bear.  I cannot wait!  I was ready to go traveling before Harvey but I am very ready for a change right now.  As long as it does not snow.  I dreamed it snowed on the mountain last night and I just do not see that as a good thing!  I may pack my snow boots as a just in case measure.  

Oh, by the way, yes, those are my skateboards behind me in the picture.  One rides the concrete like my spoon rides the waves.  I have been feeling the need to go surfing as well but there has not been any surf until this week.  This week has been about packing and going.  Oh well.  Soon.