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I have had an interesting week.  I have not been able to figure out where the time keeps going.  I also had one day where my joints were very hot and stiff.  They felt swollen.  I felt swollen.  But other indicators would have said not.  So I sat in my chair with this shawl, yarn, and hook and finished it!

I really liked how it turned out.  All the colored yarn is from the same fleece that the farmer dyed.  I spun all the yarn in this.  This is one of those times where my Dad would say the actual crocheting takes the least amount of time.  It would if I had not started it three times.  I kept having different thoughts about it.  I get laughed at on how many times I will start a project.  It is part of my process.  But in the end, I really like it.

Why do I like it?  Because there is a cozy weight to it.  I could see myself cuddling under this with a cup of tea and a book.  Especially if there was a fire place near.  I do make things I like so I admit to being very tempted to keep this.

But no, it is going into the shop.  Both here and on Etsy.

Though, if it does not sell, there will be great temptation!


sweater for a bear

I do believe I may be one of the few women who has boyos who go into a yarn store and feel like they need to sit in the chairs.  Not because that is unusual but because they want to touch all the yarns, all the soft, and all the colors!  Yes, even Koda Bear.

Koda Bear told me his favorite color is yellow currently.  He went and touched every yellow in the yarn store.  But he also touched greens.  I asked if he would like me to make him a sweater.  He said yes.  I told him to pick the yellow he wanted.  That is the color above.

I have started the sweater.  I am hoping to get it finished before he goes north but I do not think it will happen.  I work on it every day but I forget how much I do.  I am not going to get to everything I wish to finish today before I leave the house to coach.  Too much and a curve in the path today.  There will always be too much and curves though.  That is life!

There is more of this sweater done then is pictured here.  I am making it in such a way that I will be able to take it apart when he grows and maybe add that green he so liked.  Grandma Bear's can plot!


simple things

I crochet every day.  I try to sew every day and spin every day as well but crochet usually is a given.  I have tried every style of hook.  Metal, plastic, wood, bone.  I like metal.  A well finished wooden hook is a thing of beauty. 

I have really liked to come to like Furls hooks.  They are nicely ergonomic.  I like the pewter hook and I have one of their wooden ones I really like.  I do not like the wooden hook pictured on the right very much at all.  The finishing is not as nice as I would have liked.  Especially for the price.  I put it in my Etsy shop for sale until I get a chance to give it some TLC.  When the TLC is applied, I may regift it.  That is how much I do not like it.  I will not regift it until some sanding and possibly buffing is done.

The pewter hooks I purchased from Furls were very nice.  At least the hook part was.  The handle was plastic.  The fit and finish from the handle to the hook always left a little bit to be desired.  Especially with how many people I have in my life who make things and put handles on tools.  Then I chipped one handle and one handle came off a hook.

The boyos of Serenity Knives rehandled them for me.  Honestly, it would have been less expensive to buy a new hook.  But then all of the hook would have hit a landfill.  Hooks that are not bone do not usually break on me.  I would have still had the same fit and finish problem.  The fit and finish on these two hooks is now much better then the original.  I can see me using these hooks until my hands do not work well enough to crochet any more.

The hook on the bottom of the picture is a mystery wood.  The top hook's handle is king wood.  They are both lovely.  The king wood hook was finished for me first so that is the one I have been using.  It is a wonderful hook now.  I have no complaints.

Next handle that breaks, getting it rehandled.  It appears to be how I get paid by those boyos for food and errand running.  But I do not complain at all!



When we went to Tennessee for PawPaw's funeral in March, I took the brown yarn in the pictured shawl with me.  I had to be able to keep my hands busy.  I was also trying a slightly different way to make my forever shawls.  What I realized on that trip was that I did not have enough of the brown yarn to make a shawl the size I wanted.  When we got back, I took it out.

I had another fleece that I had spun.  The fleece had been dyed.  There was a lot of variation across the fleece so the yarn was a range of blues to greens.  

After the making the earth, ocean, sky shawl, I started this one.  It will go into my shop, both here and on Etsy.  I seem to being drawn to stripes and this gives me a chance to create while sitting.  The weather here has the potential to be extreme this week.  The afternoon thunderstorms are not just due to humidity and heat but a larger weather system.  There is pain so sitting is good.  Not standing.  

I have another shawl I am working on as well.  It is going to be solid and soft.  I will embroider flowers on it to add color.  Maybe tassels?  It is fun.  And I can keep creating.


pain management

Yesterday was all about pain management.  I sat in one place most of the day trying not to hurt.  I was also trying to go to sleep so I could sleep last night.

I actually finished this shawl while I was sitting there.  This is a shawl that I made from leftover project yarn that was all a similar weight.  I also dug for more colors because I am also feeling the need for more color in my life.

It is a wonderful weight.

I actually put it right on instead of blocking it.  I picked up another shawl I am working on.  It is a place where I am testing shape.  The shape is just off on the brown one I am working on.  I think I will be ripping that on out!  But this.  This like.  

Tonight is an evening where I can go coach or not coach.  I have done alright most of the day but I can tell I am wearing out.  I will have to see what the rest of the day brings.