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poncho because yarn

I know people have lots of feelings about social media.  I do have to say I enjoy Instagram.  I find interesting things there.  Like skeins of yarn that are called Tea Cakes.  They just tickled my fancy so I went to Michael's to see if I could find any in person.  

Of course not.  I feel like I live in the biggest small town in the whole wide world.  People talk about yarn that I cannot find.  Oh well.  But Michael's had Latte Cakes that were so soft.  I normally do not work in acrylic or non-natural fibers but I bought some.  I was thinking that I could make a poncho that could be a hug for my best friend when I was not there.  I actually purchased enough yarn for two ponchos.

This is the one I crocheted for my best friend.  She picked the edge color.  The other skein I have is more purple and blue then blue and creams.  The fuzziness of the yarn makes the colors blend together.  Especially since I was using them at the edges where they had to go farther.  

I enjoyed making this poncho.  Yes, by the end I was wanting it to be done but that is how I usually am.  I want to see now!  It is off in the mail so she should be getting it when she gets home.  Whenever that is.  She travels a lot.  But it is one of the reasons I liked the idea of the acrylic yarn for this for her.  She can dump it in a motel washing machine or Laundromat and not worry so much about it.  There is no special laundering instructions.  And in the evening, when she is crocheting, she can be warm and snug.  

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