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the quilting is done

Since Sunday, I have been quilting.  A bit everyday just because my life is full.  My Beloved has been reading aloud to me while I quilt.  It is a way for us to spend time together.  Except today.  My Beloved and the Tall Short Person got sucked into a movie.

But I finished the quilting!  It looks so nice.  Time to work on the binding.  I should be hand delivering it to its new home on Monday.


basting the quilt

Once the quilt back was done, it was time to baste.  Top, batting, and back all together.  I baste with safety pins and I actually ran out while pinning.

I was surprised how sharp the new ones are!  It was just the right task because I got caught in the rain last week on my bicycle ride home.  The damp was just enough to push me into a cold.  I have been moving rather slow this week.  But the quilt is all basted!  Quilting happened next.  I will show a picture tomorrow.  I might have all the quilting done on Friday.  That would be exciting.

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