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a new apron

The apron dress I put together was to figure out how to make an apron.  A wrap apron I saw Gabrielle Hamilton wear on the Mind of a Chef.  I also found something similar on Etsy.  

Without too much trial and tribulations, I have a new apron!  I really like it.  I think I may need to fuss with the pockets a bit but pockets always need fussing.  I also may make different lengths of aprons in the future.

The only big change is that I need to shorten the ties.  That is simple.  And I should have probably made it in black.  I stain aprons so!  Oh well.  That is life.


playing with fabric

This is just a very small portion of the fabrics that I brought back from Washington, with the pause in Utah.  I pulled this stack out and can envision them as a quilt all by themselves.  I have to admit that I just keep looking at the fabrics I brought back and wish I had more time at home so I can sit at my sewing machine.  The spinning wheel has taken a backseat this week.

There may not be many more posts this week.  The traveling finally got caught up with me in terms of not finishing many things.  I have many bits in process and more fabric ordered.  After doing more reading about dyeing today, I ordered new fabric to work with.  It is very exciting but it means more waiting.  Just like waiting on the apron dress pattern I ordered.

I also admit to being a bit worried and down.  My best friend's Mom is in Istanbul.  She is okay but world events are just overwhelming.  I might need to take a pause.  A deep breath.  Just a time to be calm.  I have been running to hard.  

Or I could just talk about the little bits.  I will see what I need tomorrow.



My creative endeavors have not been very successful lately.  I am currently unquilting the quilt I was making.  I am doing more research on fabric printing and trying to figure out how to mitigate failure without just setting everything aside.  

Instead of bouncing in another project, I sat down with a few magazines to just feel like I was someplace else.  There are magazines that I should not read when I am in this mood.  I could easily pack the minimum of needed things into my truck and disappear from life as I know it.  But I did get some inspiration.  One of the articles was about handmade dyed ribbon.  My thought was I could do that.  

I picked up some china silk and started ripping.  

A piece of silk taffeta.  A piece of lace.  A hand ripped ribbon.  It was fun to play.

I made myself a chemise/slip.  It has a very 1920's feel.  Very up and down.  Just a bit of flair.  It fits closely through the hips but no where else.  It makes me feel pretty.  I put a tent up in it so I know it moves well.  Yes, there was a dress over it.

I now what to play more with dying.  Part of the printing research has lead to research on dying and fabrics.  Things I had looked at many moons ago but not recently.  I am planning on going to a fiber fair in June and there is a workshop about natural dying that I would love to take but I will not be there in time.  Maybe next year.  But it does not mean I cannot play.



When I was putting together Spikey's red quilt, I actually made myself two dresses.  I bought the plaid piece of fabric at the general goods store in Sitka, AK.  The grey piece is a wool cashmere remnant that I found at the place I bought the red cottons for Spikey's quilt.  Even at 50 % off, it was pricey.  Very pricey.

And on the hanger, it looks like a bag.  But on. . . it makes me feel elegant.  They are both my favorite dress right now.  It is actually the style.  There is one more plaid cotton that I made that I would have to say the same about.  The only problem with them is they are not very wearable for riding bicycles or motorbikes.  But I can do most else in them.

But if you cannot do it in a dress, it is not worth doing or the dress needs to be changed.  That is when I pull out the A-line ones.

Yes, I am odd.


it has been an interesting week

I will have to say it has been an interesting week and I have been hiding at my sewing machine.  As work gets more stressful, that is where I spend more time.  Soon, we will know how many people no longer work where I work.  I spend more time at my machine.  It does help for me trying to get ready for the Maker's Market in early April.

We had company because a friend called and said "can I come over?"  She did not wish to sit at home and brood.  Since it was a bad day for me as well, sure.  That was an evening full of laughter that helped.

I have been fighting having a migraine.  I could feel it on Monday but it felled me on Thursday.  My head hurt so badly that I had no balance.  Vertigo means my stomach was upset.  I got myself together enough to get to work but when I got home, I fell asleep.  I feel the effects today but my head is better.

Hiding means another quilt top was pieced.  More nine squares put together.  Not a bad way to hide.

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