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time to put it in a box

I finished this dress yesterday.  It is just a simple A-line t-shirt dress.  I did use an embroidery stitch around all the hems which will allow for a bit more stretch.  I am going to mail it off to my best friend tomorrow.  In a box it goes.

I am making something similar for myself and will be working on those hems as well.  I put pockets in mine and I will have to see how well those work before I finish anything.  Maybe, I will also get some time just to sew.  That would be nice.

I liked how this picture turned out so I thought I would share it.  It is something that ended up on my Instagram account.  I needed to walk badly this morning but knew it would only happen if I got up early.  So I was out before the sun rose.  It made for a pretty picture.  I would say it was a quieter walk then usual but that is okay.  It made having to talk non-stop for three hours this morning much more bearable.


purple present

I make my best friend's Christmas presents.  Sometimes they do not get to her until June because she does not have an address to mail them to or that is the first time we connect but I make them.  I think this year she has an actual address.  But I will check before I mail anything.  Who knows where she will be?

She does not really spoil herself, so I do.  I thought some color was needed.  We both wear too much black and many earth tones.  She is notorious for whatever is on the clearance rack to be what she buys because just like me, she hates shopping.  The clearance rack may be online but it is clearance.

Working on films means she lives in hotel rooms and out of her car most of the time.  She does have a storage unit that has a large amount of yarn in it but sometimes I think that is all that is in there.  I have to make things I hope she loves.

I am actually making her a complete outfit.  The first bit is this slip.  I cut apart a nightgown I do not wear for the lace.  I had thrifted purple satin.  A slip for the dress I am making her.

It actually packs up very small so it will not take up too much room in her suitcase or car.  I am also sending leggings with the dress.  I bought a stash awhile back and I know these leggings will work under the dress.  Hopefully, when she finally receives everything, she will like it.

If you read my blog much, you may have noticed the Shop tab is gone.  I have disabled it because I cannot seem to keep up with it, my Etsy shop, and making things.  I decided it would be a good thing to simplify a bit.  

Even though the holidays are just over and that usually means I am back in this space a lot, I had a dear friend die yesterday.  I am feeling a bit lost and do not know what all the arrangements will be.  I also find my thoughts jumbled and words not coming easily or together easily.  Please bear with me.

It appears this year is going to be full of change.  


dress remake

I believe I blogged about this dress when I made it.  I had a changed a few things about it.  One, it was flannel which I really do not make dresses out of.  Two, long sleeves with cuffs.  Three, the original pattern dress length.  I found I really liked it but I only wore it when I felt ill.  A dress I just wished to wrap around me and be kept warm by. 

I loved the fabric.  So much so that even when I was making it I wished I had bought more.  Could I find it again?  Of course not!  But I did have about a yard left over that I kept.

So I cut the dress apart.  I had enough length in the skirt to make most of the dress.  I had enough in the scrap to add short sleeves and more length.  Then, the day before traveling I started sewing.  Because I wanted the dress for my parents.  Their house has a tendency to be on the chilly side.  It has a very open floor plan.

I finished it the morning of departure.  I packed it into my bag and off it went with me.  Through a few adventures getting to my parents and I changed into it on Christmas day.  I did not know I could drive from Mountain Home, Idaho to Prosser, Washington on one tank of gas with some leftover.  Driving through three states at between 30 and 45 miles per hour most of the time was quite an experience.  It was not even that bad just slow.

Back in my own home, it is the dress I am wearing it today.  I like how soft it is.  It is a comfort.  But it feels stylish in the sheath shape.  My one fear now is that I am going to wear it out and not be able to find similar fabric again.  That will be a sad moment but it will be what it will be.

I hope every one had a lovely holiday season.  I am just getting back into the swing of things.  I am not caught up at all but simple things are done.  The bed is made.  Tea is in the pot.  A morning walk was had.  I am curious to see what will be left of my garden after the below freezing nights.  The seed catalogs are here.  This could be a very bad thing!



Carpenter dress

When I am traveling, especially driving, I have been wearing overalls lately.  Part of that is that Koda Bear and I match.  The other part is that most of my dresses do not have pockets and the pockets in the overalls make life just a little bit easier.  It was suggested to me that maybe I should put the pockets I like on one of my dresses.

I mostly like the pockets that are lower on the leg best.  Not the bib pocket.  And I do not need two butt pockets.  I find the lower leg ones are perfect for my phone and possibly a key.  I do not sit on things in those pockets and they are easily to hand.

I took out my Carhartts and used them as a go by for both position and size.  I still needed to fit a phone.  I played with a piece of fabric that I really liked but also was not so expensive that I would worry about screwing it up.  It is a mid to heavy weight cotton.

Can I say I was pleased?  First, I did take the dress in a tatch.  It might look a bit tight in some of these pictures but it is not tight at all.  I put short sleeves on it instead of three quarter length sleeves.  I kept the neckline high and added two inches to the hem.  The dress itself is a better version of the sheaths I have been wearing.  I still do not need to put a zipper in it because it can go over my head and that still helps my shoulders.  I have days.

But the pockets!  The pockets!  This is going to be one of those dresses that gets washed and it is one of the first that I put back on.  Which also means it will wear out faster.  It is a difficult catch 22 but this dress is a winner.  I was thinking I might start looking for a light twill to make some more in.  A fabric just a little bit heavier so it my last longer with the washing.

I am pleased!



I have been noticing that when I do my hand sewing, I never seem to know where to put my feet.  My chair is lovely for my joints.  Yes, it could do with some refinement and I think I should sand some of the sharp edges off but it works on my hips.  I feel like I should build another.  I will paint turquoise or red when I do.  But my chair was needing an ottoman.

I looked at different types online.  I wanted something I could build or make.  I also knew I needed softness.  The cube shaped ottomans appealed both in terms of price, size, and softness possibilities.  

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I picked up two pieces of upholstery fabric.  Each one yard.  It is enough to make two ottomans.  I cut six 18 inch by 18 inch squares of each and started stitching.

I will say the stitching on the stiffer fabric was easier then on the softer fabric.  But not terrible.  I fashioned a t shape from all the squares and then sewed that together so I had a cube with one side still open.

It was cheaper to buy inexpensive pillows then the amount of polyfill I would need.  Six standard pillows fit into each of the ottomans.  The cashier thought I was having guests over.

I pinned that last opening and hand sewed the edge together.  I bent every single straight pin.  The squeeze clamps the boyos use in knife making actually worked much better.  If I were making many of these, I would invest but instead I borrowed.

Now there are two lovely ottomans.  

The blue one sits by my sewing chair and is quiet lovely.  The brown/grey one above sits by my Beloved's rocking chair.  It gets used quite often as well.  Not bad for an afternoon of work.