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Somehow I got wrangled into making a backpack for one of my Mom's church friends.   This was harder then you might think because I was given the instructions:  blue.  Wow, there are so many different blues!  This is what I ended up with.  I did ask for help with the choosing of the fabrics.

Then, there was the putting it together.  It was not hard but probably not the way I would have put it together.  I would also have cut some of the pieces different shapes, like the flap for the opening.

But I liked how it turned out.  The straps are adjustable because you tie them at the bottom.  I would have changed the top for me but that would have required grommets.

I would also have wanted more coverage for the opening but I followed the pattern.

I would also have probably used a buckle or a different closure for the flap. But I am hard on backpacks.  

I hope the person likes it.  I am delivering it next week.  If I were to make it again, I already mentioned some of the changes I would have made.  I also think I would go thrift store shopping and see what I could find in weather proof fabric.  I use backpacks and weather proof matters.


dress form

So I am back.  The move to Reno is off.  We were unable to find a living/working situation that was acceptable for many reasons.  I needed to be able to afford it on the new hourly rate that I was going to receive.  Which was possible but everything that we found that fit our requirements was either falling down or in a neighborhood that was hugely questionable.  Especially since I would be there by myself most of the time.

It is time to look at different opportunities and paths.  There are even a few classes I would not mind taking.  The observation was made by more then one person that everything was happening very quickly.  Maybe much too quickly.  Time to take a deep breath and move a bit slower with more consideration.  It is actually very good for me.

The Sunday before I left for Reno, a friend helped my make a dress form.  Now, I know the picture looks pretty bad.  But I ran out of polyfill so it is not finished being stuffed.  There are end to cover and another layer of duct tape to add.  But, having my own dress form is exciting!  I am working on a sweater right now which I can already seeing me walk up to the dress form to test widths and lengths.

It is probably one of the best decorations for the season I have ever had.  It is a headless, armless, legless body.  That matches mine!  It should get along really well with the ghosties in the house.


influenced by Raw Craft

I got to watching Anthony Bourdain's Raw Craft series on youtube.  They are short videos about people who make things.  Make things with a vision and well.  Other people in their chosen field might not say they are the best at what they do, like Anthony Bourdain says about a few, but that does not mean what they do is not impressive.  There were a few that truly spoke to me.

One was Frank Shattuck.  He makes bespoke suits.  This means he makes the suit for a person by hand to their measurements.  There are usually multiple fittings and 60 hours or more of work, much by hand.  He says he in the video, which really speaks to me.  I always feel like I am still learning.

I am not up to a suit.  But my Beloved loved Frank's vest that he wore in the video.  I can do this.  Because the pattern I had was not quite right, I have started with a muslin.  I wanted to make sure that it fit and that change in neckline worked.  It does.  Now that I have this and I have a few more supplies, I can start working on the garment.  I am hoping for a few hours this weekend were I can get started.

Why are there not more hours in the day for me to learn new things?



Yesterday was my last day at work.  I can sigh with relief.  A group of people from work with my Beloved and I went out to celebrate.  Nibble, beverages, conversation, and laughter.  I could not ask for more.  I know they cut my contract but I feel like a favour was done.  The company I worked for is already talking about contracting me again when oil prices go back up.  I am going to have to see where I am at and where life takes me.  I have ideas!

Friday, we had been invited to a friend of mine's casual birthday party.  I made her a shopping bag.  I tweaked my pattern just a bit more and I really like the changes.  The square bottom works well.  I need a few more for myself as well so this is a good tweak.  Nothing last forever!  

I had a nightgown destroyed last night because I sat down.  Rrrriiipppp!  It is is being washed for quilt squares.  Again, nothing lasts forever but I do not need to make one immediately.  I would need a few more to destroy themselves.  Which they will.  

I feel lighter!


a new apron

The apron dress I put together was to figure out how to make an apron.  A wrap apron I saw Gabrielle Hamilton wear on the Mind of a Chef.  I also found something similar on Etsy.  

Without too much trial and tribulations, I have a new apron!  I really like it.  I think I may need to fuss with the pockets a bit but pockets always need fussing.  I also may make different lengths of aprons in the future.

The only big change is that I need to shorten the ties.  That is simple.  And I should have probably made it in black.  I stain aprons so!  Oh well.  That is life.

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