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When I finished this quilt, the purples in it caught my eye even though there are a lot of different colours.

It was a very restful place to be finishing this quilt.  Audiobooks and old television shows.  I admit to liking Syfy network for just sitting and stitching or spinning.

I am getting better at the mitered corners which thrills me.

I really liked how the back came together.  Backs for my quilts are always an interesting prospect.  I usually do not have enough fabric of any one and I truly do not wish to go buy anything.  I have become even more of a hermit.

The greys are soothing.  All my small blankets are falling apart.  I really need to do something like this for those.  I plan to use them as the batting.

This quilt is in my Etsy shop:  PanamintHandmade


a bit of a rabbit hole

Life really has not been quiet lately.  Between what is going on in the world, preparing to take Koda Bear back to the Tall Short Person, and things not working out quite right, I find I need quiet.  Sleep would help too but the boyos are not helping there.

When I can get a chance, I have been working on a quilt.  The top is put together.  The back is done.  It is basted together.  I have sewing to do before I am on the road but what I really would like to work on is the quilting of this.  Might not happen.

I have been playing with plant dye and this week does not seem very successful.  It will be interesting to see what happens with the two pieces of silk I am working with now.  I cooked beet and tried to dye with that.  Not what I have been expecting so far.  Same is true with everything else I have been working on with dye.  Except my hands.  My hands show the work.

Oh well.  That is life.



I laid out another quilt this weekend, immediately after finishing the last.  Even though I still have pajama pants to make, requests for dress shirts and vests, and probably more then I remember, I just needed to lay out another quilt.  Quilting and spinning are where my head is recently.

I just picked a pile of squares and this one turned out with a lot of purple in it.  I do not know how.  But that is okay because it will work.  I am actually still thinking about the one I posted yesterday.  Yes, it is in my shop but I really like it.  I would never have thought it would speak to me but I can be surprised!  Neutrals and reds.  Who knew!

I know it does not work in my life due to boyos.  But, if I had a quiet place where I know it would stay relatively clean, I might just snitch it for myself.  The last time I made a quilt for myself has been a bit.  Maybe I should stop putting that off.



red cross quilt, or at least that is how I think about it

When I am not feeling well, I have a hard time taking it slowly.  This weekend I needed something where I could sit and use my hands but not expend much energy.  Proximity to the bathroom was huge as well.  Which meant that I could sit and finish binding a quilt by hand.

The colours on this one speak to me.  Lots of neutrals with pops of orange and reds.  It worked for me.  I did not think it would that well before it all came together.  I have learned to not pass judgement on a quilt until it is done.  Sometimes, it just does not work very well visually to me until it is completely sewn.  It makes a difference.

My mitered corneres are getting better as well.

I did a simple piecing on the back to make fabric stretch.  Most of this fabric is thrifted.  I really like the finished quilt.

It is in my Etsy shop.



sitting and stitching

I sat yesterday and finished the binding on the Tall Short Person's quilt.  It got sent off in the mail yesterday.

It was so her.  I am not sure I will ever make another quilt with so many Bone Daddies in it but I may.

The back is all about a hug and the ocean, which is also her.  I was pleased with how it turned out.

Koda Bear likes this hug so I can see him trying to "borrow" the quilt from her.

There are a few mermaids and waves. 

A few sea creatures.

I am working on getting Koda Bear's quilt done.  It is all about being able to sit and stitch.  This time of year is not very conducive for that!