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a bit of sanity

Life has been busy.  I find I am a chop wood, carry water type of meditater.  Along those lines, as soon as I finished the last quilt I took a stack of nine squares and laid out this quilt.  It appears very random to me but so far I like it.  Having the project ready to sew when I have a few minutes is huge.

I am working on a few things in the kitchen that are get started and wait.  Or need a bit of attention.  That, Koda Bear, the addition of Mr. G (who is 4) when he was "sick", and errands, means my life has felt incredibly busy.  But as I tell people, this is the life I chose.  I actually really enjoy it but it does mean sitting down at the computer or seeing something finished might not happen as often as I wish.

Seeds are up.  There is weeding to do and a few more beds to dig and seed.  The first flower has bloomed.  That is a nice accomplishment this week.  Especially when I look at how much roasted veg I eat!  And I love flowers.  I just do not enjoy paying for flowers.  I would add more roses if I had more room but I do not.  Maybe I will just buy myself roses and peonies.  Not enough room and wrong climate.  That is life.

Well, that last paragraph was a bit of a babble.  That is where my head is.

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