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so much quilting!

Two more quilts down.  They just need to be bound.  One really needs to be done by Saturday but I just do not think that will happen with how today went.  Today was all about errands and none of the tasks that were on the list were finished.  Except for dinner.  That got made.

But this quilt got laid out this weekend.  And sewn together.  The basting happened.  I was hoping for all of that and more.

The more would have been more then three lines of quilting done but that did not happen.  Koda Bear picked out the backing for this quilt at Ragfinery.  It is an orange polartecish fabric.  It is very soft but it does not move easily across my sewing machine.  I am going to get a work out making this quilt.  

When Koda Bear got back from his Dad's, he walked into my sewing room.  He is my helper.  The smile on his face tried to break it when he saw that his quilt was being quilted.  I think this one is going to be a win.  Now if there was a few more hours and a bit more energy between now and Christmas day, everything might get finished.  I am at the point of not worrying.  

Baking will happen tomorrow.  Hopefully some quilting.  Maybe pajamas cut out.  Too much.  Oh well.


spending a lot of time quilting

It has been a wild and crazy week.  When I am at my sewing machine, I am seeing a lot of this!  I am trying to get two quilts done for next week.  One is a Christmas present and needs to be mailed.  The other is for the shop.  Plus, I have one more quilt that I am trying to get the top done and basted today so I can start the quilting on that!

I cannot say sitting here and quilting is a bad thing.  Koda Bear comes and helps treadle.  Or he cuts threads for me.  He is cutting shapes out of fabric scraps.  We work maths.  He cuddles into me and we talk or he plays.  We read, both on my phone for e-books (because then he is just like everyone else) or hardcopy books.  It is a good space.  He likes me working here.  Except for missing dropping me off to work occasionally.  He misses adventures with doughnuts.  Who can blame the Bear?

It has also been a busy week due to just the season.  More people reaching out.  More people wanting to see each other.  Most of the year, I can easily be a hermit.  Not this time of year.  I also have a friend who I am checking on who had a hip replacement the day before Thanksgiving.  Even though her Mom and Sister are here, it does not mean I do not wish to check.  I took a kugelhopf over there late this week.  

It is so easy to be a hermit because friends and loved ones are spread across the world anymore.  But that is life.  I can still sigh.


this week. . .

Feels like it is going to be all about quilts.  And baking old recipes for gifts.  I am making a yeasted "cake" for me and making an extra for a friend that I will be seeing later this week.

I actually had help with the basting of this quilt.  Koda Bear.  Help is always interesting because no matter who helps, I have a lot of adjusting to do when I am actually working on the quilting.  But when Koda Bear is not putting safety pins in the quilt he is handing me opened ones.  That is such a help!  

Have three total quilts I need to work on this week.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the rest of the week.  Maybe the sun will come out and I will actually get a bit of walk.  I need to be better at self care.  Once I get started in the morning, it is hard for me to stop!

Now, off to moving.


another quilt back

Between now and Christmas, there may not be that many new ideas.  But there is sure going to be a lot going in my life.  I took the time to work on the Tall Short Person's quilt back.  The front is all nature and bone daddy themed.  The back is about mermaids and ocean.

And a hug.  When the Tall Short Person was talking awhile back about a quilt as a physical hug, this came into being.  I knew about that center panel.  I had picked one up on our Alaska travels.  It is called hug.  I thought it was fitting.  I finally took the time to put the back together.

Now, there is how much more to do for Christmas?  I am actually notorious for sending out late gifts.  Always hand made.  I have also felt it can be a nice touch.  January and February can be such a downer after the celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Especially for those who are alone, single, or just a few friends.  People feel forgotten early in the new year.  It is one way to say you are not forgotten.  February can be a very difficult month.


sew scary

I took time on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to work on a quilt for myself.  Maybe a wall hanging is a better statement.  It is similar to the Hallows quilt I made for the Tall Short Person but different.

The quilt is very light but I backed it with a piece of thrifted Christmas flannel.  If I decide to take it off the wall and use it as a blanket, it will be cozy.

It just spoke to me.  I used shadowy tree fabrics and ravens.  The panel is about tailoring.  Why would I not like it?  I did not follow the suggested fabrics or even execution.  And in some ways, I wish I would have changed it even more but that is life.  If the little bit that bothers me continues to bother me, I will make some embroidery bits that I can applique on.  Spiders and webs I think.

I do keep getting teased with it is "sooo scary."  Pun intended.  It just fits.  I have bought some tailoring books that I wish to read and there are tailoring classes I hope to take.  Hours in the day is the biggest issue currently.