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doing something that makes me happy

I sat in my parlor and laid out a quilt.

So far the quilts have not sold but I need to make them.  The making makes me happy.  It is a good thing.  Especially when events in the United States were what they were this weekend.  I was horrified.  Distressed.  Appalled.  

I listen to a lot of audiobooks when I am working and I have been currently listening to two books about resistance in World War II.  I needed to put them away and listen to something else.  It is much to close to home.  One of the books I was listening to is The Zookeeper's Wife.  It is a biography the Warsaw zookeepers and the choices they made.  Choices that saved lives and resisted.  

I told my Beloved that every time I like something on social media, comment, or post, I wonder now if it will mean someone knocking on my door.  Gestapo like.  I can see it coming.  But I know where I sit.  


sent to a small boy

I have been spending a lot of time in my new space creating things for my shop.  Nothing much new but I am feeling more productive.  It is a lovely thing to have my own space.

I finished this quilt when we got back from traveling.  Instead of putting it in my shop here or Etsy, I mailed it off to a new small boy.  I just felt like it.

I though it was pretty and boyish.  I find making quilts is a good place for my head.

If I chose to send one off occasionally, that is a good thing.

Right now, that small boy is not doing much but sleeping and eating.  Maybe he will get a chance to play on this later in his life.


just life

I needed quiet this weekend still so I took it.  There will be traveling at the end of the week and next so quiet will be the last thing that will happen.  Quiet means working on a quilt and audio books.  The back of this quilt is done and it is basted.  I am ready to quilt it.  But because quilting is a work out, especially the first quarter, I may break it up more then normal.

The boyos cleaned out the old knife making shop to make it into a leather shop on Sunday.  There is dust everywhere!  If it all comes out of the air in less then two years, I will be happy.  

I put a large pot of elk spaghetti sauce and a pot of noodles together for them.  I then went on a walk.  The magnolias are blooming.  In many ways, I like the fallen blooms better then the blooms that are perfect.  The imperfections speak to me.  I have played editing them.  I post those on Instagram.  I like monochromatic.  Usually black and white but not always.  I am actually hoping to have be able to get more flower pictures on the travels next week.  And maybe a large handful of pine branches for dyeing.  Part of the travels is to the mountain.  I miss it so.



The weekend before my travels, I laid out this quilt.  I think of it as the birds quilt because so many of the fabrics seem to have birds in them.  Especially the fabric along the diagonals.  Did I cut the squares big enough to see the birds?  Of course not.

When I got home, I had a stack of squares to put together into a quilt top.  It was nice to have a project that was mid work.  I did not have to think to hard on what to start on next.  I actually need to lay out another quilt top but my joints are not very happy with me currently.  I am not up to crawling around on the floor.  I am hoping soon.


a bit of sanity

Life has been busy.  I find I am a chop wood, carry water type of meditater.  Along those lines, as soon as I finished the last quilt I took a stack of nine squares and laid out this quilt.  It appears very random to me but so far I like it.  Having the project ready to sew when I have a few minutes is huge.

I am working on a few things in the kitchen that are get started and wait.  Or need a bit of attention.  That, Koda Bear, the addition of Mr. G (who is 4) when he was "sick", and errands, means my life has felt incredibly busy.  But as I tell people, this is the life I chose.  I actually really enjoy it but it does mean sitting down at the computer or seeing something finished might not happen as often as I wish.

Seeds are up.  There is weeding to do and a few more beds to dig and seed.  The first flower has bloomed.  That is a nice accomplishment this week.  Especially when I look at how much roasted veg I eat!  And I love flowers.  I just do not enjoy paying for flowers.  I would add more roses if I had more room but I do not.  Maybe I will just buy myself roses and peonies.  Not enough room and wrong climate.  That is life.

Well, that last paragraph was a bit of a babble.  That is where my head is.