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chaotic mind revealed in basting

I needed to baste this quilt top to the backing and batting.  Was that an interesting experience!

I do not think I have ever basted a quilt in a more chaotic pattern!  Even when Koda Bear's helps.

My Beloved made the comment that he tells people that he is safe not okay.  I think there is a lot of truth to that statement.  On my walk this morning, one of the bridges moved underneath just from my walking.  It bounced.  No, it was not my imagination.  Once I was on solid ground, I needed to catch my breath and stomp to convince my head that I was on solid ground and everything was as good as possible.  

We are on a flight path for many of the helicopters that are working.  Three Chinook helicopters just flew over the house.  It is not just the walls that shake at that point.  It is not just the wonder if the shingles will shake off.  Things are moving on surfaces and walls.  It is a wait and see if everything will be alright this time.

I am still having a flight or fight reaction.  The rain stopped a week ago today.  I want to go forward into my normal routines but it has been difficult to focus.  Adrenaline is still raised and I am a worrier.  It is going to be very interesting to see how people react the next time there is a threatening weather event.  Or maybe just a thunderstorm.

Today, all I wish to do is sit at my sewing machine and quilt.  Listen to an audiobook.  Instead, I have some computer work.  I am cooking for a friend who is finding it hard to feed herself while she helps one of her friends who flooded.  I need to go out of the house to the post office.  And the library!  The library is open!

 It truly is the simple things.


all put together

As I was putting other things together last week, I got this quilt top stitched.  I am ready to make the back but I am having a bit of problem concentrating on it.  So instead, I keep making bags for my shop.  Or taking silk out of its dye bath.  

I am actually doing a lot but not a lot new.  Or new in old patterns.  But part of that is summer for me.  It gets so warm that I do not wish to cook anything new or anything that needs heat even.  That does not mean I do not bake bread four times a week.  It means it is my go to recipes.  Currently it is oatmeal, walnut cranberry, and cinnamon rolls.  I have been baking cinnamon rolls about once a week this summer.

I could spend all my time making quilts.  Make piles of them and force myself out of my parlor.  But they do not currently sell.  But that is where my head is.  Making things that use little pieces and many of them.  

Or I could be working on that sweater I talked about last time.  I got to where it was ready for sleeves and tried it on.  That was funny!  It was much too long.  So I ripped out half of it and made it smaller.  But I am close to putting sleeves back on it.  I will need buttons and I have ideas but am not sure.  I wish there was a thrift shop or fabric shop around with a bowl of buttons to go through.  That would be the perfect solution currently.  A hodge podge of buttons on my sweater.  Maybe.  Just maybe.  If I want to leave the house, I may go look at buttons.


doing something that makes me happy

I sat in my parlor and laid out a quilt.

So far the quilts have not sold but I need to make them.  The making makes me happy.  It is a good thing.  Especially when events in the United States were what they were this weekend.  I was horrified.  Distressed.  Appalled.  

I listen to a lot of audiobooks when I am working and I have been currently listening to two books about resistance in World War II.  I needed to put them away and listen to something else.  It is much to close to home.  One of the books I was listening to is The Zookeeper's Wife.  It is a biography the Warsaw zookeepers and the choices they made.  Choices that saved lives and resisted.  

I told my Beloved that every time I like something on social media, comment, or post, I wonder now if it will mean someone knocking on my door.  Gestapo like.  I can see it coming.  But I know where I sit.  


sent to a small boy

I have been spending a lot of time in my new space creating things for my shop.  Nothing much new but I am feeling more productive.  It is a lovely thing to have my own space.

I finished this quilt when we got back from traveling.  Instead of putting it in my shop here or Etsy, I mailed it off to a new small boy.  I just felt like it.

I though it was pretty and boyish.  I find making quilts is a good place for my head.

If I chose to send one off occasionally, that is a good thing.

Right now, that small boy is not doing much but sleeping and eating.  Maybe he will get a chance to play on this later in his life.


just life

I needed quiet this weekend still so I took it.  There will be traveling at the end of the week and next so quiet will be the last thing that will happen.  Quiet means working on a quilt and audio books.  The back of this quilt is done and it is basted.  I am ready to quilt it.  But because quilting is a work out, especially the first quarter, I may break it up more then normal.

The boyos cleaned out the old knife making shop to make it into a leather shop on Sunday.  There is dust everywhere!  If it all comes out of the air in less then two years, I will be happy.  

I put a large pot of elk spaghetti sauce and a pot of noodles together for them.  I then went on a walk.  The magnolias are blooming.  In many ways, I like the fallen blooms better then the blooms that are perfect.  The imperfections speak to me.  I have played editing them.  I post those on Instagram.  I like monochromatic.  Usually black and white but not always.  I am actually hoping to have be able to get more flower pictures on the travels next week.  And maybe a large handful of pine branches for dyeing.  Part of the travels is to the mountain.  I miss it so.