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slowing down.

It has been freezing at night while we have been here.  I find it starts out chilly in the monring and then warms up as the day goes on.  This was from Saturday morning which was a busy day.

We started the day with going to the Guild show for the handcrafters of the Southern Highlands.  There was nothing that was just "I have to have this," but there were lots of ideas.  I saw quilts I liked but they were similar to what I make.  The prices surprised me.  I am not as crazy as I may think about what I think one of my baby quilts is worth.  My Beloved got lots of ideas!  We happened across information for SAFF.  It is a fiber fair that was being held the same weekend. 

Since I spin and have been having a hard time finding fiber I like, we decided to go.  I did not take pictures of the vendors but believe me when I say there were lots of ideas.  I came home with fiber and a new spindle.  I will show pictures of the fiber when I start spinning.  I was told that this fair was better then the Maryland fair for fiber.  Maryland had a better tool selection, even though I fell in love with a spinning wheel that was between four and five feet tall.

But then there were the animals.

My Beloved loved the sheep with two sets of horns.

He and this Romney bonded. 

This was my favorite sheep even though he would not raise his head for a picture.  It is an Icelandic sheep, male, and for sale.  If I had room and did not live in Texas.... sigh....

My Beloved also liked the sheep that had dreds over their eyes.  I did not catch the breed on that one either.

Then there were llamas.

And alpacas.

We ended the day quietly.

I wrote letters as my Beloved and I talked.  It was a lovely day.



if a foodie does not take a picture.....

This is a joke in our household.  One of the people who I follow on twitter and read his blog posted:  If two foodies sit down to dinner and a picture is not taken, did it happen?  My Beloved roared when I read him this because he feels that it is very true.  We were teasing about just that when I took the picture above.

It is a simple meal for family.  What can you put together fast.  A pound of cooked pasta.  A half pound of pancetta browned.  A handful of pine nuts and sliced garlic thrown into the pan while the pancetta is cooking.  A tablespoon or so of dried basil next.  A few stirs and minutes until everything is well mingled.  A half cup of heavy whipping cream and two handfuls of grated asiago cheese stirred into the pancetta at the very end.

Three bowls.  Three forks.  A sprinkle of cheese.  Laughter.  Conversation.  Home.  Family.  

Yes, dinner does take place if a picture is not taken.  It is even better if a memory is made.


busy weekend, quiet week

It was a busy weekend.  We went to friend's house on a lake.  We played in the woods and the water, met new people, had fabulous conversation with old and new friends, and ate well.  I got a chance to learn to row.  I think I have fallen in love.  I would really like my own rowboat but I will have to save my pennies  I have it all picked out already.

But because of the busy weekend, it may be quiet around here this week.  I did not work on all my projects.  

I did not even get bread made.  A loaf is rising in the refrigerator as I type.  I will bake it in the morning so I will have fresh bread for breakfast.

I did finish all the nine squares for the current baby quilt I am working one.  100.  I hope to lay them out tomorrow and I will take a picture and post here.

But like I said, it may be a quiet week.


Happy Memorial Day

Drink some tea.

Bake a cake.

Spend time with your family.  Thank those in your family who have served, those in your life who have served, and remember those who have fallen.


the coast

We went on vacation to the Oregon coast after my Grandmother's birthday party.  Now, what does that really mean.

It means that the three of us and a dog pile into our truck that is pulling our travel trailer and head to Beverly Beach State park in Oregon.

We read and drink tea.  I might have a project to work on.

We walk in the woods to head to the beach.

And we walk.

And we walk some more.  My Beloved actually calls it trekking.  Before he came with the Tall Short person and myself, he could never figure out how we could be so tired so early in the evening from just a simple walk on the beach.  And then he joined us.  His definition of walk changed!  Trek.  I just found this out this last trip and we have been going for years now.

Puppy face had a blast!  I think we finally figured out how to tucker him out.  Beach, sticks, balls, and long walks.  But he never said no.  He just got slower as the week went along.

I kept trying to ice my fractured ankle but I think the runoff was colder then the ocean.  My ankle is still swollen.

I spend time in the kitchen creating.  My family feels like they eat very well.  Yes, we will still go out but I also create.

We have been back for a week and I am finding that I miss the trees and the ocean greatly.  We will be going back to Oregon soon for a bladesmithing course for my Beloved but it will not be the beach.  But I will get some tea and hopefully get some tree time.

This is latest finished creation.  It is already sold.  That makes me smile.  Both the process and the selling bring him joy.