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the coast

We went on vacation to the Oregon coast after my Grandmother's birthday party.  Now, what does that really mean.

It means that the three of us and a dog pile into our truck that is pulling our travel trailer and head to Beverly Beach State park in Oregon.

We read and drink tea.  I might have a project to work on.

We walk in the woods to head to the beach.

And we walk.

And we walk some more.  My Beloved actually calls it trekking.  Before he came with the Tall Short person and myself, he could never figure out how we could be so tired so early in the evening from just a simple walk on the beach.  And then he joined us.  His definition of walk changed!  Trek.  I just found this out this last trip and we have been going for years now.

Puppy face had a blast!  I think we finally figured out how to tucker him out.  Beach, sticks, balls, and long walks.  But he never said no.  He just got slower as the week went along.

I kept trying to ice my fractured ankle but I think the runoff was colder then the ocean.  My ankle is still swollen.

I spend time in the kitchen creating.  My family feels like they eat very well.  Yes, we will still go out but I also create.

We have been back for a week and I am finding that I miss the trees and the ocean greatly.  We will be going back to Oregon soon for a bladesmithing course for my Beloved but it will not be the beach.  But I will get some tea and hopefully get some tree time.

This is latest finished creation.  It is already sold.  That makes me smile.  Both the process and the selling bring him joy.



Yes, I have been gone for a week and a half.  The 100th birthday party and the beach were lovely.  I will actually post pictures here as the week goes by.  I am going to "steal" some from the Tall Short Person because she was continually taking pictures with her phone!

We left at midnight.  Did I spend all the time sleeping or packing?  Of course not!  I made a dress.  I had seen a dress on a French website that was so similar to my everyday dresses that I could not believe it.  They were charging 200 Euros which is almost $300.  My frontier dress for $300?????  I took my trusty pattern and measuring tape.  Took out fabric that I purchased for between $1 and $2 a yard, and got to stitching.

Less then two hours later, I had a new dress.  The fabric is very soft and I used a muslin for the petticoat.  One of the things I really liked about it was that it does not have buttons down the front so it is even easier then my normal frontier dress pattern.  And then there is that other thing.

The muslin petticoat that shows!  Scandalous!

This is a fabulous dress.  I need to make some more and have ideas straight from my fabric pile.

Life is going to be interesting around here.  My Beloved quit is job while we were on vacation and has two businesses he is trying to grow.  The Tall Short Person is going to make us grandparents in November.  I will truly have much to do because I am still working, and stitching, and crocheting, and weaving, and spinning.  I hope to actually get the surfboard out sometime soon.

Remind me next time, it does help to blog on vacation if you remember all the needed gadgets!  Smile.


at texas children's hosiptal

This shawl that I shared with you yesterday is now residing at Texas Children's Hospital.  It is laying over the feet of a short person, Miss S.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes yesterday.  If you would please keep her in your prayers please, it would be most appreciated.  I expect to be spending time at the hospital since we are the closet in distance.  I may not be here tomorrow.


out all evening

I just thought this was a cool picture.  We were out all evening enjoying the company of friends who live in another state.  There was lots of laughter and stories but little time at home.  We plan to do it again tomorrow night.  Hopefully, I will have some time at home so I can actually post the recipe those beautiful farmer's market eggs belong to!


it is one of those Mondays

I had ideas of what I would post here.  But I fell.

On top of my bicycle as I was trying to put it away.

I am bumped, bruised, twisted, scraped, and cut.  There is blood on my dress and I am weepy.  This was not the afternoon or the post I thought I would have.  So I thought I would share some flowers from my garden.


I do not know what tomorrow will bring when it comes to movement.  My arthritic conditions were not happy with my today anyhow and I was moving slowly.  I just hope to be moving tomorrow.  I wish are little cob Teahouse was finished.  I would curl up with  a book, read, and heal.  Pots of tea and maybe soup.  Right this moment though, it is time to rest.