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baking for family has started

A lovely friend gave me a pot of forced paperwhites.  They are just lovely and I had to share.

This is a busy week but there is not a lot of new to post.  I bake for my family.  And send boxes.  You should see the looks I get at the post office.  But it is a week of pulling out old recipes.

Because that is what people wish for.  Like these tallbreads.  Shortbread that has not been flattened.  I always seem to start with these.  I do not know why.  I have come to the point of only making two batches to share between my family because I do bake a few different types of cookies.  Our best friend may actually get a full batch but it will depend on if she is eating sugar or not (Nirinjan, you will let me know if you wish your own cookies, will you not?)

I am also doing a bit of sewing and crocheting but it is a little bit difficult to share.  I will share bits and pieces as it gets done.

While I am baking, Grandpoppa has the magic touch.  

It has been a lovely December so far!



a bit of crocheting

I had seen a lovely baby blanket on the Purl Soho blog but it was knitted.  I tried.  I really did but I could just not knit it.  I figured out how to have a similar pattern with crochet.  This is a wool that I used a double crochet with.  I just picked up the back of the stitch each time to make this pattern.  It is a little bit warm right now for the Smallest Short Person to use this but tomorrow may be different.

Are they not just lovely.  The Smallest Short Person (aka Marlarkey aka the Milk Monster) is two days old here.  Not quite.  More like 36 hours.  And his Momma is the best.  These two make it look easy.  Maybe they will get some sleep tonight.


is it really only Monday?

It has been a full 48 hours.  The Tall Short Person went into labor yesterday morning.

I decided I really needed to get a sling done for her.

She picked the fabrics from my stash and reasoned the smallest short person would not mind becoming a pirate.

While she was in the early stages of labor, we talked while I cut.

And stitched.

The sling is finished and the smallest short person is here.

My role in the proceedings did not happened as planned.  The Tall Short person said she did not wish me there and was fine with her friends.  At about seven centimeters, that all changed.  My Beloved ran into the house and woke me to tell me I was needed.  I expected to find a baby born but instead I found the Tall Short Person needed me.  Her blood pressure was way to high and so was her heart beat.  The smalles short person's heart rate was much too high as well.

We ended transporting her from her home to the hospital on the advice of her midwife.  We lucked into the right hospital with the right doctor because the Tall Short Person still finished with a natural birth.  Yes, her blood pressure and heart rate were watched so closely.  Yes, she had oxygen and a bit of painkiller for sleep.  Yes, they were worried that the smallest short person was not getting enough oxygen there at the last bit because his heart beat was so high.  But Dr Piegari was tough and got her through it and the Smallest Short Person was born healthy hand whole.  Without a C section.  We were all very impressed.

7 pounds 13 ounces.  20 1/2 inches long.  3.57 am on 14 November 2011.  He looks very much like his mother did.

And now I am a Grandlady.  Both My Beloved and the Tall Short Person call me lady so to the Smallest Short Person, I am the Grandlady.  He is beautiful and whole and alive and healthy.  Not much more can you ask for.


savory polenta (yellow grits) and quiet

I have been spending as much time here as I can this week.  I have been finding it hard to jump back into work and being in the city.  I must be running on mountain time.

While we were traveling, I was making savory hearty breakfasts.  My Beloved was forging and grinding on blades everyday and he had to get through.  The savory breakfasts seemed to work the best.  One of my favorites was polenta, or otherwise known as yellow grits, and bacon.  I sauteed hm some mushrooms for the top and my Beloved was so happy.  I will not say my polenta is healthy for you but it is yummy and will last at least until lunch time.


1/2 cup polenta

2 cups hempmilk or almond milk

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup butter

The night before, mix the polenta, milk, and salt in a very large pot.  Bring to a boil.  Turn off the heat and cover.  Let sit overnight.

The next morning, warm the polenta and cook off any of the liquid that is left.  Add the butter and let melt in.  Make it the consistency you wish.  I like thick polenta, you may not.

My polenta will stand by itself if you put it on a plate.

My Beloved got his with sauted mushrooms and bacon from the farmer's market.  He thought life was very good.  

Again, a bit of slowing down that I am having problems speeding up.  I must smile at myself.


driving and sewing

I was a bit antsy yesterday so after my Beloved's class we went for a drive.  We drove across Great Smoky National Park.

As we drove into the park, we saw elk.  We have another elk story but that is Montana at 3.00 am, includes a local and the interstate and I am not going to tell it here.  These elk were just grazing.

And then there were the colors.

Everything was so pretty.

We were snowed on by leaves as we drove through.

I really like the Park much better then the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Just so pretty and so many differences in the same drive.

I have been doing a bit of sewing.  I have to admit that I am missing my normal, everyday tools.  Especially my treadle sewing machine, work table, and spinning wheel.

But I got a new linen dress made.  It is very red.  I will see how I like it.  There is a lot of sewing that I have not gotten posted yet.  Hopefully, soon.