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and the truck slowly moves forward

I keep slowly working on the sharpening truck.  The floor is actually finished.  Even though this picture does not show it.  I have the frame for one side up and am working on the other.  At least to the top of the bed.

I try to keep moving forward with it but it has been slow.  My body has said no.  I am appear to be very allergic to tree pollen.  After Imelda, there has been a lot.  Friday night, my eyes started to ooze.  Saturday, my left eye was swollen shut.  But I rested, iced it, and took meds.  I was able to coach Sunday.

I actually feel better today.  I again took life slowly yesterday.  But both my eyes are swollen today!  Lots of ooze and redness again.  Which made the boyos wish to kick me out of the shop when I went to sharpen.  I am still learning.  I think I am getting better and then I do not feel like I am.  Again, I need to be patient and take life slowly.

I am going to ice my face again today before I go coach.  It means I probably will not to get to work on the truck today.  Which is a little bit frustrating but healing is the point.

I am giong to ice and bake cookies.  Maybe they will be at a point where I can get an hour in today.

I saw some pretty cutting boards on line this weekend.  Now I want to play instead of working on this project.  And get the dye pot going.  And print with leaves.  And.  And. And.  Life.  It is just life.


a honey dipper

While I have been learning to sharpen, I have been building the sharpening truck and occasionally gotten given a task by the boyos.  This honey dipper came into the shop that needed some tender loving car.  It is used to dip honey out of a vessel and dribble over lovely things.  It is like my crochet hooks.  If it had been given a bit more care, it would have been lovely.

I started at a 120 grit sandpaper and worked all the way up to a 2000.  Then I added a mineral oil and beeswax mix.  I rubbed it in all over and let it dry a bit.  Sanded it with 2500 grit and then did it again.  I thought it turned out lovely.  It was much nicer then when it started.  

I do enjoy these small projects.   I will get cutting boards made someday.  And I will be well.  This crud is hanging on a long time.


breakfast nook and table

I have been having a difficult time figuring how to blog when I am working on a carpentry project.  I think there is a definite bit of I am not used to that energy being used that way.  I am also not used to being outside in Texas heat for hours.  By the end of the day, my brain cells do not rub together let alone what to make words.

But yesterday, all the benches were taken away an dthe table was finished.

The funny thing was that I was given the wrong dimensions by the boyo who I was building this for.  So, I built three storage benches instead of two.  And the new one was huge!

I never did get a chance to take a good picture of all three together.

But the storage works.  They work as seating.  Hopefully, they will survive two small boys.

Then, there was the table to build.

The whole thing took over 40 hours to build over about three weeks.  The original time estimate I saw was 20 hours.  But I put bottoms and backs on the benches which were not part of the original design. There were three instead of two.  The last bench was almost seven feet long.  And I do not think the original estimate included the table.  Basically, it was $100 and 10 hours per item.  It probably would have been more if I had done each individually.  Or used better wood.  This was just from Home Depot.  Which I may not go to anymore.  Bleah on the CEO!

I was still trying to do other work.  Other home stuff.  Coaching.

I did buy myself two new tools.  A new hammer and a new table saw.  The table saw is because I hurt myself on our old one and I keep thinking about small boys helping me.  This one has technology that will stop it from cutting flesh.  The hammer is because my old one needs to be rehandled and has not been yet.  

What else took time away from this project was I am learning to sharpen knives the way the boyos wish it done.  I am going to be runnin the  mobile sharpening truck.  After I build it.  Guess what I get to design and build next.  Ideas are welcome!


Display room

Except for a few small pieces, the display room is done for Serenity Knives!

It has turned out so nicely.  There have been people through it as we were finishing and everyone who has seen it has been impressed.  I think that we were all ready for it to be done.  I basically took the weekend off from all things that did not include a crochet hook or sewing machine except coaching.  

Now, it is time to look at the next projects.  My hand is healing which allows for easier typing.  My truck is again street driveable after the tree fell on it during the most recent sets of storms.  I get to design and build the sharpening truck next.  And I will be the mobile sharpener.  I will still be in this space but I will have to figure out how.  

I also have been asked to design a breakfast nook with table.  It would also need storage so it could be interesting.  I have the dimensions and it will just take computer time.  I do admit to drooling over wood at the lumber store.  I would not mind building myself a $3000 dining room table but I do believe that is out of budget for this family.

I need to refinish my dining room table.  Between hot dishes, pizza cutting, hard writing, and over 20 years of use, it is time.  It is a Pottery Barn round table which they no longer make.  It is a nice size which it is why I would refinish instead of purchase or remake.  I may make something similar if there is another home.  It sits 8 comfortably and we have had 10 around it.  I like the round because it allows people to talk more.

There may be a bench commissioned too.  I will see.  My hopes are not up about that one but I liked that I put it into the universe.  I do like working with wood.  I still love working with fiber but this feels just as creative.  Sometimes very similar and sometimes very different.

Let us see what I get pulled into next!



I am still doing wood work. That is easier with my finger then typing!  The counter tops are mostly done.  I did the majority of the sanding and finishing of them.  I actually overdid, again.  There were a few days that the end of the day was me barely walking.  The last of the finishing will happen after they are installed.  I can see them getting dinged.

I went up to a 2500 grit sandpaper.  These are so lovely.  It makes me wish to redo my dining room table.  Soon.

I have to admit that I have mostly been living on toast with raw honey on it.  My best friend sent me the honey from New Mexico.  It is my most favorite.  I do not eat it with a spoon but on oatmeal bread?  OH, MY!

I took pictures but I could really not share.  There was a storm that came through here on Friday night.  A tree came down.  On my truck.  My truck runs but I cannot open the hood.  Because it is a 1992 Chevy truck, I feel like the insurance company will total it.  So I am keeping my eyes open for another truck.  A work truck.  For very little money because that is what I have right now.  I do not wish to take out another vehicle loan.

I feels like there are so many opportunities coming to me.  Such an odd feeling after the last couple of weeks.