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a honey dipper

While I have been learning to sharpen, I have been building the sharpening truck and occasionally gotten given a task by the boyos.  This honey dipper came into the shop that needed some tender loving car.  It is used to dip honey out of a vessel and dribble over lovely things.  It is like my crochet hooks.  If it had been given a bit more care, it would have been lovely.

I started at a 120 grit sandpaper and worked all the way up to a 2000.  Then I added a mineral oil and beeswax mix.  I rubbed it in all over and let it dry a bit.  Sanded it with 2500 grit and then did it again.  I thought it turned out lovely.  It was much nicer then when it started.  

I do enjoy these small projects.   I will get cutting boards made someday.  And I will be well.  This crud is hanging on a long time.

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