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My brain

I think this picture best describes my brain right now.  All over the place.  Cluttered.

Last week was interesting.  There was a small storm that did not behave well.  Imelda.  At least I kind of expected Harvey to behave the way it did.  I follow the weather well.  Imelda surprised everyone.  We probably had more water dumped on us continuously during Imelda then during Harvey.  Harvey had definite bands that gave us breaks.  The problem was that everyone thought the day was going to be pretty okay where we were and everything was open.  I drove out in the storm and scooped up stranded people.  One of them did not have dry place to be so there was not a work around.  

Also, the crud is still around.  I think allergies are exasperating it.  And I strained a muscle.  Life has been good but challenging.  I would like to be healthy.  That is really the only thing I would wish different.  Most of my projects are going slower then I would like because I do no have much in the way of energy reserves.  The funny thing is when my energy is low like this, when I have been too much in the city, all I dream about is putting my hands in dirt for a few minutes a day.  Garden.  I wish to garden but that takes time too.  I am silly!

The picture speaks to how much I wish to make.  I have multiple sewing and crocheting projects in the works.  I have three more sewing projects for me in my head.  About four or five for the boyos shop and my Etsy shop.  And I am thinking about dyeing some silk.  I have been researching how to wax cotton.  

I so do not wish to buy anything!  I just wish to make it all!  Hours.  I need more hours with energy.  I will just keep moving forward.

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