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and the truck slowly moves forward

I keep slowly working on the sharpening truck.  The floor is actually finished.  Even though this picture does not show it.  I have the frame for one side up and am working on the other.  At least to the top of the bed.

I try to keep moving forward with it but it has been slow.  My body has said no.  I am appear to be very allergic to tree pollen.  After Imelda, there has been a lot.  Friday night, my eyes started to ooze.  Saturday, my left eye was swollen shut.  But I rested, iced it, and took meds.  I was able to coach Sunday.

I actually feel better today.  I again took life slowly yesterday.  But both my eyes are swollen today!  Lots of ooze and redness again.  Which made the boyos wish to kick me out of the shop when I went to sharpen.  I am still learning.  I think I am getting better and then I do not feel like I am.  Again, I need to be patient and take life slowly.

I am going to ice my face again today before I go coach.  It means I probably will not to get to work on the truck today.  Which is a little bit frustrating but healing is the point.

I am giong to ice and bake cookies.  Maybe they will be at a point where I can get an hour in today.

I saw some pretty cutting boards on line this weekend.  Now I want to play instead of working on this project.  And get the dye pot going.  And print with leaves.  And.  And. And.  Life.  It is just life.

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