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Continually mending

Life is interesting.  About the time I have found something I really like, I love it to death!  Mending in every form must happen.  But it is also true for the rest of the household.  I chose to work on a sweater yesterday.  A new sweater but my Mondays are usually spent mending if I do not need to be out of the house.  There is always mending or repairs that need to happen.

Mending.  Why mend?  There are multiple reasons.  I make very little now compared to previously in my life but the happiness is much greater.  Going out and buying new is not always an option.  But, buying new does not happen often just because I cannot find what I want in the stores.  Things I like seem to not stay around very long in retail establishments.  Which means I mend or make.  If I can get it back into my wearing rotation faster by mending then making, that is probably the way I will go.

There is another reason.  The carbon footprint of clothes is four or five years per item.  If I can keep wearing something for longer then that, it is a win for my pocketbook and the planet.  I remake and alter many things too.  Not buying new fabric is already a win.  Mending keeps things working and sometime make them even more unique.  Like this sweater.  Like my Beloved's work pants.  

Mending does feel never ending.  I have even mended some of the boyos things.  I stitch well.  But my family and friends play and work hard.  There is a lot of laughter and work but that means that clothes wear.  And I mend.  Mine too.


changing a skirt

I was busy today.  I created a chef's roll. Which there will be pictures of soon but I came away feeling wiped.  I should have felt accomplished but it really felt like something was missing.  I just gave it my all.  

When I am like this, there is always a pile of mending.  Yes, I have other works in progress but I am usually making something without a pattern.  Mending does not really.  So I can do it when I have nothing left.

I had made this skirt a while back. I followed the directions which was probably a mistake.  The waistband was a fold over elastic.  It was uncomfortable so I did not wear this skirt.  Which was just disappointing because of the time I put into it.  

But after realizing why I was not wearing it, I altered it.  I removed the original elastic.  I then rolled over the top and inserted a wider piece of elastic.  I also made the waist a little bit tighter.  I got of the uncomfortable and I shortened the length just enough so the skirt did not drag on the floor.  Dragging it through puddles was not working for me.  Now, I can wear it.  I may wear it on my travels next week or take it with me.  I am still trying to figure out how to put my camping gear and clothes in the same bag for the flight.  Something will come to mind!


no longer working in an office

Thursday was my last day in an office situation again.  I have to admit that there is a lightness to my being by not being in an office.  It does not mean I have any less work, because that is not true.  I just think it comes down to I am happier and I am around happier people.  I definitely do not make as much money this way but what I have I appreciate more.

I was hoping to jump right back into the making I do for my shop but that is not what is going to happen.  I have a pile of mending to do for Koda Bear.  I still have making for three for Christmas.  And I am still finishing two blankets for Blue. 

My Beloved asked for four shirts.  He has work shirts that are wearing out so he would rather use what he has and I can make him new.  He gets more color that way.  His shirts are always commented on positively by other men when he is out and about.

But it means I can go forage pomegranates and see what color they dye silk.  I can go forage the same types of greens that are coming up and see what happens.  I am curious about spinach because I am told it makes a cool green.  I can sew.  Maybe I can finish one of the sweaters I am making for myself or my own mending?  Too many things for me!

And my yarn boxes!  I can work on my yarn boxes!  Blue slept in his cradle while I dressed today because, even at two weeks, he wants to move.  And I was watching him so I needed the sides.  That small boy knows when I walk into a room. 

And it is almost time to plant a garden.  I am thinking of staggering plantings so I can do a little bit at a time.  But I know that broccoli and kale needs to go.  Cauliflower would be good too.  More bell pepper plants!

Small steps.  They work.  And this is a life that makes me happy.


Earth Day and the March for Science

Today, on Earth Day, I did the March for Science.  

Much of my life is science related or I do things that protect the earth.  Like mending Koda Bears knees in his pants.  It is a definite win because they are his favorite pants, there is now a heart on them so he knows I always loves him, and they did not go into a landfill.  

The March for Science made sense to me.  I studied math and geophysics.  I have worked in the oil industry for many years.  I love to camp and surf.  I love to garden.  What is going on politically does not make much sense to me but I can do what I can to make this world a better place for the next seven generations.

Now, doing the March for Science was not good for me.  Mending is about all I am going to be able to do for the rest of the day.  Or maybe crochet.  Something where I do not have to stand or move because I am barely walking.  There was a 45 minute pause of standing that did me in.  My hips do not take long periods of standing well.  

Tomorrow I will move better.  


bits and pieces (mostly a quilt top is pieced!)

This weekend was trying to get caught up a bit after traveling.  Especially since there is about a month before we travel to Sitka.  It is where I wanted to go and I made it happen.  Koda Bear and my parents are going to go with me so it should be interesting. 

I finished mending one of my work sweaters that became a bumming around in sweater.  I had a cashmere cardign that had gone to lace due to holes but I decided to take some of the yarn I made and make the patch.  That was in Montana, in July, over the fourth of July.  I just got it stitched on.  My Dad would now say my elbow is sick again because it cannot be out.  Stupid old jokes and puns.  But I have a mended sweater to bum around in.  Under my waterproof, it will work well in Sitka.

I also got the next quilt top pieced.  I am so pleased.  And I took the easy way out and put the back together.  There was still some stitching involved but not so much piecing.  I am looking forward to the quilting.  Just the rhythm, the meditation.

I have been spinning a bit two, but pictures of my spinning wheel and the yarn are boring.  I will take a picture of the sweater in progress soon.  I am still making the yarn for it!

Just bits of my weekend.  With much tea and books.  A bit of gardening that messed up my hands again.  The gloves I used this time were worn out so I got blisters.  The next pair, a bit too small.  I have not found a pair I like that fits recently.  That is life.