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I like adirondack chairs.  I actually have an adirondack rocker that I bought myself during graduate school.  It was the one gift I bought myself as a summer intern when I was making three times a month what I made during the school year.  Since I only worked 2 1/2 months, I saved the rest for when it got tight or little tiny things like Christmas or birthdays.

When the Small Mister was born, we let the Tall Short Person use my Beloved's overstuffed rocker.  This means we have been without a chair for a bit of time.  There is a blog I read, Ana White's blog, that had a couple of adirondack designs.  Ana White actually did a class for Home Depot.  After reading this blog, my thought on most furniture is "I can do that."  Like I need anymore projects!  But this one I really wanted to do.

I bought the lumber with the help of my Beloved and Small Mister.

You have to realize that I thought I was building this but due to wood and power tools being involved, I became the assistant.

I had lots of help measuring.

With a few screw ups, the chair went together in a couple of hours.

We used plane white board (fir or pine, cheapest on the shelf).

And exterior screws.  The screws were the most expensive bit of the whole project.  The project called for wood glue but we did not use any.

We have a new chair.  I find it very comfortable.

We pushed back the mess and the chair has found a home in our main living space.  Actually, mess is gone too.  What an impetuous to clean:  new furniture.  I have a place to sit now when I come home from work.  We need to make a few of these for the land.  Maybe even one with rockers so I can still have a rocking chair.  Short people have a tendency to end up in my lap and spin or read or rock.

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