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I have been thinking that I needed some wooden boxes for a while now.  Growing up, my Dad always built them so I was used to having them around.  Especially with Small Mister so much in our home, the boxes kept sounding like a good idea.  My Dad suggested that we use 1/4" plywood with 1" x 12" x 16" ends.  No supports down the seems.

We have five boxes made now.  I cut the tops today so the three we have with the chairs have tops.  I am actually going to retrofit 1"x 1" supports on the bottoms.  I pull out the hand tools.  My Beloved pulls out the power tools.  I guess that tells you a lot, yes?

I am also going to pick up some 1/2" plywood and build some more boxes.  There is going to be a kitchen camping box and a clothes box.  Two boxes to throw in the back of the Suburban.  With a cooler, we would be almost ready to go except for bedding.  

I have been enjoying working with wood lately.  There is a table I want but I do not have the need.  But I may build all my own kitchen counters and storage underneath.  I really like the old European kitchens I see where everything is wood and open shelving.  It gives me thoughts.  And the need for my hand tools.

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