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go devil

We like watching Discovery's Alaska: The Last Frontier.  As we told our neighbors down the mountain from us, it reminds us of the mountain even when we are living five minutes from downtown.  Just a little bit more remote maybe.  I think there are the same numbe of characters though.  We have fun when we are there.

On Alaska:  The Last Frontier, Otto had built a Go Devil.  It is a log sled.  Since we are going to have many trees to move, which will be many times in the form of logs, the boyos decided to build a go devil. 

I think every male in the shop had input.  It so so completely over engineered it is hilarious.

But they all had fun.

And we now have a sled to attach to the tractor to move logs.  Or maybe a four wheeler when we get one.  This is actually not the final version.  Paint got added to protect the metal.  It was hauled in a Subaru up a mountain to its home.

Yes, this is my life.  Like I can dig in the garden with an apron over my work dress, stockings, gloves, and boots and get less on me then when I go eat tacos.  True story from this evening.  So very me.  But the dug garden is much bigger!


earth plastering

This weekend was all about horrible allergies and working on the back bathroom.  Many years ago, the Tall Short Person came to us and said "there is a hole in the bathtub."  After talking to some contractor friends, we found out the bathtub had be installed incorrectly.  Therefore, it cracked and a hole developed.  That had to come out.  The carpet had to come out.  

It took more years then I would like to admit for us to do something about it.  This back bathroom has very strange dimensions which made finding a tub to fit it a difficult proposition.  The better statement is an affordable bathtub was hard to find.  But I did recently.  

We had our handy man come in and fix my Beloved's sheetrock job.  Mr. Hill said it was not the worst he had ever seen.  Especially for the first time doing sheetrock.

On Saturday, out came the earth plaster.  It is clay and sand with water and pigment mixed in.

Then many hands got to work.  Small Mister kept saying "DIRTY!"  It is mud.  

By the end of the weekend, we even got a laminate floor installed.  The tub is sitting the bathroom now but it is not plumped.  Now, I will freely admit that the floor and the baseboards are not perfect but there is nothing square, flat, and true about this room.  I am a bit amazed they look as good as they do.  I am very pleased, especially since I have felt like total crud most of this long weekend.  Something blows in in the evenings or opens up and I can no longer breath.

Next week will be better.  Mountains, here we come!



I have been thinking that I needed some wooden boxes for a while now.  Growing up, my Dad always built them so I was used to having them around.  Especially with Small Mister so much in our home, the boxes kept sounding like a good idea.  My Dad suggested that we use 1/4" plywood with 1" x 12" x 16" ends.  No supports down the seems.

We have five boxes made now.  I cut the tops today so the three we have with the chairs have tops.  I am actually going to retrofit 1"x 1" supports on the bottoms.  I pull out the hand tools.  My Beloved pulls out the power tools.  I guess that tells you a lot, yes?

I am also going to pick up some 1/2" plywood and build some more boxes.  There is going to be a kitchen camping box and a clothes box.  Two boxes to throw in the back of the Suburban.  With a cooler, we would be almost ready to go except for bedding.  

I have been enjoying working with wood lately.  There is a table I want but I do not have the need.  But I may build all my own kitchen counters and storage underneath.  I really like the old European kitchens I see where everything is wood and open shelving.  It gives me thoughts.  And the need for my hand tools.



I like adirondack chairs.  I actually have an adirondack rocker that I bought myself during graduate school.  It was the one gift I bought myself as a summer intern when I was making three times a month what I made during the school year.  Since I only worked 2 1/2 months, I saved the rest for when it got tight or little tiny things like Christmas or birthdays.

When the Small Mister was born, we let the Tall Short Person use my Beloved's overstuffed rocker.  This means we have been without a chair for a bit of time.  There is a blog I read, Ana White's blog, that had a couple of adirondack designs.  Ana White actually did a class for Home Depot.  After reading this blog, my thought on most furniture is "I can do that."  Like I need anymore projects!  But this one I really wanted to do.

I bought the lumber with the help of my Beloved and Small Mister.

You have to realize that I thought I was building this but due to wood and power tools being involved, I became the assistant.

I had lots of help measuring.

With a few screw ups, the chair went together in a couple of hours.

We used plane white board (fir or pine, cheapest on the shelf).

And exterior screws.  The screws were the most expensive bit of the whole project.  The project called for wood glue but we did not use any.

We have a new chair.  I find it very comfortable.

We pushed back the mess and the chair has found a home in our main living space.  Actually, mess is gone too.  What an impetuous to clean:  new furniture.  I have a place to sit now when I come home from work.  We need to make a few of these for the land.  Maybe even one with rockers so I can still have a rocking chair.  Short people have a tendency to end up in my lap and spin or read or rock.


Teahouse building weekend number 2

The second weekend of building on the Teahouse did not have any participants but Russell and the support staff.  I am the support staff.  Or in another words, I make sure there are crockpots full of food for hungry tummies and to make sure the fuel can be used for building.  I do admit that it was very humid and hot this last weekend so I did not blame anyone for not working outside.

That said, Russell got four batches of cob put on the Teahouse on Friday.

Saturday we had the house warming to go to and errands run so not much happened.

Sunday, Russell again worked on the Teahouse and I did support staff duties but added in all the tasks that need to get done for the week.  Many of which will have their own posts in the future.  But, I did finish my tasks in time to help with the walls.

Russell mixed clay, sand, and water in the mortar mixer. 

He then poured it on to a tarp and we treaded in straw.  Basically, dancing in mud!  A very good work out!

The cob then goes on the walls.  I needed help on to the loft because all my hand and feet holds are no more but we got the batch of cob on the wall.  I cob faster then anyone else Russell has been working with.  He felt like he had to be almost continually hauling up half five gallon buckets of cob to keep up with me.  I know what I am doing and I like things to do with mud.


Soon all the straw will be covered and the roof will go on.  It is a lovely space.