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A shrug

Last Thanksgiving, I was in Tolt Yarn and Wool with the family.  The Tall Short Person saw a picture of a knitted shrug she liked.  It was the Emma shrug by Carrie Hoge.  As I have said many times, I do not knit.

Carrie had done the shrug in a linen yarn.  It was not very soft so I went with an alpaca blend yarn.  It was a lace weight.  I found a stitch pattern for a wave type ribbon pattern that made an interesting fabric.  The same feel as what Carrie had knitted but very different.

I did buy the pattern so I could get all the measurements.  Even though I used a softer yarn which created a stretchier fabric, I went with those measurements.  The shrug fits across the Tall Short Person's back well.

I bought too much yarn so I have enough to make at least one more.  Maybe even two depending on the size of the person I am making it for.  How much yarn depends on the chest measurement.

I am thinking about making something similar for myself but out of a heavier yarn.  More like a sweater shrug.  I am doing smaller things for me so I can still put my hands into dough up to my elbows and not get my crocheted items doughy.  I find shawls fall in.  And the place between my shoulder blades get cold easily.  I usually have to sleep in sweater.

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