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I had this skirt in my head from before I went traveling.  An old fashioned skirt with ruffles and tiers.  Made in cotton prints.  I decided I needed it to have a drawstring waistband like I used to make 35 years ago.    I went through my stash and had Koda Bear help me chose.  Then I cut a lot of rectangles and strips.  I stitched them all together.   I made my life hard.

Now I have a new skirt like the one that was in my head.  I am thinking about changing the waist to a true waistband.  Which means I would need to play with the pockets a bit because I would want a placket and not a zipper.  And all the things to bother me, the middle tier hits my knees in an irritating spot.  I could easily shorten the skirt just a tad when I change the waistband.  That may change where those seams sit.  I also wish to see how it feels once it has been washed a few times.  But it was fun to wear.  

I do have enough of the background fabric to make a similar skirt without any tiers.  Which would mean no stripes.  Which I am good with.  I am wanting to wear more the clothes I did many years ago.  Just drawn to long skirts.  I need to make a few shirts and I have fabrics that I can do that with. Whether they are true shirts or more of a t-shirt but out of woven fabrics instead of knits.  When I dress for Serenity Knives I actually have a work shirt with their name on it.  I think that is where some of this is coming from.  

I also cycle through the clothes I like to wear.  Currently, everything has to go with hiking boots and Birkenstock type sandals.  That is where my feet are the happiest.  But I can walk!  Which makes me happy.

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