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the baby quilt is done and delivered!

I pieced a hundred nine squares together.  Put organic batting and a flannel back on it and quilted for eight hours.  On my machine.  That was a long day but it was a day that went by rather quickly.  Every time I looked up at the clock, another couple of hours passed by.

Then came the binding.  I thought the binding was going to be rather quick and all done on the machine.  But there is three precent lycra in that fabric.  I had from another project.  It was just enough that I ended up hand stitching the binding down.

But in the end, the quilt is done and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I delivered it today and found out that the babe this is for was born yesterday.  Momma and babe are both doing well.  He has all ten fingers and toes.  A lovely day.


baby quilt is pieced

The baby quilt that I have been working on is pieced!  It actually did not turn out the way I laid it out but I think I actually like it better.  It does mean that I will need to start piecing more nine squares.  I find they are very meditative to sew and in a year I will have enough for a full size quilt.  Or other projects as I need them.

I have also been weaving a lot.  Lots of slow projects but that is what my life feels like it needs right now.  Grace.  Kindness. Peace.  Joy.  It is good.


quilt top

I finished 100 nine squares and I have been spending a lot of time with them.  I am putting a baby quilt together.  And my energy is not back yet so my attention span is small.  But it is coming along.  This and weaving.  I changed colors again on my weaving.  I am really finding this is a time of meditation and prayer for me right now.  I have always been one of those who easily identifies with the Desert Fathers and Mothers, monks, or the Zen Buddhists who talk about prayer while they work.  It brings peace.


quilt in progress

I start with bits and pieces.

And sometimes I come across a sale I just cannot resist and use new pieces of fabric that are not bits and pieces.


I cut all the bits and pieces and whole pieces of cloth together into nine squares.

I start stitching them together.

And created part of the back of a quilt I am making.

Now I just have to finish the back!  The front is done.   


When all I have is ten minutes to sew

Some days, all I have is ten minutes to sew.  That means that a skirt that takes about two hours will take two weeks.  Or  a dress or shirt will be similar.  It is not a bad thing to slow down the growth of the clothes in the drawers and closets, unless we are destroying them faster then I make them.  But when all I have is ten minutes to sew and need to feel like I accomplished something, I make these:

Nine squares.  I know it will take many to make a quilt but I have finished a piece.  I am going to use these on the back of a quilt I have already finished the front on.  One small square at a time.

Speaking about indestructible clothes, one of Russell's linen shirts is disintegrating.  If anyone sees a linen in a Hawaiian print, please let me know.

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