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not pixie's quilt

This is not Pixie's quilt top.  I actually have another two little ones who have quilts in the works and this is for Miss K's baby.  

But since I had the nine hundred pieces and one hundred squares to finish for Pixie's quilt top, I kept stitching finished squares together.  

It is now ready to quilt.  But that will come after Pixie's quilt is finished.  I really do have more then one project going usually.  I have taken a hint from my Beloved and started a project box.

By the way, Pixie's quilt is almost this stage.  It will be there soon.  


100 nine squares done for Pixie

I have been working on the baby quilt for Pixie.  The Tall Short Person's baby shower is Labor Day weekend which was very unexpected.  Today, I finished 100 nine squares for the baby quilt top.

I cleared a place on the floor.

And started putting them together as a quilt top.

Now, I am ready to stitch all these square together.  I need to order my favorite batting, sew all this together, and quilt this quilt by the first weekend of September.  I will be spending a lot of time at my sewing machine, hopefully with much tea and many audiobooks.


the baby quilt is done and delivered!

I pieced a hundred nine squares together.  Put organic batting and a flannel back on it and quilted for eight hours.  On my machine.  That was a long day but it was a day that went by rather quickly.  Every time I looked up at the clock, another couple of hours passed by.

Then came the binding.  I thought the binding was going to be rather quick and all done on the machine.  But there is three precent lycra in that fabric.  I had from another project.  It was just enough that I ended up hand stitching the binding down.

But in the end, the quilt is done and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I delivered it today and found out that the babe this is for was born yesterday.  Momma and babe are both doing well.  He has all ten fingers and toes.  A lovely day.


baby quilt is pieced

The baby quilt that I have been working on is pieced!  It actually did not turn out the way I laid it out but I think I actually like it better.  It does mean that I will need to start piecing more nine squares.  I find they are very meditative to sew and in a year I will have enough for a full size quilt.  Or other projects as I need them.

I have also been weaving a lot.  Lots of slow projects but that is what my life feels like it needs right now.  Grace.  Kindness. Peace.  Joy.  It is good.


quilt top

I finished 100 nine squares and I have been spending a lot of time with them.  I am putting a baby quilt together.  And my energy is not back yet so my attention span is small.  But it is coming along.  This and weaving.  I changed colors again on my weaving.  I am really finding this is a time of meditation and prayer for me right now.  I have always been one of those who easily identifies with the Desert Fathers and Mothers, monks, or the Zen Buddhists who talk about prayer while they work.  It brings peace.