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Craft bag for me

While I was traveling, I bought a craft bag that holds my crocheting exceptionally well.  It stands by itself.  It has pockets.  It controls my yarn better then any yarn bowl has.  I started doing much more hand sewing when I got home.

I decided to give making one of my own craft bags a go.  I chose not to use any zippers but I had a fun pinecone button.  Also, the colors I chose actually please me more then the bag I purchased.

A bit of time on my sewing machine and I had one.  The time it took felt like less time then a market bag but that may just be due the bag being something new.

I am very pleased.  I use it everyday for my projects.  When I traveled recently, I put a crochet project and a hand sewing project into.  Nothing too large but I was only gone for about 48 hours.  It was a good size because it gave me choices of projects to work on but I did not bring too much.  I am notorius for bringing too many projects and books while traveling.  Anything that helps to limit that quantity is a good thing!

I have started to put some in my shop here and my Etsy shop.


market bags

I seem to be making a few shopping bags recently.  I have been making them as I make prototypes for other things.

I know these turn out.  They are success.  It is positive.  Yeah me!  Prototypes are hard because I think I have everything in place and it is not quite right.  I have to make another.  Or alter.  But ends up being making another.  Today I just wish things to go well.  Between pain and life, that is where I am at.  

But it will get better because it does.  And I will keep making shopping bags.  The first two are already in my Etsy shop.  The third will be soon.  Maybe not today.  I have dealt with some unpleasantness on Etsy.  Just people being rude.  I am going to stay away from now on today.  Tomorrow is a different day.  


rag dolls

At the last minute are plans changed for Christmas.  My Beloved's grandmother is not doing well so we traveled to his parents' home.  She does not live far from them.  But this meant we had to reconsider gifts, especially for his sister's children.  I truly feel if gifts are to be given it is all about the short people.  

The youngest is very into Disney's Cars.  Months ago I had found panels that would make him a small quilt in that theme.  I had everything else around the house so it was a fast stitching.

I decided on rag dolls for the two middles.  I used a very old eight inch doll pattern that I had from years ago.  

I have always had issues with faces and hair but I think the faces are improving.

I have to admit that I would use a larger doll pattern next time.  Getting my fingers in some spots was difficult:  turning arms for stuffing and getting the legs on.  These two babies actually stitched up quite quickly.  Twelve or eighteen inch would take more fabric for both the dolls and the clothes but they would be easier to make.   My Beloved thought it was scandalous to put a picture of them here naked!


Now the hair.  I am still not happy with it.  I used old cashmere sweater pieces that I was going to card into fiber to respin.  One short and one long haired because that is who they are.  

I made pillowcase dresses for them.  I think they were rather strange looking baby dolls so I am not going to be offended if they are never played with.  Just not my fortier but they keep getting better!

I did make bags for each of the babies and put a purple ribbon shoulder strap on each.  I find bags appeal to all people and they just may get used.