new top

I have been feeling like crud.  Having allergies feels like having the flu at times!

Before the allergies hit, I cut all the fabric from yesterday.  One of the things that I cut out was a new top.  Blouses and tops was one of the reasons for my purchase of all the Sense and Sensibility patterns.  I have been having problems finding tops I like and patterns of tops I like.  They are either too big, too short in the sleeves, too frilly, too tailored, too unstructured.  I could go on but you get the picture.  Yes, I am picky and it is one of the reasons I sew.

I took the bodice from the 1911 kimono dress from Sense and Sensibility.  Changed the neckline, shortened the sleeve, flared the waist, and made it shirt length.  This is me following a pattern.  Russell laughed at me and said I just use patterns as guides.

This is the muslin I made up.  It does not look like much but I really recommend a muslin when you modify as much as I do.

Then I put it on.  Would you be surprised if I said I do not like t-shirts?  And this was so comfortable and soft that it may definitely become the "t-shirt" in my wardrobe?  I have already cut out two more.  If I have time, I may add some embroidery or ribbon trim or wait until the next batch but I can say:

I finally found that top that works for me!

What a relief!


my fabulous worktable!

I pulled out fabric on Saturday.

And started cutting.

Finding more fabric

And cutting.

I ended up cutting out:  three tops for me, two shirts for Russell, two half bags, two dresses, and an apron.  If I tried to have done all this on the floor, which was my previous cutting surface, I would not be walking today!  

I (heart) my new worktable!

Thank you Russell!


winter garden and Russell's newest knife (that left the house already!)

I got the winter garden in last weekend and I am waiting for my seeds to sprout.  I had some of the grass come back already.  I may need to go to Joshua's and get some vegetables to transplant.

The one eggplant bush that made it is turning into a tree again.  There are three or four eggplant that are growing and just need to get bigger.  The tomatoes and watermelon have blooms so I am hoping that we will get some fruit and vegetables.  By the way, did you know that tomatoes are fruit and watermelon are vegetables?

The peppers are a profuse as ever and I need to fill the freezer with chili and chilaquila.  

Russell finished this knife while I was at work.  It is a seven inch Santoku style blade.  It is absolutely beautiful and well balanced.  He took it to our naturopath's office and one of the ladies there bought it!  He sold a knife within a hour of finishing it.  Just amazing! Before I even had a chance to hold it!  And it was the blade of the two he cut out that I liked best.  Just an absolutely fabulous knife.

I have a feeling it is going to be an interesting weekend and potentially an interesting spiral path we are to walk.  Is that not a Chinese cures?  May you live in interesting times.  It does make me smile.




skirt and this and that

The other half of the experiment while camping was the top layer of the skirt.

It has just become one of my simple skirts.  I buy homespun fabrics and they are so soft but they do not wear well so I actually can have a few in my closet at once.  It makes it feel less bad that I have too many clothes.  My daughter's puppy jumped on me yesterday and I believe I will be putting another skirt into the "only work at home or in the yard" selection soon!

I did get carried away purchasing patterns from Sense and Sensibility this week.  I have been looking at these patterns for years and finally just bought them.  It does not help that Russell just smiles and says good!

At least they all fit in one box (wry smile)!  The funny thing is that I will always change something.  I never keep a pattern as is anymore so I just think of these a really nice guidelines.  There are some really nice girls clothes in this bunch for girl short people in my life.  

And do you see my worktable?  Russell has been finishing it.  The bee lady is out of beeswax furniture polish at the farmer's market and that is going to be the last coat.  I may sneak in cutting out a dress or kilt on it this weekend!  Huzzah!

I just had to show off Russell's newest knife because I am proud.  He forged this blade in the workshop he just finished and this handle feels so good in the hand!  He said he would change the one he made me to this handle and I am so excited about it.  I get spoiled with homemade knives, even if some of them are what he would consider seconds.  They are absolutely lovely!

I am so tired after a day at work and one errand.  The library was a must because we had movies and books do.  Now I just need the energy to cook dinner.  Some type of soup I believe.  It is just about finding the energy  to get out of my rocking chair.  Or Russell will get tea and toast for dinner and I know that is not enough for him.  

You may laugh at me!




On our trip, I tried a new thing with a skirt.  I added an attached petticoat.  It was very nice for where we were but it would have been much too hot for coming home.  So, I cut the skirt apart and made a separate petticoat.

I like petticoats.  At some point, I am going to make myself a red flannel petticoat with silk on one side.  Or maybe quilted linen like Tasha Tudor.....

I just think I must be in the wrong century.