a request for autumn

I am so ready for autumn that it is not even funny.

So I made myself a gift.  I took a piece of muslin that was 37 inches by 37 inches and hemmed the edges.

I then drew a pattern I had modified on it so I could embroider it.


And then I just started to outline with thread.  I sat next to Russell and watched a picture show and embroidered instead of crocheting.


Now, I have a new dish towel to remind me that autumn is coming.  Similar but different to what my great (great?) aunt used to make and I grew up with.  It is amazing too that I made a dish towel for myself and not for somebody else.  A notorious gift around here. 

Let autumn get here quickly please!


a belated birthday present

Russell said he would make me a sewing table for my birthday.

Almost a year ago, in October, I took an earth plastering class is Canelo, Arizona.  Russell brought his chain saw mill and milled desert walnut to bring home with us

Russell took apart a metro rack and just kept the bottom half.  He made me a work table top out of desert walnut.


Russell is still working on the top but it is almost done.  I will then make him the kilt he asked for.  I will need to find or build containers for the shelves.  Obviously, I am already using it.  I like it!  I want to be able to work on it.  I can also see it holding all the food for dinner parties...  More space on the table!


quilt in progress

I start with bits and pieces.

And sometimes I come across a sale I just cannot resist and use new pieces of fabric that are not bits and pieces.


I cut all the bits and pieces and whole pieces of cloth together into nine squares.

I start stitching them together.

And created part of the back of a quilt I am making.

Now I just have to finish the back!  The front is done.   


beautiful warmth

Russell and I did a mad dash to Austin last weekend.  While we were there, I was able to stop at a yarn store that was supposed to have spinning rovings.  They did but what caught my fancy was yarn.

It is an olive solid and then a mulit color that has the same lama in it.  The yarn store had the Collonade pattern from Fall 2009  Yes, this is a knit pattern but I changed it to crochet.  I doubled the yarn so it is a bit larger then the original.

Russell made me a button!  It is desert walnut that he milled himself.

I see this shawl keeping me warm while we sit together in winter and I am doing hand work.  Or wearing under my apron while I am busy in the kitchen.  It is heavy and it will keep between my shoulder blades warm which is where I seem to get cold.

I am so excited!  Twelve inches of snow tomorrow and I get to stay home please! (But it is supposed to be 96) 


resurrection from the dead

Five or six years ago, I made my Faerie a dark purple velvet comforter for her bed.  It had a purple flannel back and purple tassels on the corners.  It ended up in my home six months ago, in tatters.  The velvet was mostly good.  The flannel was washed thin.  The batting had disenigrated.  I did not know if I would be able to repair it or not.  The Faerie was resigned that I would not be able to come to the rescue.   I did not even get a picture.

I thought it about it and started taking it apart.  I was able to save the purple velvet from the top and mend a few places.  I also took a piece of pink flannel I had in my stash to use as the backing.


We had an old quilt that we did not like the colors in and there were some polyester pieces in it.  I used it for batting.

So I pinned, batted, and stitched.


And the Faerie had a new comforter!  I got a "thank you! thank you! thank you!"  I am glad she was happy.